Once upon a Time

Once upon a Time

By:  Nelissagold  Completed
Language: English
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That moment when you are being stood up by your lover on your special day. When you are standing at the altar feigning smile at the one you ought not to marry..the one that fills the space of your beloved.. "Do you take .......to be your lawfully wedded wife" the priest asked. It was not meant to be her nevertheless for reputation, he obliged.. "Yes...I do" ### Clarissa is left with no other option than to fill the space of her run away cousin. Little did she know she was playing a game of fate and reality. Story turning, secrets unraveling, she finds out a truth, a truth that gets her to fall deeply in love with her story but at another end, the mistake of another causes her trouble.

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46 Chapters
*** She made a promise to him a certain night, that she was never going to leave him. Now he was standing at the altar with another beautiful lady that was anything but a stranger to him, about to call out the vows because 'she' had broken her promise, she left him. He noticed still, that the woman he formally held hands with, shivered in fear.Silently, he cursed. "Dang it!!"Under the veil and in a sparklingly white wedding dress adorned with diamonds was a girl of 25. She was forced to break up with Nicholas a guy she believed she loved, to marry the billionaire's son. Yes, there came a moment where she had an itch of feeling for him but he was way out of it for her like literally. It was at this thought that tears threatened to slip from her eyes.
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Chapter One:
***She sat at the edge of the bed. It was the second day after their wedding and still, he hadn't had a proper conversation with her. Not because she was a stranger or anything but because, he couldn't shake off the feeling just yet that he couldn't be in wedlock with the one he ought to. Everything was still a blur to him."Why aren't you coming to bed?" He asked after a while of hesitation. He probably knew what she was going through and it was going to take her a while to let it all sink in. Imagine being surprised with a life partner, not just any but the one that should be calling out vows to your cousin instead.She sighed and turned to him and he only hoped that she could see he was really concerned about her. But when she looked at him, instead she saw relaxation and calmness. Quite the irony of herself at the moment and she only frowned the more. How was it possible, she thought, that he was so calm a
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Chapter Two:
***She had a disheartening conversation with Nick early in the morning and it put her in quite the mood. He said to her that he missed her so much. He realized that he couldn't accept her new life so quickly than he expected.She felt that she broke him beyond repair with the news of her marriage. And now telling him that they couldn't see each other, shattered him to pieces. He literally told her that he couldn't live without her. Despite the fact that she didn't have an answer to that, the truth clear. She never felt the pull in her chest every time he was near her. She never felt her rapid heartbeat any time he kissed her. The fact was that, she was never in love with him.The day he acted sinister, was two nights before she became aware of her wedding, before she exchanged rings with her husband. She went to a party with him. A college frat party hosted by the women's man, Jake Phillips, who
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Chapter Three:
*** She laid her items in her closet before walking down to her vanity table and  taking off her earrings. The day was stressful trying out different quality gowns for the anniversary but it was worth it. She finally found one that was breathtaking, a gown worth to the dollars they spent on it. Holding her top to get rid of it, she froze as her eyes locked with those green ones. Her breath hitched in her throat and she put the shirt down on impulse. She didn't know he would be back today; maybe the meeting lasted for only a few hours for him to have made it home today. "Hey, we need to talk." He hesitated before adding, "I'll be at the pool when you're done." She nodded in reply letting him walk away from her.There he stood, in front of the pool obviously lost in thoughts. She couldn't help but feel nervous at the thought of what he was going to say.  What if he wants to tell her that the rel
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Chapter Four:
***   The conversation between Audora and Daniel stopped as soon as Clarissa entered the dining once again. It made her feel as if she had interrupted something very important but Audora gave her a warm smile to ease her discomfort and confusion. Daniel groaned inaudibly as Audora stepped on his foot after a while, bringing him to order. He hadn't even agreed to whatever she was suggesting and she was already concluding. This was what he should avoid without hesitation but Audora wouldn't let him. Once again, he refused to budge. Audora's smile became pronounced when she stepped harder this time making him yelp.Clarissa blinked in confusion. "Are you okay?""Sure. Sure, I'm fine." He replied before sighing in defeat. Walking over to her, he took her hand in his and walked out of the place. While she, stunned to the core, followed him leaving Audora to smile in success.---
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Chapter five
***"I know you think that I have something going on with Thia," he started after a while. Her silence showed that she didn't want to talk about it. Like he said, she thought, they were only having a public relationship, not something real so others will not dig up their dirt when they weren't looking. So why does it matter to him? He sighed. "You should know I'm not that kind of person," He paused but she still didn't utter a word. "You have to believe me.""It still wouldn't matter if I did, would it?" She finally said failing to meet his stare. "You said to act together in public, what if it wasn't me but someone else that was at the door, what would they think?""I know what you saw and trust me, there was nothing going on. I happened to be distracted to even notice her come in. I mean she did say she knocked but I guess I was too occupied to notice. The next
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Chapter six:
***Applauds...The congregation applauded them until they took their seats. As young as Frederick could get, he was handsome, looking a lot like his breathtaking son and Kara, wasn't looking any less.Daniel, on the other hand, had climbed up the podium to welcome everyone to this auspicious occasion. It was made grand and the welcomed guests were wholly wealthy that one couldn't help but feel very courteous and if possible, nervous too."Good day everyone, I'm glad you could all make it. I welcome you all to the 13th anniversary of Mr. Frederick Thompson and his wife, Mrs. Kara Thompson...."Daniel wasn't oblivious of the stares he was getting. He wasn't supposed to be the centre of attraction yet the ladies never fail to notice his attractive physique and alluring voice. He had met the stare of one of the hundreds but failed to hold it for it drifted over to
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Chapter seven:
***---(Flashback)Daniel came interrupting their conversation at the coffee shop. Immediately, their girlish talk was suspended as they now paid attention to the tall guy with dark locks and piercing green eyes."Hey," He pronounced kissing Clara on the cheeks in greeting before sitting next to her. "Oh, hey Clarissa, didn't see you there." Clarissa rolled her eyes at his joke and faked a smile which he returned with an amused look."How did you find me?" Clara asked him and he smiled at her. He said, "I always know where you are sweetheart." She gave him a cheeky smile and he leaned down to lock their lips in a kiss which he didn't fail to lengthen fully aware of the third party seated across them. Clarissa's eyes darted to
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Chapter eight
         Audora ran down the stairs hurriedly before falling into the arms of man. A Blondie with the dark blue eyes. He pulled her to himself and stroked her hair."My love, I missed you so much." He said and she tightened her arms around him in reply. She released him to stare at how well he looked. Staring at him after a long time brought back their memories. She missed him so much, so damn much!"Darius, is that you my dear?" Kara said, smiling immediately she recognized him and engulfing him in a warm embrace."Yes mother, I missed you too." He replied.___    Clarissa noticed that the office was oddly different today.  She later discovered Cynthia's desk empty on her way back from lunch. She rolled her eyes at how oblivious she had been to her absence. This was very unusual. Thia was never absent from work exce
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Chapter nine:
***      It was the third time she ignored Nick's phonecalls. At every interval, she would catch the stare of all of them, silently urging her to pick the call. She once again rejected it wondering if he would ever stop calling.When she thought it was all over, with every one resuming their action of eating breakfast, she received a text. She froze as the music of her phone sounded in the dining room. Meeting the eyes of her husband who had long ago lost appetite, she forced a smile muttering an apology before checking what the message was all about.'Since you refused to speak to me, I'll come to you and don't try to stop me!'She quickly excused herself from the dining table dialing his number. As soon as it rang, he rejected it. She sent the call again and he did the same thing. She thought for a second before deciding to text him.
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