Rebirth Of The Hybrid Luna

Rebirth Of The Hybrid Luna

By:  Bluepeen  Completed
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“I, Logan Miller, Alpha King of Crystal Fall Pack along with the majority of the elders in the present. Have agreed to reject you, Seraphim Breckinridge as my mate and Luna Queen of this pack...” He growls in a low voice. “...renounce your title as the Luna.” What was worse than death itself? It was knowing no one would miss you or cry that you’re gone and my death was a favor to everyone I ever knew. My fated mate, my step-sister, and my pack. This was exactly how I felt the day I died, everything had been for nothing. Why was I murdered by my mate? From the title of my tale, you know that I am a hybrid wolf daughter of an Alpha King and my name is. Seraphim... Deceived, betrayed, and murdered by those she deeply trusts. Her dying wish was a second chance to love and change her fate and get back at the people who killed her. What will happen when the moon goddess decided to grant the last wish of a dying Luna? Would she find the love she deserves, a second chance to love but with someone else other than her fated mate? Follow Seraphim’s journey and find out what happened in her second chance at life. This time will she succeed?

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A well written and structured book, keep it up Author ......
2023-08-05 00:54:58
90 Chapters
Good or Bad?
“We are excepting a baby,” Logan told me grinning widely. I reached out to my stomach and clasped a hand around it. But...I wasn’t pregnant. “Blair is pregnant.” His face was devoid of any emotions for me as if I wasn’t his mate. He was my fated mate, the love of my life, and the man I’ve loved for the past five years ever since that night I found out he was my mate. I devoted myself to him but this is what I got. He had gotten a girl pregnant, a girl that wasn’t me.My wolf let out a painful howl at his words. I had given everything to Logan, I loved him so much, how could he do this to me?He was telling me this without a glint of hurt in his eyes like I was a nobody and not the Queen Luna of this pack. As if I wasn’t his fated mate that was chosen by the Moon Goddess and because of me, he became the Alpha King. “Why?” My voice croaked and my eyes were brimming with ears. I tried to touch him but Logan crinkled his nose and took a step back from me.“What do you mean why?” He
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His hands tightened around my waist and he pulls me closer to him. I stiffed in his hold and quickly wiped my tears with my head down as I apologize to the stranger I had bumped into and tried to pull away from him but his grasp was too strong.“I’m sorry.” My lips quivered, and my vision was blurry with tears. “Are you crying, Luna?” The calm voice asked from beside me. I looked up and made the stoic face of the pack rival.He frowns at my disheveled figure. “Alpha Jamal.” “This is not how I expect Queen Luna to look.” His frown deepened and I wriggle out of his grips. I don’t want to be seen in the arms of the man who hated me and Logan. He hated my reign as the Luna and he didn’t try to hide them. Everyone knew Alpha Jamal was the pack enemy with a strong pack and warriors. He was one of the most powerful Alphas within packs the only difference was Logan being the Alpha King and Jamal was just an Alpha. Logan was trying to become allies with him even when he knew Jamal hated h
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The last straw
“Let go of me, I am your Luna. I demand some respect. Take those hands off me now!” I shouted at them but it fell on deaf ears.They started searching the room and sniffing through my belongings and ransacking my drawers. “What is the meaning of this Logan?” As soon as the words left my mouth he slapped me. “It hasn’t been a day, I told you, and you...” He wagged a finger at me and was interrupted by one of the warriors. “What are you talking about? What have I done for you to do this to me?” I struggle for the warriors holding me to let go. “You’ll soon find out, witch.” He turned his gaze away from me and focused on the warrior who was standing in front of him. “Alpha we found this.” He said presenting them to him. “It seems she was planning to run away, I found some bags packed.” I never had any of my bags packed, I never planned to run away. I only had the thought of running away. How come they found my bags packed?I turned over to the corner and saw my attendant smirking.
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The ringing wouldn’t stop, it rang on and on and it was disturbing. I could feel it in my head, and the distant voices that were calling me. Was this another nightmare?I covered my ears with my hands as the sound persisted in my head. “Wake up! Sera.” The warm hand touched me and I flinched. “Sera. Wake up!” Immediately I flapped my eyes open and glared at the alarm that was ringing beside my head, I swept it off the bedside table with my hand. What happened to me?My hands went to my neck and felt it with my hands, how could I be alive?Was I dreaming?I pinched my side to be sure of the reality that I was alive, I sat up on the bed and stared at my body. There were no blood stains, and I was in a nightie.It was a dream and I had just woken up from it. “What’s wrong, Sera? You’re acting strange.” The voice which I was so familiar with spoke beside me with his hand stretched out to touch me, I moved back away from him.Why did he sound so worried about me?“What is wrong my lo
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Inner wolf
I stared at the mirror as I got dressed, my eyes were a bit red because I had cried earlier. I strengthened the floral dress with my hands and let my hair fall on my shoulders. I was going to see the father. I don’t know how I was going to react when I see him knowing he would die soon and this was the last time I visited him after I got married to Logan. I was going to change that, if father had been alive, I would never have ended that way. Even though he hated me, he would never let Logan kill his daughter.“Are you ready honey?” Logan called out to me and I crinkle my nose. He stood behind me, staring at himself in the mirror. “Do you think this suit is okay? Should I change? Do you like them, honey? What do you think of it?” He grinned sheepishly at me. I stepped away from the mirror when he wanted to wrap his arms around my shoulders. “What’s wrong, Sera? You’ve been acting weird.” He spun around to face me. “Did I do something wrong?” He stated a bit confused, his eyes ro
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A witch
I shrink back from them, I couldn’t feel my wolf even when I called out to her. There was nothing, I felt nothing at all. My chest was becoming heavy. Why can’t I feel my wolf?“Dad?” Blair shouted and ran towards him, she flings her hands around him and made him lean, and helped him to sit. What happened to my wolf Mia?I clutched my chest tightly, I tried to reach her but it was like there was a force separating me from my wolf. I was about to walk round to meet my father when I bumped into Vivian and stepped on her toe. The teacup in her hands fell. “You witch!” She flared up at me, I was taken aback by her outburst and stared at the content of the tea that had spilled on the ground, it was greenish liquid. It was like green tea but wasn’t.“I’m sorry, Vivian,” I muttered. Vivian stepped closer to me and whispered. “You’re sorry, you know that’s why your mother died even though she was a witch. Witches don’t belong here.” I felt the coldness in her voice and the shivers tha
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First encounter
~Jamal Fernandez~ “Alpha.”I turned, flipping through the magazine in my hands. “You have been invited to the Moonlight Gala, for this year and this is the third time.” My Beta Sebastian said with his hands stretched out to me, his head was down and he was staring at his feet. “Here is your invitation card.”I took the card from his hand and dropped them on the table without having a glance through it. “I told them I am not interested in any social gathering.” I frowned and take up another magazine from the table. “But...Alpha, all the alphas all over the country will be there. It’s important...” His voice trailed off when he lifted his head slowly and caught me staring at him. “I told you I am not interested!” I growled and Sebastian bowed and nodded curtly. “Get out.” I walked towards the empty easy chair and took a seat with my legs crossed and was flipping the magazine. I’m still after the killer of my parents, the wolf that I must find and he has been on the run for year
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At the Gala
~Seraphim~“Alpha Jamal.” I attempted to wipe the stains off his suit but he didn’t want me to come close to him. I didn’t bump into Jamal at the party five years ago, Father had introduced him to me but I did now because of my clumsy feet. “What are you?” He frowned and bared his teeth at him. I rolled my eyes. He has been a jerk right from the first time I met him and even after five years he never changed but became harsher and cold, I guess it was because he never found his mate even after five years. I shrugged, that was Jamal’s problem to deal with and it wasn’t mine but what I found disturbing was his stares. When he looked at me and pulled me into his arms. It was disturbing. “...Alpha Jamal. Oh, I’m sorry for what happened...” My father’s voice came out from behind us and he hurried down to meet Jamal. We both looked away from each other at the same time. “Accept my apologies, this is my eldest daughter. Seraphim, come on now.” Father dabbed over the back. My head
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~Seraphim~“You love me, don’t you? I mean who wouldn’t, ain’t I beautiful and sexy?” I swayed my hair sideways and planted my hands on my hips with his suit jacket over my shoulders. Jamal laughed and moved his head sideways in amusement. He came back to me and lowered his head and stared intently at me with a sly grin. “You,” His head came down to the side of my neck and I could feel his breath against the exposed skin of my neck. “...crazy.” I gasped and watched with a scowl on my face. Jamal muffled his laugh. He straightened his back.“I, Alpha Jamal of Reverest Pack would never fall for someone like you.” He huffed and turned toward the direction of his Beta.Someone like me?What was wrong with me?‘Crazy.’I heard him mutter. I scoffed and stared at his receding figure until he was gone, even after five years, he hated me. I guess he stood by his words. “Sera. Father has been looking for you, it’s about time to introduce you and Logan. Come on.” Blair was grinning while
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A secret I know
~Seraphim~“What do you want to tell me Sera?” He asked sitting back on the bed, I couldn’t think for a while. I wanted to get out of the room and think. Why was Vivian poisoning my father? And what kind of poison was it?Was that the reason he became so weak and later died?My father reached out to the teacup and I studied him as he drank from it and kept them back on the table.“Do you trust me, Dad?”He stared at me strangely, because of my question. “Mom died and you were the only one I have left. I don’t want to lose you too.”My tongue rolled over my lower lip and I wanted to explain in a way he would understand.“You won’t lose me, Sera. I know you blame me for your mother’s died but there wasn’t anything I could do.”“You left us when they came, you no longer pay attention to us. When mom became so weak, you had your back turned against us. I tried to talk to you but you won’t give me listening ears you were so occupied with your new family.” I was holding back from breaking
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