Reborn Series

Reborn Series

By:  Olivia Sera  Ongoing
Language: English
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If you had a chance to be reborn into a new world, would you change anything? A series of stories of being reborn and changing ones fate.

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153 Chapters
The New Empress: Prologue
The New EmpressWhen a freak accident causes a top-level assassin to die, her soul finds its way into a neglected Empress who had mysteriously died. Living her new life as the Empress, she needs to find out how the old Empress died and who was to blame. Secrets pop up as she investigates and later she finds out that it wasn't just a simple death. Romance blooms between the Emperor and the Empress, causing the Empress to choose between finding justice or reconciling with the Emperor. Between trust issues, betrayal and living her new life, the new Empress has her work cut out for her. Will she be able to bring justice to the old Empress? 
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The New Empress: The Beginning
“Where am I?” I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar room. I sat up but was greeted with a sharp pain on my temples.“Your majesty, you’re awake.” I opened my eyes and saw a young girl wearing a bright blue kimono.
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The New Empress: Yukina's Old Life
I opened the doors to the Cold Palace. Ah, this place sure lives up to its name. But I believe I can live here peacefully. 
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The New Empress: To Right My Wrong
Yukio was back in his room. I have to know what happened. The whole room was heavily guarded but I was able to sneak behind the room and listened to the conversation.“It appears he’s been poisoned your majesty. He must’ve eaten some peanuts.”
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The New Empress: The Nightmares Begin
“Empress Yukina… Come with us… Come Empress…”I saw a figure holding my hand but I can’t seem to make out their face. I wanted to ask who they were but I couldn’t speak.
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The New Empress: Assassination Attempt
After we had lunch, we headed back to the Emperor’s palace. The carriage ride was silent. Yukio fell asleep in my arms. I wanted to talk to him but I feel like we have nothing to talk about. I want to ask him about my accident but I feel like he’s going to be s
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The New Empress: The Emperor's Change of Heart
[The Emperor’s View]Yukina looked weak and frail. She’s standing in the middle of the courtyard, blood dripping from her mouth and hand.
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The New Empress: Rekindling Love
It has been a week and I was asked to prepare for our trip to the Capital. Nothing has happened over the past week and I assumed that because Tsuya was gone, the problems would be gone too. Oh how wrong I was. 
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The New Empress: New Clues, New Motives
Sunlight filtered through the window and I felt its warmth. I woke up to a handsome face beside me. The events of last night were more than I can handle. I caressed his face and his eyelashes fluttered as he opened his eyes. “Good morning.” I smiled. His arms w
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The New Empress: Suspicions and Betrayal
A week later, Tori kept sending wisteria tea to my room. Tch, she must really want me dead. But what for? I thought she was the closest to the Empress out of all the other concubines.
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