Reject After Pregnant For My Lycan Mate

Reject After Pregnant For My Lycan Mate

By:  Kellie Brown  Ongoing
Language: English
6 ratings
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"I want a divorce. " The day before her third wedding anniversary, Fiona sees her husband walking to the obstetrics wing with his arm around his ex-girlfriend, Rowena. Rowena is pregnant. Heartbroken, Fiona rejects Micah, her husband, her mate, the Lycan Prince of the Alastair Kingdom, and leaves the pack. --- However, to Fiona’s surprise, after being rejected, Micah goes crazy looking for her all over the world. Until one day, when he sees her walking down the street holding a little girl, he pins her against the wall. “Is she my daughter?” Micah hisses.

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Love this book!
2024-02-25 03:26:44
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Beep bop
I love this book
2024-02-08 16:28:41
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Lisa Chartier-Sharp
LOVED this book, it had interesting story line, loaded with all the emotions. I would highly recommend this read, and a BIG thank you to this author for the consistent updates and never leaving us hanging. ...
2024-02-07 22:52:08
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I love your twist
2024-02-04 04:10:43
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Favorite story…can’t wait for Leah and Rowena to get whats coming…
2024-01-27 01:07:01
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Susana Reginaldo
loving your book so mch, thank you author for creating this beautfiul story. they deserved a lifetime happiness.
2024-02-07 19:53:39
101 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Pregnant
Fiona’s POV Sometimes, your whole world turns upside down when you least expect it. A few hours ago, I thought my life was finally taking a turn for the better. I was happily married to the formidable Lycan Prince of one of the deadliest werewolf kingdoms. I felt loved and respected, starting to believe that things would continue to be fine. Until they weren't. Now, I nervously sit in a sterile hospital room, waiting for the doctor to return with test results as waves of pain assault my stomach. I jump to my feet as soon as she enters, making the room spin around me. "Was there a child?" I ask immediately, my hand going to touch my stomach as tears well up in my eyes. She shakes her head. "No, there was not a child, but there is a problem. You have a rare condition we see in Were-females. It is called Senese Uteri. It means you might never have children in your life." "W-what? How?" I squeeze the words out as my throat constricts around them, trying to hold them in. Micah is t
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#Chapter 2 Divorce
Fiona’s POVI look around the bedroom as I get out of bed, taking in each piece of furniture and all the memories that come up. Most of them are good. This marriage has been a good one.It might have begun as a contractual arrangement, spanning three years, but for me, it quickly evolved into something deeper. I once believed the same was true for Micah, until I witnessed him at the hospital with Rowena. Anyway, our three-year pact is nearly at its end. Now, I can step away, allowing him to be with the love of his life, raising their child together, while I fade into the background.My phone rings; it's Antonia, my best friend."Hey, how are you?" She asks as I pick up, staring vacantly around the room."As okay as I can be, I guess. I knew that this marriage always had an expiration date," I reply dully."I get it, but I thought with how well you two got along, he might want to extend the contract."Tears well up as I recall all of our brunches and phone calls, where I raved about m
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#Chapter 3 The Youngest Perfume Manager
Fiona’s POVI smooth my hands down my black pencil skirt and stop in front of the mirrored elevator doors.The woman that looks back at me has long dark hair slicked back in a braid, just enough makeup on to enhance her features, and is wearing a classic pencil skirt, pale pink silk blouse and a blazer. Paired with black stilettos she looks like the youngest manager of one of the most exclusive perfumeries in the world. What she does not look like is a woman whose entire world has just been turned upside down.With a nod to my reflection, I get onto the elevator nodding to one of my colleagues in marketing and wait for the elevator to descend to the lab level.Once there I walk to my office, exchange the blazer for a lab coat and prepare to drown my sorrows in my work.“Hey Fi, quite the crowd out there.” Owen, one of the scent creators, gives me a wide grin.“What crowd? Why is there a crowd in my lab?” I ask him, crossing my arms across my chest.His smile falters a little and I fee
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#Chapter 4 The Phone Call At 3 AM
Fiona’s POV“Hello?” I say, sitting up and turning the bedside light on. “Good, you’re awake. Where are my pajamas?” Micah’s gruff voice slides over my skin, causing goosebumps. Did he just call to ask me that? I shake my head, exasperated. “In the last drawer of your closet.” I reply, slowly. “And my black and white tie? I want that for a meeting tomorrow.” “We sent it out to the dry cleaners. You still haven’t asked anyone to pick it up.” For a moment, he is silent. Then, almost as if irritated about something he says, “Well, we are out of tea.” “What are you talking about?” I ask, pushing my hair out of my eyes. “The tea, Fiona, we don’t have any. That weird one you make,” Micah says again, and I almost laugh at the absurdity of this conversation. “You woke me up at 3 AM to tell me you’re out of tea? You don’t even like my tea.” When the marriage contract first started, I made my own tea. It was not made of the finest ingredients, but I liked it. Micah was a snob about it,
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#Chapter 5 She’s A Homewrecker!
Micah’s POV“That meeting could have been an email.” I grumble to myself and look at my watch. I need to look at the dossiers that Colin dropped off on the perfume companies we might want to invest in. Colin is an excellent researcher and he has narrowed it down to the top three competitors. Now I just need to go to meet each of these and decide which one I want to invest in.Opening my door, I look over and see Rowena arranged on my leather couch. Arranged is the only word for it as she has made sure her best assets are in view. My phone lies on a table next to her and I pick it up, remembering I forgot it here before attending the meeting.“Rowena, what are you doing here? I’m very busy. The last meeting ran long and I am behind schedule.” I walk quickly across the room, turning my back on Rowena as I find the file with the dossiers and flip it open.“Darling, I wanted to see you. Take you to lunch and talk about the perfume project you are investing in.” She purrs and I look over to
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#Chapter 6 Fated Mates
Fiona’s POVWhen I come inside the cafe, Rowena is already there. She looks at me with derision clear in her eyes. There is a haughty look on her face that says that I am not deserving of being in her presence. “Thanks for taking the time to meet with me like this, Fiona.” She says, poison dripping from her words. I stop myself from rolling my eyes. Feeling exhausted, I take a seat next to her. “You know I didn’t come here by choice. Now, tell me what you want.” “You know when the King told Micah he had to marry to have a chance at throne, it was clear that I was the only right choice there was. He was supposed to marry me, and we were going to be together forever. But then you meddled in with your pathetic self.” Her mouth twists with resentment as she gives me a judgmental once over. “As if you would ever be good enough for my Micah.” She hisses. I can’t help but narrow my eyes at her terrible attitude. Still, I try to make her see reason. “Rowena, the King wanted Micah to m
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#Chapter 7 Kidnap
Fiona’s POVI hang up the phone, leaving the cozy café behind me as I stroll through the narrow alley. The alley is empty, the silence only disturbed by the distant hum of city life. I have a feeling of unease, like a shadow looming over my shoulder. Something doesn't feel right.As I turn to walk away, a sudden sound in the distance stops me dead in my tracks. I whirl around and see a sinister scene unfolding before me. Two men, their faces concealed in darkness, are shoving a struggling Rowena into the back of a van. My heart lurches, and I hesitate, unable to move."Rowena?" The question unconsciously escapes my lips, and my voice wavers with shock. The kidnappers, startled by my presence, briefly divert their attention from her. It's the distraction she needs, and with a burst of determination, Rowena wrestles herself free from their grasp and rushes towards me, grabbing my arm in a vice-like grip."What is happening here?" I gasp, my arm throbbing in her fierce hold. I can see th
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#Chapter 8 Micah Comes
Fiona’s POVIn an instant, the atmosphere changes. The kidnappers wrench the phone away from me, cutting the call short with a menacing motion. Their faces contort into threatening glares as they realize we have reached out for help. “Shit, I think we have been exposed!” One of them says, his face turning dangerously wild. “We should just kill her and get done with it.” The other one hisses. I freeze, fear holding me in a chokehold. I see the kidnapper nearest to me clutch his knife and point it towards me. His eyes tell me he is going to kill me. God, no. I need to think. I need to save myself. With great restraint, I calm myself down and focus. Just as the kidnapper makes the motion to stab me with a knife, I say the first words that come to me. “I'm a billionaire's wife!” The kidnapper falters at my outburst and slowly, a plan forms in my mind. Gaining courage from his temporary hesitation, I continue. “My husband is very rich. You guys usually kidnap for money, don't you?
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#Chapter 9 Who Would Micah Choose?
Fiona’s POVThe world tumbles around me, my heart racing as I plummet towards what I believe would possibly be my final moments. Fear clenches my chest, and terror washes over me in waves. Despair grips my soul as I close my eyes, bracing for the inevitable.But then, something miraculous happens. Just as I tightly shut my eyes and surrender to the darkness, a pair of strong hands embrace me, breaking my fall. My eyes snap open, and to my astonishment, it is Micah. My cold, beautiful husband.He has chosen to save me. The shock of it all leaves me speechless for a moment.My heart races with a newfound intensity as I look up at him. His touch feels achingly familiar, and in that moment, I realize just how safe I feel in his arms. The chaos around us fades into insignificance as I focus on the contours of his jaw, the subtle quirk of his lips, and the depth of his eyes.Micah's usually icy gaze holds an undecipherable emotion. Am I crazy to imagine that he holds me with a touch of desp
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#Chapter 10 I Hear My Wolf’s Voice
Fiona’s POVI drag in a lungful of cool night air, the joy of running through a crisp fall forest, the grass whipping by me, the scents of the night filling my nose. I howl out my pleasure and hear the answer of my pack in the distance. The musty smell of my mate has me veering off course.Slowing, I step into a moonlight meadow and see the lone black wolf standing there.He huffs and tells me through the mind link to hurry, he wants to run with his mate and not waste a night like this. I pad over to him, rubbing my nose against his before he huffs again, and I bark out a chuckle, or as much of one as I can in this form.He takes off like a shot and I follow him, zig-zagging through the forest. Each time I get close, he runs a little faster, drawing out this game we are playing.He turns and his fur melts, in the wolf's place is a man standing naked under the moonlight.Holding out his hand, he reaches down, “Come, be with me mate, in this sacred place.”Before I can change and take h
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