Rejected by Triplets, Claimed by Lycan King

Rejected by Triplets, Claimed by Lycan King

By:  Lisa Salman   Updated just now
Language: English
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Rayna was a Beta’s daughter but was demoted to an Omega after her mom died during childbirth. After tolerating the abuse for a lifetime, she got to know on her eighteenth birthday that she was mated to the pack’s Alpha triplets. She was over the moon thinking that at last, she would get her due respect. Well! She was wrong. She was rejected brutally and abused by her mates who took another mate right there in the Luna oath ceremony. She swore to leave the pack and took the help of her Lycan who she thought was just a mere warrior. He had a certain royal air around him that demanded respect. She would surely run away but not before taking revenge from all those who failed her and thought that she was a weakling.

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As always. Lisa delivered more than we can expect. A must read for sure.
2024-03-16 11:44:33
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2024-03-13 22:46:56
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I quit reading werewolf stories long ago, but I started reading this as I have read all your books. I must say I am loving this!!!!! Great job as always!!
2024-02-15 23:12:51
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crecylda balansay
this is the first time i am reading a book about werewolves. So far, i am enjoying reading the story. I'm excitedly waiting for the next update.
2024-02-13 20:35:15
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Juicy Miss 🥰
I really like this plot, very interesting and different. I look forward to the next update.
2024-02-09 03:51:02
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Claudette Paris
When are updates?
2024-02-08 05:51:20
user avatar
Really interesting plot...I like it!
2024-02-07 13:56:45
68 Chapters
1- Stop!
Rayna Bennett’s pov:I must have been fourteen when a witch once told me that whoever would be my mate, would worship the ground I would walk on.I guess she was right. Just look at me.I am all dressed up in a white gown, like a bride, waiting for my Luna ceremony that is about to take place just in a few minutes.Within a few minutes, I will be the Luna of this pack. The same pack who abused me, tortured me, and made fun of me. They still can’t seem to believe that an omega…A weak omega, like me, will be ruling them alongside her three mates. Yup.The Moon Goddess assigned me three mates—the popular alpha triplets of my pack.Eric, Derek, and Cedric.In the past, my gorgeous mates used to join the crowd when I used to get tortured by the pack members. But not anymore.Just two weeks back, on my eighteenth birthday, I found that I was mated to not one, not two but three alpha male heirs of my pack. They seemed equally shocked when they found me staring at them in awe. After tha
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2- I was doomed.
Rayna’s pov:“Violet?” I whispered and dropped the holy book in panic. Everyone in the room turned back to have a look at her.She seemed distraught. Her eyes were red. Her hair was a tangled mess. Her clothes looked like she didn’t bother to change them or didn’t even attempt to take a shower.“What is it, Violet?” Alpha Magnus who had just taken his seat stood up, all surprised. Violet was a good-looking girl just like her elder sister.“She…she confined me in a room so that … so that the truth won’t come out….” She was shivering profusely and crying.Her tear-stricken red face looked haunted.“What do you mean?” Eric who used to be Violet’s boyfriend before my eighteenth birthday frowned and I had to suppress my smile when I felt his hands pressing my shoulders a little protectively. “Rayna is our mate, Violet,” Derek also came forward, “if you have any feelings for Eric just try to do something about it. None of us can leave our mate.”I batted my lashes quite dramatically when V
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3- A Pea Sized Di*ck
Rayna’s pov:“See! I told you all!” Violet let the tears fall from her eyes, “She has no wolf.”Before I could utter another word, I saw Eric rushing to Violet’s side and hugging her tightly, “Oh, Goddess! My love! I am so sorry. You are the mommy of the Alpha heir of this pack.” He mumbled in her hair.Before I could call him out, the other two triplets went to her and squeezed her little frame in between their muscular bodies.What was just happening? Were they congratulating her for being pregnant?“Sh…she is lying…” I said in a weak voice and heard several growls.“One more word for our mate and you will be dead, Rayna.” Derek practically barked in front of all the pack members.“Our mate?”“Yes. Our mate!” Eric detached himself from his mate and turned to look at his parents, “Mom! This Luna ceremony will take place as it was planned. Except we would like to take Violet as our Luna.”Alpha Magnus and Luna Camila seemed happy and relieved with the decision, “You are the future of
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4- Do or Die
Rayna’s POV:I started cutting the grilled chicken breast to complete the Caesar salad. After that, I was supposed to set up the taco bar for the guests.“Can you move it a little faster?” the kitchen head, Nadia asked me in a shrill voice, “Lycan King’s delegation is here and soon they will assemble for the lunch.”All the Omegas were silent after I returned to my duties. After all, they all served me for a good two weeks because I was going to be their Luna.I nodded quietly and started giving a good toss to all the ingredients in the salad bowl. The absence of my wolf didn’t let my head injury heal.Did I tell you that my father was the one who hit me with his iron fist? He was a great father indeed. Huh!Thanks to the painkiller injections that saved the day. Now I was back to the kitchen as a cook who was supposed to serve the pack along with the VIP guests.After the insult Eric had asked the guards to throw me in the dungeons, but his parents opposed it strongly. They didn’t wa
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5- I Take Her As My Chosen Mate
Alexander Ironheart- The Alpha King I was listening to the boring speech by the former Alpha of the Black Stone pack, Alpha Magnus. He was still the same dimwitted man I had left five years back.I am Alexander Ironheart. The Lycan King.Five years back I came to this pack for a training session and found my mate here. She spent some time with me and then decided to reject me.Lola always wanted a powerful mate by her side, so she chose the beta of this pack who was a widow and had a thirteen-year-old daughter. I could never tell her that I was not a mere warrior but a crown prince.I wasn’t allowed to give away my true identity until and unless I had a Luna by my side. It was way easier to get a mate when you are an Alpha King. But I wanted someone who could accept me as a commoner.“Lexi! The Alpha is waiting for your signature on the contract.” I straightened when I got my beta’s mind link. Right now, they all were treating me as a Royal advisor, Lexi.I tried to suppress my Lyc
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6- A Bite
Rayna Bennett.I was looking into those hazel eyes which had turned gentle for a moment when they were looking at me.The room was gripped in shocked stillness. Someone walked closer and I found Derek looking at me with so much hate, “I … I don’t think… you can take a chosen mate… just like that, Mr. Lexi.”Yes! I was expecting this from my pack Alphas, yet I was also sure the Lycans would try to keep their word. Once they have made the decision then it could only be changed by no one else but Alpha King himself.“Why not?” The strikingly handsome Lycan whose name was Lexi asked Derek, but his eyes were still locked with mine, “No one can make me take back my decision unless this she-wolf asks me to do so.” I was still in shock and felt like I was dreaming. “Please come with me,” I felt a hand on my elbow and turned to find the Royal beta tilting his head towards the door, “let’s get you out of here, lady.”Lady?Wow! That was quick. First, I was called a slave! Omega! A filth!And
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7- Not Dumb
I tried to struggle free of his grip and felt his teeth, piercing my skin. I felt helpless. He was an Alpha male. Much stronger than me. No! I couldn’t let that happen. “I said… leave me!” Using all my strength, I pushed him off me with full force. I did succeed this time, but my heart sank when I saw blood droplets on his lips. Did he just… I touched the skin to relieve some of the burning sensation, “Did you… did you just mark me? You have already got a Luna by your side, as*shole!” There was an evil glint in his eyes, “Yes. Violet will always be my Luna. She is the mom of my child. While you?” He paused, wiped the blood off his mouth, and licked his finger, “You will always be a slave. My side chick! If you think I’ll let you go with that bloody Lycan warrior, then you are mistaken. I have got confirmed news. The Lycan who claimed you, is not even an advisor. The one in power is Beta Brian.” With that, Eric turned on his heels to leave the room and twisted the handle. “This i
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8- His Lips
The strikingly dashing man covered my hand that was placed on the dining table.“Don’t be scared, Rayna. I am not a fool to think that the Dick triplets will be stupid enough to ask a nake*d slave to serve the drinks to the Royals. So, what’s the catch here.”His eyes were boring into mine as if he wanted to get into my brain and read all my thoughts. Initially, I stayed quiet and then looked up to meet his piercing gaze.“What am I missing here?” he asked in a hushed tone.“I wanted revenge!” I finished hurriedly and then started chewing my lip, “I am sorry, Mr. Lexi… b…but I wanted safety. They are after my life. My freedom.”Just last night I promised myself not to cry but… here I was weak as ever. I thought with a smirk. I had almost forgotten about his presence when a hand came up and started wiping my cheeks softly.“Why are they after you?” when he asked me, I closed my eyes in shame, “Tell me and I promise. No judgments.”I hoped he wouldn’t use this information against me in
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9- Sapphire-eyed Girl
Rayna Bennett:“Here… I brought you these,” Zara placed a disposable plate of strawberries on the mat. We were sitting in our favorite spot under the huge Oak tree.“Won’t you eat with me?” I said filling my mouth with those beauties.“Nah. I already had it in the kitchen.” She said leaning back against the tree trunk, “so what are the Lycan’s plans? Is he willing to take you with him?” she asked me and picked up a twig twirling it between her slander fingers.“I don’t know about his plans. But if he is willing to not only save my life but also wants to keep my future secure then I guess I owe him my life.”“Come on, Rayna. You are beautiful and can get any well-settled wolf or a Lycan. A warrior life is nothing but… unpredictable.” She threw the twig at me and sat straight, “If he is offering you a good job then just accept it and move on. Don’t waste your life after him.”I shook my head and picked up some more strawberries, “I was mated to the Alphas of my pack and see what they di
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10- A Precious Jewel
Rayna Bennett: “Come on!” Zara said dragging me to the backyard where other Omegas were waiting for her, “You are staying in your room a lot lately. We know you are banned from entering the kitchen or for any other chore but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to enjoy life.” As always Zara kept on chattering and kept pulling me where Omegas used to have their small fun gatherings. “Guys! Our very own Rayna is here!” A fellow Omega, Harper threw her fist in the air and a heavy hush fell on the group. This was the only free time of the day for us, as after lunch the pack members used to take naps. None of them was expecting me and I was regretting coming here. They must be feeling uncomfortable around me. “Come over,” I heard Nadia, the kitchen in charge, and walked to her, “Come on, girls.” She clapped her hands bringing out all the Omegas out of their trance, “Don’t forget that Rayna has been one of us.” She announced good-naturedly and I threw a thankful glance her way. Nad
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