Enter the Shadows

Enter the Shadows

By:  Raven Moone  Completed
Language: English
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When a hunted young woman seeks refuge in his Mountain, awakening a long-dormant blood feud, a reclusive Alpha must confront his past and unite feuding factions in their fight for survival. But will he conquer his inner demons in time to thwart the tyrannical ambitions of a madman set on revenge? And will he unravel a decades-old plot brewing in the shadows? Full of twists and secrets, forbidden crafts, and shadowy creatures, Enter the Shadows is a serialized dark paranormal fantasy about a world divided and primed for conquest and the struggles between good and evil for its soul. ~ I look forward to hearing from you. Leave your thoughts in the comments and let's chat!~

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Alexxis Prime
Such a great read. Loved the fast paced action and all the twists and turns of the plot.
2022-11-17 09:22:14
default avatar
Great story.
2023-01-29 12:12:28
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Khloe Amber Rose
Very interesting.. there’s many layers to this book. I haven’t finished but I’m sticking to the end.
2022-03-16 06:48:02
default avatar
Really good read
2022-02-06 10:55:02
132 Chapters
1. The Purest Heart i
~ Penny looked up from her hot chocolate, frowning at the sheets of rain cascading on the other side of the window. It was only one in the afternoon but it looked like late evening. The dark clouds, which blotted out most of the light, and bringing with it heavy rains, left Chaise Point district wet and bleak. The rain made everything cumbersome. Penny never seemed to have an umbrella on hand when it started raining. On top of that, she was always getting caught in the rain. She sat there drenched and miserable, nursing her hot chocolate, which had already gone cold.She’d taken the initiative to go to work on her day off and get some extra work done. Normally, she would have been alone in the office on a Saturday. Penny was probably the only one who didn’t have family or friends to be with instead of camping out at her office on a weekend. She’d walked halfway to work when the rain start
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The Purest Heart ii
~ Obsessive.That was what she had become, over a complete and utter stranger no less. She couldn’t help wondering if the man—Lochlan—had been alright after she bolted from the diner like a scared rabbit. Her reaction made no sense to her. He hadn’t been rude, he hadn’t threatened her, yet she had felt... threatened. Guilt nagged her, as she wasn’t the kind of person to see someone else in need and walk the other way. Or in this case, run the other way. His eyes haunted her. They had started a pure emerald green with flecks of gold, and as she stared into them they changed. Peculiar and intense were the words she would use to describe his eyes. Beautiful was another.Her obsession with him led to paranoia. Penny thought she was seeing the man everywhere she went. It wasn’t bad enough that his eyes followed her into her
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The Purest Heart iii
~ Covered in a cold sweat, Penny woke up from her nightmare. It took some time for the ghastly images to clear from her mind, and for her eyes to adjust to the dim light streaming through the windows into the room. This was not her apartment. She looked down where she sat on a bed that was not hers, wearing a shirt that was several sizes too big to be her own. Penny froze where she sat, panic tightening her chest. She moved nothing but her eyes now scanning the room, most of which was in shadows. To her left, the shadow shifted. Penny sat there staring into the darkness; she felt it staring back. Two eyes, the shade of pure gold, came from the shadows walking towards the bed.What she saw confirmed that it had not been a nightmare. The whole thing had been real. He had been real. Penny was up and off the bed, running through the door that had been left ajar. Down the hall, down the stairs, and through the
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The Purest Heart iv
~ “Penny.” He called her name several times before she came out of her thoughts. Her forebodings persisted.Tears streamed down her face. She stood there before him, unable to stop the sudden outburst of sobbing that shook her body. Penny crumbled to the ground and just wept. The images she had tried to block from her mind all came tumbling out of the closet, jumbled and frantic.When he came over to her, holding onto her shoulder, trying to comfort her, she didn’t push him away. “Listen to me.” Penny didn’t notice the slight change in the timbre of his voice. Using a finger, he lifted her chin, leveling their eyes. “Calm down.”Instantly, she did. Her hysteria died down to a mild fit of sobbing. His eyes, pure gold, held hers until the sobs died out completely. Hands
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The Purest Heart v
~ It was just her luck being a pure heart. Some endangered subset of humanity everyone was searching for. And willing to kill for. Penny didn’t feel particularly special that she was in high demand. Naturally overt to attention, she was none too pleased that two different species were locked on to her. The sensible thing would be to go to the police, seek protection, but how sensible was it to tell anyone what she knew. They would be laughing their heads off while they dragged her to the nearest psych ward.  Penny rolled over onto her side looking at the picture of her parents, and her brother sitting on her nightstand. She missed them. More than anything in the world, she missed them. They had been her everything and after they—left, she had nothing. Penny had resigned herself to a quiet, nondescript, predictable life without danger, and or excitement.
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The Purest Heart vi
~ As he had told her, Lochlan was outside waiting for her after work. By Thursday, the guilt of what she had said to him was unbearable. “Look, Lochlan, about what I said the other day.” “Don’t worry about it,” he said, stopping at a red light. “Just listen to me, please.” He glanced over at her then back on the road. “It was a jerk thing to say. You didn’t make me a pure heart. And you’ve been going out of your way to keep me safe. If it wasn’t for you I’d either be dead or a vampire right now. I owe you.” He shifted the car into gear as the light turned green. He made a right turn. “You owe me nothing, Penny.” She sat back in
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2. Those Red Eyes i
~ It started as a regular day. Regular in the sense that Penny went to work pretending as if all was well. Jumping at every random sound, looking over her shoulders, being paranoid that everyone who glanced in her direction was watching her. That was her regular day now. One cloaked by a sense of dread with a healthy dose of paranoia, however, justified.  The seriousness of her situation didn't hit home until one night she came out of the business complex where her office was located, and there was no Lochlan. She had stood just inside the glass doors, waiting for him, thinking that he had been late, but he never showed. That left Penny to decide between braving the streets alone or staying at her office. She chose the latter. She had a change of clothes there. None would be the wiser. With him gone, she brought a change of clothes with her every day in
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Those Red Eyes ii
~ A piece of splinter left a shallow cut on her cheek. Penny jumped, unable to stop her shocked gasp. There was a smashing of glass, then the fist disappeared. A loud commotion broke out. Penny didn't consider what that could all be about. Whatever had happened had provided a distraction she intended to take full advantage of. Keeping low, she made her way over to the bank of elevators. If they had come for her, it stood to reason that there was no actual fire, and that was simply a diversion to get to her. How would they have known she would have been separated from the flock was beyond her, but it didn't matter. Penny froze on her hands and knees as a body landed on the floor in front of her. Head tilted at a crooked, impossible angle, Penny watched as life ebbed away from the man, leaving his eyes an icy blue glass. He was a vampire. He would not stay that way for long.
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Those Red Eyes iii
~ Lochlan scooped Penny up out of midair. He landed on the balls of his feet, holding her tightly against his chest. Her death would have to wait for another day. "I got you." Lochlan wasn't sure if it was his heart or hers that was beating out of control. He had been on a run when she had tried to call. By the time he had gotten back to his things, he had ten missed calls and a text message. It was a good thing he hadn't been too far away. Penny took a second before opening her eyes to look at him. Lochlan was looking up at the roof. There on the ledge, the three men looked down at them. They could have made the jump with ease, but they did nothing. The one who had killed the woman gave the other two orders she couldn't hear, and they walked off. A second later, so did he. Grabbing on the front of his shirt, she told him everything that had happened inside. She wanted to go back to help the others. Lochlan knew that would not be possib
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Those Red Eyes iv
~ Lochlan stood holding the knife in his hand, knowing what he had to do and dreading it. The flesh around the claw marks had festered, turning a sickly black. It smelled like dying flesh. He had to remove it. All of it. That meant skinning eighty percent of her back. That percent rose with every minute he stood there, unable to get it done. Penny was still unconscious and would remain so until he woke her. To be sure she would feel none of it, he sent her into a deeper sleep. A kind of coma. Taking his time and being thorough, he removed every inch of infected flesh, sometimes having to take out chunks of muscles that had gone bad. There was blood everywhere, as the procedure was a messy one. A tedious one that took hours. In between, he had to wake her partially, feeding her his blood while holding back the pain from registering to her. It took a toll on him as well. The healing would be painful. Penny would feel every muscle regenerating, he
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