Chapter 90 Aurelia

She grabbed hand, then rushed us down the hall

Axel's POV

When we were in the room, the way her scent changed shocked me. I scented our daughter over Raven, but when I tried to feel out to her, Lucian started pacing as he told me that Luana seemed nervous.

When I watched her face contort, showing me she was in actual lain, that's when I knew, this wasn't like before, this was different and as I placed my hand upon her stomach, I felt it tighten.

"We have to go, Luana says it's time, she sounded a bit worried."

She was in labor, but she seemed scared, not the usual calm Raven that I have grown to be so accustomed to. Her body shifted as she winced from the pain when I suddenly lifted her into the air. I know words were spoken to the others as I carried her out of our suite, down the stairs, her arms around my neck as I got her to the car.

Driving to the hospital I had trouble keeping my eyes on the road, my hand on her the entire time, not that I think she even noticed, but it was the
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simply, lovely birthing description with all the wonderful awe that comes from giving birth :-)

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