Rejected by the Mate that wanted me

Rejected by the Mate that wanted me

By:  T L Nichols  Completed
Language: English
40 ratings
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The shamed Betas daughter left as an orphan in a pack that didn't want her. Forced to live as a servant ranked the lowest of Omegas is mated to the Alpha Heir but doesn't know until she comes of age. Alpha Axel realizes she is his mate, wants her, loves her, but is forced to reject her by his Father. His regret for hurting her, for her running away, forces him to abandon his pack to find her once again when his father tries to make him take a Luna. To Axel, there is no Luna without her. Will he find her? Will she forgive him? Can her first mate be her second chance?

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Love it! Recommend it 100%, couldn’t stop reading
2024-04-28 18:59:22
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Jeannie Roth
It’s an amazing book so far and it’s really interesting book with amazing details and is great to read when u wanna ignore everything else
2024-02-19 09:48:11
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Karissa Kennedy
this book so far has been the best book I have ever read. I have cried I have laughed and I have loved every minute of this book I recommend 100% reading this book thank you so much for writing it
2024-02-14 22:01:53
user avatar
T L Nichols
I honestly can't thank you all enough for the wonderful feedback and positive, as well as, negative reviews. Everything that is said to me I take to heart. It helps me grow as an author so that my next story can be even better. Thank you all. Kiitos.
2024-01-31 08:33:22
user avatar
This was an awesome story I will miss the characters, just keep in mind that English is not this authors first language so there are some errors but they don’t take away from this story at all. Loved the story loved the plot.
2024-01-27 16:03:17
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Selma Salihbegovic
Great book
2023-12-13 19:34:59
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This was an ABSOLUTELY OVER TOP werewolf story!! Axel and Raven are one of my TOP BOTCH werewolf couple!! I was absolutely not counting on this kind of development of the story! Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely file this story to read it some more times, lol… so in LOVE!!!
2023-12-06 08:45:21
user avatar
Laina Nikula
I absolutely love everything about this story. Thank you, author, for the heart you put into this.
2023-11-22 11:48:17
user avatar
Rylee J B Nichols
My absolute favorite story by you so far. Reading the next one and already loving it.
2023-09-30 07:34:25
default avatar
Icarus Narukami
I loved this story so much! 10/10
2023-09-15 12:13:13
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LOVEDDDDD this book . Great job
2023-09-12 23:14:45
user avatar
Loved this book!!!
2023-09-12 07:10:15
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Delinda Schumacher
83 chapters 8-24-23
2023-08-24 19:30:38
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Angela Mathis
This is an awesome story and I love it a great deal! Keep up the good work and your imagination is just
2023-08-24 17:41:47
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Gareti Vargas
It is an addicting book.
2023-08-21 01:36:36
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97 Chapters
Chapter 1 How it all started
Chapter 1Little bit about meRaven's POVI have lived in the Cresent Moon Pack for my entire life, never knowing anything but this pack, living the life of an Omega even with being the former Beta's daughter.My father betrayed the pack, betrayed our Alpha when he was killed leaving my mother and I alone to pick up the shattered pieces of his betrayal.My mother losing her fated mate broke her beyond repair as I tried for the first couple years to help her, to let her know that I wouldn't leave her, that I was enough for her however, when I turned 13 she passed.Technically she ended up killing herself from the drinking, because she drank so much that she lived her life drunk, adding wolfsbane to the liquor so she hadn't even felt her wolf in so long she forgot what it was to be one.After she was gone I became an orphan, one everyone treated horribly because of what my father had done. I honestly wasn't sure what exactly it was he did but that didn't matter, without him here, or my m
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Chapter 2 The Beta's daughter?
Why did he have to ask my name?Raven's POV Turning my head slowly I was faced with Alpha Axel again today, he was dripping wet, his chisled chest had water droplets cascading down his perfect God like body, my eyes trailing down to his breathtaking V line that disappeared into a low riding towel that was loosely wrapped around his waist.He cleared his throat making me jump up, snapping me back to reality when my eyes caught a glimpse of his before I instantly pulled back, lowering my head in shame at him noticing me checking him out."I apologize Alpha, I didn't know you were in here. I called out but received no answer so I began cleaning.I will leave then return when you are no longer here. Please forgive my disruption of your personal space."I was terrified to move from my spot as he was basically blocking me from moving as I was pressed against his bed with him towering over me."You can finish while I'm in here."He said curtly before he turned then walked into his closet dis
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Chapter 3 Meeting the wolf
A friend?Raven's POV When I arrived at the packhouse it still wasn't even four in the morning. I entered through the servants entrance as I always do, walking through the kitchen on my way to my closet when I heard giggling coming from behind the doors. Stopping in my tracks hoping that whoever it was would leave so I could go through. I stood there silently when the door pushed open making me gasp when I came face to face with none other than Alpha Axel again, this time with Becca, the most popular girl in my school."Ew what is that thing doing in the packhouse?"Her shrill voice squeaked as she looked at me as if I was a piece of chewed up gum she stepped on and was now trying to scrap it off the bottom of her shoe."I apologize, I came here to start my chores." "At this hour?"His voice was deep as I felt his eyes boring into the top of my head as I feared looking up."Yes, I start early so I can finish before school, I apologize for being in your way, again.""Get away from us
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Chapter 4 He healed me
Am I more than his daughter to someone? Raven's POV After cleaning up I put my things away, grabbing my clothes as I made my way to the kitchens so that I could leave for the evening at a decent hour for a change. Maybe I will get a good night's sleep tonight after I get laundry done back at the house earlier than usual.Walking through the kitchen when the head Omega called out to me stopping me in my tracks. I turned to face her with my eyes cast down because no one wants me to look them in the eyes."You will eat dinner then clean the kitchens again before you are permitted to leave."I raised my brows before they furrowed in confusion, dinner two nights in a row? I looked up slightly to see a plate being handed to me, I took it to see a full plate of food sitting upon it making my stomach instantly begin growling."Thank you Ma'am, I will be quick then clean up.""Hmph..."Was all I heard before I watched her feet turn away from me as she walked away, within a few minutes the kit
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Chapter 5 My First Kiss
Why me?Raven's POV After spending the rest of my evening outside with the wolf we finally parted for me to go to my bed. When I got down there I started laundry before working on some school work between loads. When I finished up I put my work away then laid down setting my alarm for three so I could shower while everyone slept.The next couple of weeks went by so fast I couldn't believe I was going to be of age tomorrow. I've spent my days with the black wolf, the sparks he makes me feel getting stronger making me wonder if he was my mate, he was of age already and could feel it and that's why he spent the time with me. If he isn't I will be disappointed but if he is I will be disappointed as well. The thought of staying here, being some hidden relationship to my own mate because of who I am, it brings me to a new level of feeling low.I have to get away from this place, I will never be accepted, no matter who my mate may be. I got into University but the Alpha still hasn't made t
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Chapter 6 My first shift
I have a wolfRaven's POV 'Let me in Raven, you need to open yourself to me.''How do I do that?''Just lower the veil, accept me as part of you.'I breathed deeply, letting my body and mind relax, focusing on my breath as I silently accepted her to come forth to me.Feeling my body vibrate as I felt the first snap of one of my bones, an agonizing painful break as each finger dislocated simultaneously making me scream so forcefully it was silent. Next my wrist snapped backwards, then the other, excruciating wasn't even a word that could describe this amount of pain I was feeling.As my bones cracked then broke before they began elongating as they readjusted I could feel my the tiny pores all over my body begin to stretch open.Fur protruding from me as my fingers slammed down onto the ground in front of me for my eyes to adjust to the darkness showing me that my fingers were now furry paws.Suddenly my back snapped my whole self back, I felt as if I was being folded in half backwards
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Chapter 7 My Mate
I can't wait to love you Raven's POV I laid there, naked, in front of him as his eyes locked themselves between my legs making me squirm a bit, 'Can I taste you' running through my mind when I watched as his eyes trailed up my body, I could feel them burning into my skin as they moved up me.When he locked eyes with mine my breath hitched when he leaned down over me, his body hovering above mine as I looked down to see his member, it was huge, as he lowered himself down, it digging into my thigh making my body heat up, I could feel my skin turning red as my cheeks flushed under his gaze.His lips brushed passed mine as he licked the bottom one before his kisses trailed down my jaw, I could feel his tongue slide down my neck before he whispered into my neck."Can I baby? I want to taste all of your sweetness.""Yes." A breathy moan left my lips, my mind foggy with lust as he sat back up before positioning himself down between my thighs instantly.The thought of what he was about to d
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Chapter 8 A new home
RejectionRaven's POV After what felt like hours I opened my eyes to see I was alone, in his room, my body drenched in sweat as I shakily attempted to stand, using the bed to help me when I finally made it to my feet.Plagued by the reality that my nightmare had come true, only difference being I wasn't forced to become a rogue.Taking a step I faltered, falling hard onto the floor, my head bouncing off the hard wood when I heard a cracking sound as my wolf came forward slowly.'Don't move Raven, let me help you alright.'Nodding to her I felt myself slowly healing when I heard the door creaking open then light sounding footsteps coming towards me. I was terrified to look up when I felt a hand come down on my back."Shhh.. Let me help you."She spoke softly before she helped to my feet, everything hurt but my head was feeling the slightlest bit better. I looked up to see the Luna standing there holding me up."You need to leave dear, you can't stay here, I know you are hurting but it
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Chapter 9 Rejection?
Can I Reject him?Raven's POV My dreams were like horrible little teases, ones showing me with my mate, how happy we could be if he chose me over his father or us a bit older with our pups running around enjoying our small life away from pack territory.I would wake up multiple times throughout the night, sometimes I'd even find myself crying, wiping away tears before rolling over to attempt to sleep again.Sometimes the dreams became nightmares, nightmares of me having to rewatch the way he rejected me over and over again while his father stood there stoic, his arms crossed over his chest with hate burning in his eyes.When I awoke the last time, my heart pounding so hard I swore it could slam right through my chest wall as it escaped my lowly pathetic self.My wolf was sulking in her own sorrow not providing much in the way of support as she whimpered softly as she stayed curled up inside my mind.I had finally received my wolf, finding comfort in knowing we'd have each other to su
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Chapter 10 First Classes
Luana, are you okay?Raven's POVFor the last few days I learned my way around the area a bit more. After the tour of the school by Luke, which I learned quite a bit about because he seems to like to talk about himself, not that I mind because it made it so I didn't really have to. I managed to find the grocery store close by, a little family owned place that has everything I could need for myself so it's perfect.I've also found a couple little cafés, along with a diner that is open twenty four seven. It's cute, very rustic, again owned by a family that has kept it running for the last forty years. I managed to get a job there waiting tables two to three nights a week, I start there next week on Thursday. I'm actually looking forward to working again, I've had way to much time on my hands just sitting around.My body still wakes up in the middle of the night, sometimes I even feel a bit lost when I wake until I remember again that I'm no longer in my pack.My wolf and I have went on
Read more Protection Status