Chapter 93 Finally heading out

I can't talk you out of this, right?

Raven's POV Continued

His breath hitched as I ran my tongue across the tip of him, tasting his precum that was sweet, his moan as my lips wrapped around the head made feel wet again.

I gripped him in my hand before running my tongue down him, holding onto him as I traced my tongue down to his tight balls as sucking them into my mouth, his hand running through my hair before getting a good grip on me as he pulled tight to pull my head back, his eyes fully black as he looked down at me, his bottom lips pulled between his teeth as he growled at me.

My hand continuously stroking the length of him before I ran my thumb across the tip, spreading his cum around the head of him, my head still cranked back as he tried to control the beast that was fighting for control.

"Don't worry my love, I can take you."

His eyes snapped at me, a deep grumble went through him before he pushed my head back down, I licked across his sack before I cupped them with my othe
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strong women we have here and can't blame them for wanting to see the want to be hunter

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