Remember Me, Aly

Remember Me, Aly

By:  Pearlyshellx  Completed
Language: English
11 ratings
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Can your heart remember when your mind forgots? Can you recognize someone whom you promised to love? Can you keep a promise to someone who you thought is gone? Amber fell in love once but forgots everything and changed her life because of an incident she never expected to come.

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Chiaro De Luna
this is what i call a heart warming story
2020-07-21 19:12:52
user avatar
Thank you so much for reading my story. Mahal ko kayooo ❤️
2020-07-21 17:47:20
user avatar
When you want to know what happened why she forgets. You will keep reading this book. Very interesting. and great writing skills. UwU
2020-07-16 08:54:52
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Michael Shelby
Good book....keep up the nice work. I love the beginning
2020-07-02 16:00:49
user avatar
Good luck! I'll be waiting for next updates✨
2020-07-02 06:53:50
user avatar
Really intriguing story concept. Very cool.
2020-07-02 05:58:00
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Ajiboye loveth
Good novel, I love it
2020-06-17 18:17:28
user avatar
Ériká V Esquera
I also recommend this story to everyone, you won't be disappointed while reading this.
2020-06-17 13:29:34
user avatar
Ériká V Esquera
Good story, I'll recommend this to my friends~
2020-06-17 13:28:50
user avatar
Yvenin Dawn
I like Amber ? This story is worth of my time. I realized I lack in narration while reading this. The plot is nicely written. By the way I hate that blue-eyed man ?
2020-06-16 10:49:48
user avatar
Oni Kehinde Omotola
Character development is nice. Plot development is wow! Continue writing
2020-06-16 08:41:33
63 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Aly! Aly! Come here! I have something to show you!" a boy shouted from afar while the girl is tying her shoelace. As soon as she heard the boy's call, she instantly ran without finishing what she was doing. "Coming!" she yelled at his expense. While she's running close to the boy having a toothy grin, the girl suddenly stepped on the untied shoelace causing her to fall on the ground. The boy's eyes widened in shock and immediately ran beside her. He checked the girl for any injuries but instead of crying over, they both laughed not minding the little wound on the girl's knee. A new girl came out on the picture. She is taller than the first girl but unlike her, she has curly brown hair. "What's happening?" she asked with crossed arms. The two-child shifted their gaze at the back still laughing for unknown reasons. 
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Chapter 2
As soon as we arrived at the school, I immediately scanned the area hoping to see Lily. I've tried to contact her many times but she didn't dare to pick up. "Searching for someone?" Jordan asked beside me while wrapping his arms on my shoulders guiding me on our way. I didn't bother to look at him and babble instead. "I'm looking for Lily. I can't feel at ease if I won't see her as soon as possible," then I pushed his arms away from me. He patted my head and whispered, "Over there," while leading my face to her direction. I nodded at him and bid my goodbye before running to Lily's direction. I waved my hand over Lily to catch her attention. When her eyes met mine, she smiled widely. "What's going on?" I said with my stoic expression. She intertwined our fingers and rested her head on my shoulders. We started walking along the hallway still waiting with her re
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Chapter 3
We are here in the cafeteria with Lily and Jordan. I sat beside him while Lily was on the other side. Jordan was teasing and threatening me on telling Marcus that I haven't eaten my breakfast. For sure, Marcus will scold me and report what I did to my parents. Speaking of my parents, I often do see them because they are busy. I barely could remember their voices and their faces but they supported me through Marcus who tooks charge of me. And Jordan, my very own best friend becomes his eyes when he was not around. They are as close as real brothers and I would not wonder if they would talk about my life. "Jordan, please don't tell Marcus about this. I just don't have enough time earlier to eat my breakfast because Lily was making fun of me and the bell suddenly rang," I explained but it seemed like he was not convinced. I placed my hands onto his shoulders and motioned it to face me. "Look Jordan, I will owe you a lot if
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Chapter 4
"Yes, you are very lucky, Ms. Ferrer," a baritone voice suddenly croaked out on my side. I never dreamed of a demon whispering to me this day. This person adds my annoyance! I moved my head to see who was the person disturbing me but before I could see his face, a soft muscle pressed on my lips. What the heck! I was stiffened on our position as his blue eyes met mine. I felt a sudden electric shock on my body which shivers down to my spine. My brain went blank and all I could understand was his lips on mine. It was my first kiss! When I finally digested our situation, I pushed him hard and gave him a slap. The students around oohed for a moment not until I threw them my threatening glare. That was really a big issue! Dammit! "How rude, Ms. Ferrer," he commented while touching his face with a smirk. I didn't care if it was rude for him but that was what he des
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Chapter 5
"Marcus! I'm going!" I shouted while walking down the stairs.Marcus didn't wake me up this morning and I presumed he is busy doing stuffs that my parents ordered him."Marcus!" I yelled again and this time he showed off carrying his black suitcase.I narrowed my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest still focusing my sight on him who was walking near me. With his blue polo and knee length pants, I bet he will be going out of town."Where are you going?" I confusedly asked.He smiled at me and patted my head. "Business trip," he thriftyly said.I shrugged my shoulders and offered him to have a seat for a while. I want to have at least a minute with him before he will go on his business trip. I could skip my class for this morning to spend my time with him because I know it will take him weeks before coming back.Instead of accepting the seat, he took a glance at hi
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Chapter 6
 After their fistfight, we decided to bring him here to our house since it is the nearest place for us to go. Though he insisted that he is fine and we must attend our class, we still followed what I wanted. My conscience would not be at ease if I can't assure that he is totally fine and treated.  "Ouch!" Jordan groaned as I put a cold compress on his bruise.  I placed the ice bag on the center table before apologising to him. He didn't respond, instead, his lips formed into a thin line.  Until now, he still has the urge of killing Blake after he saw the video that I wasn't expecting to spread. I shifted my view on him who was looking directly into my eyes. I can't read his emotion and what exactly he is thinking right now but one thing is for sure, he didn't like what he saw.  Despite our current situation, I still feel like the universe is on me knowing Marcus is no
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Chapter 7
I felt relieved after the long explanation yesterday. Maybe I should ship Lily and Marcus as soon as possible so that she could also defend and cover me to him. My ever-loyal friend is always willing to support all of me.  And because we ditch our classes last day, I decided to enter the school one hour before our normal class schedule. In case I missed something,
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Chapter 8
The Annual Masquerade Ball is one of the most awaited parties of the school where they feel the excitement of meeting their lovers hiding in a mask. Others were up into the suspense it brought to their first and last dance. They must be so excited about this that's why we have to work hard and meet their expectations.  As soon as my class ended, I went straight to my office. I called a meeting for us to plan for the upcoming Masquerade Ball and come up to different suggestions. The good thing about my officers is their creativity and support.  After the planning, they went to the Gymnasium to check the area while here I am still arranging the piled papers and reports to be done.  "Hey, aren't you gonna go home yet?" Lily asked the second she gets into here with Jordan.  I shook my head before meeting her sight. "No, I still have to go to the Gymnasium," I replied, she nodded in un
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Chapter 9
My good holy Lord, I have lots of dreams in life. I want to travel around the world, manage our company and have a happy family. I don't want to die young! But if this would be my last time breathing in this universe, I hope I would be reincarnated and meet my friends in my second life.  How ironic it is to die just because of a scissor and a moron above pressuring me to hand it to him.  I was stiffened in my position after my back hit onto something hard. I don't know if I am now paralysed or dead but one thing's for sure, I can feel my heart beating so fast.  My heart continues pounding with a heavy breath inside me, I don't know if this is the sign of dying but I heard someone clearing a throat near me.  "Ms. President, wake up," a familiar baritone voice whispered in my ear, giving me goosebumps.  Am I alive? No, I am alive! I am certainly alive! 
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Chapter 10
"Yes Amber, I'm with your parents right at this moment," Marcus said on the next line.  He called me just a few minutes after I arrived here at school. It was literally hard for me to wake up without someone shouting in my room when it's getting late. No one would remind me to eat first before going to school and chitchat me nonsense stuff until we both get tired talking. I miss him already. No Marcus for a day is dreary and hard for me.  "When will you come back? I miss you already. No Marcus with me eating breakfast, lunch or dinner is such an empty lonely day," I pouted.  "Oh, how sweet of you Amber. Maybe no more than a week, I'll be back."  "That's great! I will wait for your comeback then. Please send my regards also to my parents," I said with a half smile.  Heading my way in the cafeteria, I saw Blake together with the self-entitled Queen bee and
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