Avoiding The Billionaire

Avoiding The Billionaire

By:  Luckypen  Completed
Language: English
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Having been drugged by her ambitious husband, Cynthia was made to spend the night with an unknown man in a hotel room, after which she was taken home early the next morning while still in her unconscious state. Little did they know that the particular man they had arranged to sleep with her was not the one who actually slept with her. How will everything play out? Why would her husband arrange a strange man to sleep with his own wife? Get into a thrilling romance journey filled with deceit, betrayal and a love that can ruin ones life forever, or maybe can become a blessing in disguise.

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Zeenat Shaikh
good work author love the story
2023-12-03 03:33:12
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I like it,,
2023-10-18 23:34:49
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Her entire body was feeling hot as if she was being engulfed in flames.She was in a dreamy state. With a blurry vision, she caught hold of a man’s arm.She wanted to cry for help. A strong masculine scent reached her. Her slightly opened lips were blocked off by a strong force.She wanted to resist, but the man did not give her any chance to do so. He went in straight, exploring her mouth and consumed her whole.Undoubtedly, towards this strange man’s kiss, she should have resisted and felt repulsed by it.But, why is her body feeling stimulated?In the next second, she experienced a wrenching pain in her lower body.A strong pain seized her.*********Early morning.....The early morning sunlight shone through the beautiful curtain, illuminating the furnishings in the luxurious room.Clothes were all over the floor messily. The air had a slight odour of last night's affair. On the bed, the lady was partially visible under the golden color quilt.Red marks were slightly visible on h
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Jude held onto the divorce agreement as if he had just received a fortune. He announced coldly, “It is stated in the agreement that you will clean out the house. Move out tomorrow. Except for your personal belongings, nothing else can be taken away.”Cynthia’s tears flowed down her cheeks, her whole body was frozen stiff.That night, she packed up her things and moved out of her matrimonial home. She checked into a hotel and contacted her aunt who was living in a nearby country who advised her to stay with her.Cynthia was weary of the people and the matters here. However, she just came to the realization that her passport was at the Leonards residence.She had no choice but to catch a cab back to the residence.As she rounded the garden, she heard somebody chatting in the grove. By the sound of it, it was her mother-in-law, Cherry, laughing gaily with another. “Are you satisfied now? My son is finally single, you needn’t feel wronged any longer.”Cynthia’s heart skipped a beat. She a
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Fortunately, her drawing talent which she had fostered at a young age, landed her a job which she loved. And through her hard work, she had managed to leap to the position of chief designer.Three years ago, just after giving birth, she had become a jewelry designer. Her creativity had won her numerous international awards. And the relocation of her company’s headquarters had resulted in her transfer.It had never occurred to her that the ultimate address for her company’s relocation would be the city that had beaten her black and blue.She had initially thought of quitting her job and finding another. However, four years had passed and her resentment had disappeared. She had deliberated over it. Why should she have to give up three years of her hard-earned position because of the past? She had already lost everything to them, and she refused to start from scratch again because of them.So she came back.“Where is Chief Designer Cynthia Lawson? Is this not her flight?” The female assi
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With her son’s hand clasped in hers, she entered the lobby. They then took an elevator up to where her assistant, Tania was waiting for her.“I’ll hand my son over to you. I’ll be meeting my client so please look after him for me. Do not let him run about.”“Yes, Miss Cynthia.” Tania was more than happy to take on this task.Because she could play around with this little bean, she was extremely happy.“Zion, do you want some candy? I’ll give you some.” She took out two lollipops from her desk drawer to entice him.Who would have known that the little boy would scrunch up his face and said to her, “I’m no longer a child. I don’t want candy.”No longer a child? Tania tried to suppress her laughter and looked at the little bean. He was clearly still a child, and a cute one at that!Cynthia first went to her boss’ office. Her boss was a very capable woman. A bold, 40-year-old woman of mixed descent named Linda. Having been divorced, she was now a single mother with children. That was also
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Cynthia stroked her son’s little head. With a smile on her lips, she said, “Alright, didn’t I tell you before? Back then, mommy didn’t even know who your father was, so let’s not search for daddy, okay?”“Mommy, I heard that it’s popular now to have a godfather. You wait, some day I’ll find one to support you.” The little boy said with arms akimbo.After hearing this, Cynthia burst out laughing. Looking at her little boy, she said, “No, mommy doesn’t need you to find a godfather! Mommy is able to protect myself and also you.”The little boy pursed his lips, stubbornly holding on to that thought.“Mommy still has some work to do. Why don’t I ask Aunt Tania to bring you out for a meal?” With his hand in hers, Cynthia led her son to her office.After Cynthia had cautioned them to pay attention when crossing the road, Tania left with the little boy’s hand clutched in hers.Behind her, Linda walked in and asked, “Cynthia, how did it go?”“I’m acquainted with this Mrs. Leonard. She’s not so
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Once again, Tania wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Looking at him, she said, “Little bean, it’s better not to invite trouble for your mommy. We can’t afford to offend this sort of man.”“Aunt Tania, you also think I looked like him, right?” While he was carefully studying the man in the photo, he felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy.“That’s right. You resembled him. Other than your nose and mouth, the rest of your facial features bear a striking similarity to him. Your father must be a very handsome man, otherwise, how could there be such a good-looking little fellow like you?” Tania was green with envy.Looking at the man in the photo, the little boy questioned, “Aunt Tania, are you sure that this man can be found at that building?”“That’s his company. He should be working there.” However, Tania herself wasn’t actually sure of this. Gabriel was, at present, the world’s wealthiest man. Who could be sure of his whereabouts?But the little fellow took it seriously and kept it fi
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Mommy, don’t worry, I’ll behave. Can I play in the lounge?”Cynthia required a great deal of concentration while sketching. The deadline to hand in the draft to Angela was fast approaching. What she really needed now was total concentration.Nodding her head, Cynthia counselled him. “You can play on your own, but you’re not allowed to take a step out of the company’s entrance. Don’t get up to mischief, alright?”“Got it, mommy.” The little fellow answered quickly.Cynthia was at ease because she trusted her son. Ever since he was young, she’d never have to worry about him.“Go on then!” She smiled and walked him to her office door.Once outside, his huge eyes immediately surveyed his surroundings. Looking out the glass panes, he stared fixedly at the pyramid-like building. His huge eyes flashed with resoluteness.Now was his best chance to leave. He had to seize it.Because the little bean was still small, no one saw him slipped out. He dashed off as soon as he was out the doors. But
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Zion immediately retracted his wandering gaze. Turning his head, he caught sight of the imposing figure seated on the sofa. It stands to reason that looking at such a figure would have the little boy quaking in his boots, or that he would be perturbed by that icy demeanor.However, to the little boy, this man appeared to be amiable. In his eyes, this man was like a daddy figure. While waving at him, the little boy mustered the loveliest smile he could come up with.The steady gaze of Gabriel dissolved into shock at the sight of the child’s appearance which closely resembled his own. This little boy was the spitting image of his younger self.His small face was like a finely carved jade. The contours of his face were carved to perfection. He had pink-flushed cheeks. This charming little face was reminiscent of himself when he was still a boy.While he was still in a state of shock, he saw the little boy turned to Assistant Sandra speaking in a serious tone, “Aunt, can you leave us? I n
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Cynthia tightly embraced him. Heavens knew how terrified she had been. At her side, Linda sighed. “Bringing up a child alone is indeed not easy. Zion, look at how frightened your mother had been that she almost called the police. Next time, don’t run around.”“Mommy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I will absolutely not run around anymore.” The little boy was also freaked out. He hadn’t expected to have frightened her like this.Linda patted Cynthia consolingly on the shoulder. “Alright, you can now relax. He’s back.”After she managed to get over her lingering fear, Cynthia gently pushed the little boy out from her embrace and sternly looked at him.“Where have you been?”“Mommy, I… I haven’t been anywhere! I just went to the opposite building to have a look.” He then pointed at the pyramid-like skyscaper.Hearing this, Cynthia seemed to be frozen in shock. She turned angry. “How could you run off that far? Are you not aware that there are plenty of cars and people on the street. What’s going
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Heavens! When did the boss have a son that big?This was huge news!“Doctor, are you certain about this! You can’t possibly be mistaken right! ” Sandra cautiously asked.“I’m certain.” The doctor answered.Sandra clutched the report to her chest. A pair of high heels hurried out of the room seemingly eager to leave.Once she entered her car, she slammed her foot on the accelerator and headed off to the company.She was still in a state of shock. Women all over the country were vying to be her boss’ baby mama. She really didn’t know what sort of character the little boy’s mother had, to be able to secretly give birth to a son for the boss. Unexpectedly, the little boy was already that big.Sandra was really curious about this. But she thought to herself, did the woman know that the child was the boss’ from the start? So she deliberately had the child appear at the company? And she intentionally had the child pull out a few strands of his hair for the boss to do a DNA comparison?If tha
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