Graduation (part 1)

Ambrose’s POV

I was more than thrilled to see Nova and Cade. That Kimi girl that I dated for about two weeks two years ago had come in just a bit before and was trying hard to get me to take her back. I told her I was taken and she told me she had heard that I was with a boy who looks like a girl. I am not sure where she heard that bullshit, but it did fuel my overly sexual talks with Nova and the extra seductive looks I was giving them. I am always happy to see my babe and I am always flirty and up for some snuggling or sex, but I am not usually as vocal about it in public. Usually I whisper something privately or try to keep it to myself. Adia had witnessed the bull shit and was pissed and ready to punch Kimi so I had sent her into the back room to get more ice for the iced coffees in hopes that it would help her cool off a bit. When she saw Nova and I together she also played up her reaction. I can’t believe that Nova is having me wear next to nothing on stage for that ultra se
Simone Carlisle

almost at the end...I hope you enjoy Nova's graduation!

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