Rhapsody in Violet

Rhapsody in Violet

By:  Simone Carlisle  Completed
Language: English
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Nova is a nonbinary teen who recently moved to Brooklyn New York with their Mother and older sister. After catching her husband cheating yet again, their mother files for divorce and moves back into her childhood home in Brooklyn with her Puerto Rican parents. Nova kills off their old Identity as Shawn Jackson to live their truth in their new home and finds new friends and a steamy romantic interest in the city. Aldo Reed is a young musician who recently graduated college with a liberal arts degree, not that it has done him any good. Sure the girls back in college loved the whole angsty musician gig, but now that he's out of school working as a barista in a local coffee shop by day and playing random gigs all over Brooklyn and with luck in Manhattan barely pays the bills let alone bring in real love.He has always been fine with the hook-ups, but yearns to find his true love. maybe he's just a hopeless romantic, that's what his friends all tell him, anyway. Aldo is smitten with the beauty Nova when they come to one of his gigs, yet pursuing Nova could be a challenge due to both age difference and the ambiguity of Nova's gender. What if Nova has a penis? does that make him gay if he is attracted to them?

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really amazing story. fun characters. I can't wait to read more of their stories.
2023-06-29 12:13:39
user avatar
Loving this story so far! It’s romantic well written and entertaining. Thank you for writing it!
2023-05-28 13:29:44
user avatar
We need more of this. These platforms need to understand their readers don't fit in a box and neither should stories. We need more variety and diversity like this.
2023-04-08 15:18:22
user avatar
Just what the world needs! A fantastic love story that goes outside the "norm" of the romance genre to show us all that love isn't only for people that fit into a binary box. We need more stories like this. Keep up the amazing work!
2023-03-25 19:31:03
81 Chapters
Shawn is Dead
Shawn’s POV I am writing my own obituary. Yes, you heard that correctly. I sit at the little desk in my new bedroom and flip on the desk lamp in front of me. I am surrounded by boxes. My whole life boxed up and moved from Atlanta to Brooklyn and I am more than fine with that. In fact I donated or otherwise got rid of more than half of my belongings because they just would no longer be needed. I kept my collection of soccer balls.It was the only sport that I ever enjoyed or was good at and it was perfect that it is played all over the world since we have lived in so many different places over the years, moving to wherever my father has been stationed. Of course, where we lived in Atlanta I was often teased for not playing Football or Basketball, they were what most of the boys were into, but I never could get the taste for them. My father was the one who had pushed me to play sports, he had pushed me to walk straight and tall, lift my chin high, use a firm handshake and look ever
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Call Me Nova
Nova’s Pov I stand in front of my new school, Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, NY. It is the first day of my senior year of high school. It has been just over a month since we moved to Brooklyn, and I have essentially killed off my past life letting go of everything from my past.well, almost everything. I still talk to Cassie weekly and text and email her as needed. She’s my bff and the only person from my past that knew the real me. I even had mom get me a new phone and phone number to match the fresh start that I am making. Looking around I am relieved to see some diversity here, other kids with colorful hair, one proudly displaying a rainbow flag on their backpack and giggling with a girl with an eyebrow ring and mischievous look on her face. Her short hair is dyed in shades of greens and blues.I also see a group of typical jocks and some preppy looking kids, and a small group smoking across the street with their bad boy , gang banger type vibes…okay, them I defin
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Mocha Latte
Aldo’s POV “Dude, did you hear me?” Tom, my fellow Barista asks. I’m ina bit of a daze, or rather I’m hungover from partying with the guys after practice last night…the painkillers and coffee haven’t kicked in yet so my head is thumping. “Yeah, what was that again, man?” I grumble as I sip my second coffee of the day. I inhale the rich aroma of my coffee before catching a sweet new scent in the air…archidds, and something else, would be my guess…gosh I spend too much time with my mom and sisters, why was I the only dude in the family besides dad? My parents were told their chances of conceiving even with in vitro were slim to none…mom had had 3 miscarriages before adopting me and a few years later Cicely, then, BAM surprise mom got pregnant and managed to carry Sidney to term…so we are kind of a patchwork family, but that is cool with me. My birth parents died when I was 18 months old, and thankfully, the Reeds adopted me not long after. Mrs Reed had been my birth mom’s coll
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Sing Sweet Nightingale
Nova’s POV It’s finally Friday. I say “finally” because ever since Sidney invited me to see her adoptive brother perform I find myself excited about going out with friends as my true self, and without sneaking out at that! Also, having to hear Adia gush over her sexy coworker is getting on my nerves. My big sister can be so annoying when she likes a guy, but it sounds like this guy is playing it cool. She did go on and on about some flirty comments, but both baristas were throwing those at her according to what she was saying. It’s just a small coffee shop near her school, there are two full time baristas, two part timers other than herself and the manager. Today is her second day on the job and I plan on being out of here before she gets home from work. I glance at Shawn’s obituary that is plastered on the corner of my vanity mirror and apply my eyeliner and some lipstain. Before dabbing some watermelon lip gloss on full lips. The phone rings and any other day I would be thril
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Purple Haze
Aldo’s POV Throughout my set I couldn’t stop glancing at the violet haired beauty sitting next to my sister. I knew that it had to be her non-binary friend, Nova. I still have know idea what sex they are but I feel myself drawn to them like a moth drawn to a flame. It isn’t just their smooth, rich mocha skin,warm, chocolate eyes, high cheekbones or violet ringlets…it is something in their whole being. I notice every curl of their lip and the delicate way they sip their beverage with their eyes locked on me. Oh, to be that cup…pressed up to those full lips sweetly. I feel like a magnet is drawing me to them and for the first time ever I am excited to finish my set and get off stage just so that I can be closer to them. Sidney told me that they were beautiful and I had expected someone pretty but nothing could prepare me for their sheer magnetism. As soon as my set finished I made my way off stage and stowed my guitar in it’s case, leaving them in a secure backstage corner I q
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Am I Dreaming?
Nova’s POV Even after Aldo said his goodbyes, giving us each a brief hug and whispering that he looks forward to seeing me again I felt like I was in a dream. Yes, he seemed to pull back and become a bit more reserved just before his friend showed up and I did not miss his friend calling our space “the Kiddie table”, but the way his lips brushed my ear and his seductive voice as he expressed his interest in seeing me again had my heart beating to a new rhythm all it’s own. I watched as the men went to a table at the back of the cafe where an angry looking brunette sat with her arms crossed. Aldo’s friend tried to kiss her and she pulled away scowling. I’m not sure what that is about, but not long after Aldo went backstage, then came out with a leather jacket and guitar case before leaving. “Nova? Are you even listening?” Chantelle chimes with a slightly impatient look on her face, but mischief in her eyes. Now that she has my attention she continues” We were just talking abou
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Am I Wrong?
Aldo’s POV Aiden and Candace have been fighting since last night. I don’t know what it is about, but just a minute ago she threw his engagement ring across the living room and it nearly hit me on my path to the kitchen. I am staying out of this shit. After my gigs on Friday nights we usually go out, but they kept arguing and I decided to just shut myself in my room and put my noise canceling headphones on and perseverate over the night’s events while listening to my favorite playlist. My music taste is fairly eclectic, which is great if you are a musician, you can take inspiration from many genres. Eventually sleep found me and my dreams featured a certain violet haired beauty. I probably shouldn’t admit this but even without knowing what sex they are the dreams were rather steamy and woke up with a situation I hadn’t had since highschool. It had been ages since I had a wet dream, but the sticky mess on my borders is evidence of where my dreams had gone. I’ve been doing all of m
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Posh New Gig
Aldo’s POV After Candy accepted Rodrigo’s invitation for a date, asking if he would prefer Candy or Cade to show up, I blocked out their flirtations and ordered another round of drinks. I drank up, paid up and excused myself to go home. I don’t know if someone who was a stuck up asshole in high school can make that huge of a change in a few short years, but that isn’t my problem until Rodrigo traits Cade bad and I’m the one picking his drunk ass up off the floor while he ugly cries on me. Cade and Aiden have been my dearest friends for a long time. I met Cade in school, but Aiden was a private school kid who I met at one of my first gigs. He loves music and had dreams of owning his own label one day so when he liked what he heard when I played and sang he told me he wanted me as his first act he’d sign when he made that happen. Now, Aiden has been working for an independent label to learn the ropes better before striking out on his own. Speaking of Aiden, he is sleeping on t
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Trippin' on a Feeling
Nova’s POV You know that song by Fergie.. The lyrics go “‘cause I’m tippin’, i’m stumblin’ , Clumsy ‘cause I’m fallin’ in love..” Yeah that seems to be the theme of my week..let me just recap as I get ready to head out for another Friday at The Nightingale Cafe where I will get to see Aldo again. I spoke to Cassie on Saturday and apologized for hanging up so abruptly on her and told her how Fridays would probably be the worst night to call me from here on out. Then I told her about Friday night. I described Aldo the best I could, not that my words could ever do him justice. She then finished telling me what she had been trying to tell, me and I am excited to say the least. Her father is being stationed in New York! They won’t be all that close since they will be upstate, but he promised that he would buy her a used car for a late birthday present (her birthday was last week, and i did give her a birthday call and send her a card) once they got here which means that we can see
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Tongue Tied
Aldo’s POV Candace leaving Aiden put him down in the dumps for a short while, but really he had been kind of walking on eggshells for months with her which is why he had proposed to her in the first place. He was hoping that putting a ring on her finger would help her see that he was serious and ease her jealousy. It just seemed to make her worse rather than better and now I am extra glad that both I have this new posh gig that I signed the contract for on Tuesday, but also that Aiden was called into the producer’s office and informed that he was up for a big promotion at the label he works for, because now it’s just the pair of us paying rent. Aiden’s love life aside this has been a really great week and I am looking forward to tonight’s gig. I haven’t been able to flirt with any girls, it just felt wrong and Tom called me out for not being flirty. Flashback to Monday Night: “Dude! You haven’t flirted with any of the ladies once today, not even Adia! What’s up with that?
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