I was startled by the noise of my alarm clock, you even include the sunlight hitting my face. I would have slept again when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered sleepily.

"Come on, Kristine! Get up! You're the only one we are waiting for now! Your dad is mad at you!" Shouts of someone who seems to have swallowed a megaphone.

"Hey! Calm down. Tito might hear you. We'll be doomed if he hears us." The one who was with her rebuked her.

"Why?" I just asked.

The weight of my lid. I want to sleep again. We also slept late last night because most of us agreed to go to the bar and get drunk. But fortunately, I only drank one beer, we might all sleep on the floor of the bar if by chance we drank a lot, especially me. Luckily, Laura owns that bar.

Our group almost clashed with their group. Fortunately, Rad and Laura were there to mediate between us. What WongPau needs from me and they know that I’m sleepy today. They know that I have been waking up for a long time, especially when from the bar. It'
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