Role Play (English)

Role Play (English)

By:  itsmeblackSG  Completed
Language: English
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Sofia Lorie Andres is a 22-year-old former volleyball player who left behind everything because of her unrequited love. She turned her back on everyone to forget the pain and embarrassment she felt because of a woman she loved so much even though she was only considered a best friend. None other than Kristine Aragon, a 23-year-old famous volleyball player in the Philippines. Her best friend caused her heart to beat but was later destroyed. All Sofia Lorie knew Kristine was the only one who caused it all. She is the root cause of why there is a rift between the two of them. Sofia thought about everything they talked about can easily be handled by her, but failed. Because everything she thought was wrong. After two years of her healing process, she also thought of returning to the Philippines and facing everything she left behind. She was ready for what would happen to her when she returned, but the truth wasn’t. Especially when she found out that the woman she once loved was involved in an accident that caused her memories to be erased. The effect was huge, but she tried not to show others how she felt after knowing everything about it. Until she got to the point where she would do the cause of her previous heartache, Role Play. Since she and Rad were determined, they did Role Play, but destiny was too playful for her. She was confused about what was happening, but only one thing came to her mind at those times. She will never do it again because, in the end, she will still be the loser. She is tired of the Role Play game, which she has lost several times. Will the day come when she will feel real love without the slightest pretense?

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Nichole Elizabeth Grant
Hey I love this book
2021-07-06 03:03:41
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Akashia Grei
Great story!👍
2021-05-01 04:48:07
user avatar
Love this!
2020-10-14 08:13:42
user avatar
Love the story!!
2020-10-13 15:27:03
user avatar
This is interesting!/
2020-10-01 19:17:17
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Hana Gabriel
Nice work! ?
2020-09-14 22:37:14
user avatar
Hana Gabriel
Cool story. Keep it up!
2020-09-14 22:36:37
user avatar
More chapters, self! You can do it!
2020-09-14 19:57:44
34 Chapters
"Ma'am, we are here at the coffee shop you were referring to earlier." The driver said suddenly. I'm back to my senses because of what he said. He just looked at me in the mirror in front of him, and it was evident that there was something in his eyes. "What is it?" I asked directly at him while he's still eyeing me, then he shook his head afterward. I do not know if he wants to say something about what he observed from me. After all
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I squeezed my temple because earlier, I was focus on my laptop. After all, Ja let me do her presentation that I need to finish now. I just returned to the Philippines, and they immediately asked me to do to be part of our family company.  I was expecting this to happen, but not really sudden. So, the ending is sometimes I do what my sister Ja needs even though she has her secretary. I don't know what she ate why she enslave me here in our company. "Jay? Send me some coffee here. The creamy one but not so sweet." I ordered my secretary when he exactly just entering my office. 
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"Earth to, Sofia!" They shouted in unison near my ear, so I immediately stood away from them. I even slapped the one near me because of the shock. I would not have done that if my friends had not surprised me. "Oh my! My face is not a ball, Sofia!" Wendy complained that she was already holding her cheek that I had slapped recently. The others laughed at what happened to Wendy. It is said that the woman has karma because of her naught
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I didn't know daddy was here. He also did not text me, so I wondered why his secretary was still waiting for me here. It seems essential that my father and I talk about it. He should have told me so we could just talk about it at home. Or maybe he heard that this is what I would wear in the office? "Yes, Miss Sofia. Sir also has a guest. You just came in." He told me before he finally left me. I kept walking and did not pay any attention to our gossip employees. 
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I just silently stared at the emptiness, and I enjoyed the fresh air caused by the sea. I was on the beach, and I was just sitting on the boulder. I just woke up, and it was too early to wake up at this time because the king of the sun was about to rise at these times. I just sighed and closed my eyes. I don't know, but it seems like my memories of the past are pulling me during times when everything was okay, and she still remembered me. It hurts to think that of all the people she knows, why did she forget me, or why am I the only one? We used to be close, but why did this happen to the two of us? Is this the effect of what happened to us then? Is it wrong to want more than just friendship? For me, no, significantly since I fell in love with her forev
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I'm really in a bad mood right now because of what Kristine did to me. Not because I love her. She will just do that to me. Kristine acted as if she were my boss. She may have forgotten that we were only instructed to monitor our family's resort. Daddy ordered us and her parents, not her. She was not ashamed of me anymore. Kristine was angry with me the other day because I did not let her know that I would leave first to go around the resort. Then now, she seems to be retaliating for what I did the other day because not only did she walk out after we fought again earlier, but she left me here at the resort. So now I am stuck on this island with the workers. I haven't talked to anyone my age yet. Almost all the resort workers are in their 30's, and I am only in my 20's. It is not difficult to say goodbye if she intends to return to Manila. I will agree immediately. Not like this, others informed me that she had co
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It's been a week after a scene that never dies in my mind. What we witnessed in the parking lot of the airport always comes back to my mind. Because I recounted what happened, I did not show or make them feel again. I still do not answer all their calls, not even a text. Now I just thought of delivering them, and now I just looked at my phone, so many messages and notifications popped up on the screen. I let the notification end until it can be opened. I looked in the big mirror. I could see what I looked like and what my get-up was today. I was wearing a crop top paired with denim shorts. I can see a few of my ass cheeks because of my shorts' shortness with matching vans shoes. When I was satisfied with what I saw, I immediately left my room. Although
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After a few days of wandering around, I am here again in the office to work because my sister is angry with me. She said my work is piled up. I feel sorry for my secretary because he is said to be the one who does most of my work. Sorry. Is it my fault I was born like this? I will be serious at work. It's hard. I might even get fired here. Sometimes I forget that I have a responsibility to our company. It has not yet sunk into my mind that I have a high position that mommy gave me, which my sister agreed to. My family understands me, but now I need to go back to work because I have a lot to sign. 
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I was just sitting on one of the big rocks here on the beach. We arrived on this island last night, and I also went to bed early because I was tired. So, I woke up early too. I just thought of meeting the sunrise at these times. "I hope at the same time as I open my eyes, she is sitting here with me while waiting for the sun to rise. I hope at that time it will come true. There are no jokes, it's true. Even when I close my eyes, my heart is still calm, and I no longer worry that everything is just a dream. " With each utterance of words, I close my eyes firmly, and I can feel the breeze. Just
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Earlier I was bored on this island. I can't roam because I don't have anyone with me and I don't know anything about this place, so it's hard for me to get lost. I'm a beautiful woman, then maybe something else will happen to me that is not desirable. It will be difficult. "Do you have a problem? Why are you so annoyed with the sand?" June, one of the workers' colleagues, suddenly appeared. Sometimes he is the one I talk to when I can't find Rad and Kristine here at the resort. I do not know why? Those two always leave me here without saying anything. It's a good thing that boredom doesn't kil
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