The Heartless Princess

The Heartless Princess

By:  Amanda Bittencourt   Completed
Language: English
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Karila Aistarabaw I is the last woman in Egyptian history to receive a royal title. Her inherited family wealth has placed her at the center of Western threats, where the war for power has intensified in recent years. With a mere title within a republic commanded by an antagonistic president, Karila lives for revenge in the name of all the losses she had suffered, but is faced with an unknown coming from America capable of making her relearn each of her most intimate principles in the name of a forbidden attraction that will change his life forever.

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Hajara Muhammad Tukur
the book is nice but there is problem with grammer
2023-07-10 07:02:07
120 Chapters
*This fic contains intersexuality, if you don't feel comfortable don't move on.*Deep down, anyone who could see her naked knew that the legend that that woman was a soul collector. Black ink snaked its way down the curves of her torso to her hips, etching her skin in glorious pride over nothing less than the life of those who wished her harm.As slyly demonic was it, the fresh body of an afterdeath by poison still lay on the carpet of her royal office, it was the place where he dealt with business... The very high walls, the books on the shelves and the paintings of his ancestors had already witnessed terrible misfortunes that that woman had already suffered for those who wanted her desirable body, or just her head at a price for to be so powerful and have so much at hand.Naturally, she left the room, putting the golden hijab on her completely straight brown hair and headed to her room, claiming that she was not feeling well. It was clear that he always felt extremely well after
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"Flight AA5413 - Departs scheduled at 5:50pm - Terminal F - Gate 36 - Arrives at 6:56pm in Philadelphia with a layover of approximately 2h13min."We would have two hours in Philadelphia before embarking on another layover that would leave us another eight hours and fifteen minutes in London. The route is not the smallest, but the results that this trip can bring make any obstacle satisfactory. Ursel was by my side, and of all the most exciting things that happened, having her as a partner was indeed one of the most exciting things, she really seemed to trust me, maybe it's this feeling thing.I could already predict that for all this time away from home, it would be her and Mr. Gold the closest to me. They were the ones who sat beside me on the plane, patiently waiting for the first leg of our trip to end in one of the most hospitable cities in the United States.For that short commute, I busied myself reading a few books, ditching the blazer and keeping as casual as possible while
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Oh, what does she want? For me to kneel down and apologize more? Haven't I asked enough? Didn't Ursel do this for our mistakes? Why make this kind of relationship difficult if we are going to be in your country for a year?— I ask you to forgive my lack of common sense, I promise to improve these very inappropriate behaviors... – I paused briefly trying not to disrespect him and rolled my eyes.— Your Highness. – I completed taking a step back, letting Ursel be responsible for talking to that bitch. I just replied her arrogant security guard, I understand that I overdid myself for not being used to it, but I didn't need such an exaggerated attitude like that.I know I need to improve on this but it wasn't my fault that man was so rude. Maybe it wasn't impressive at all, since for all her bluntness she seemed to be just as much as he was in demand things around. She is not my princess.“I want time to talk with you, I am immensely interested in what you will be doing here, and I on
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It seems like something out of a movie, her security scheme is one of the most surreal things I've ever seen in my life.As our cars approached the mansion, I could see the black corvettes parked in the driveway, escorting not only her into the house, but us for being her guests. The sun was so hot when I got out of the car, looking confused at the wide green lawn that led to the entrance of what looked more like a palace in the form of a mansion.The Arabic decoration, so beautiful and ostentatious, white walls with these dark brown details, balconies with flowers and decorated vases, grass so well manicured to be so exposed to the sun. It felt hospitable, even if I felt more than I suspected.I looked over the row of Land Rovers parked one behind the other and our group of historians descended with a twinkle in their eyes to enjoy that so beautiful view of the pyramids so close to this princess's mansion, in the background, it would take 10 minutes by car and nothing more.She is
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POV NarratorThe princess walked irritably in her room, waiting for Normani to arrive in her chambers to give her sequential orders.He didn't want the green-eyed brunette there.Her disgust was serious and true, she couldn't bear to remember a touch that she didn't allow to feel on her body, it repressed her wills and her feeling of good will. It wasn't she who left her home in Egypt and went to America, it was the Americans who came to her country, it was not she herself who had to adapt to their customs, but the opposite.When the woman, whom she designated her personal assistant, touched the door and entered the room, Karila He threw her a full, heavy look that let her know they already had a lot to talk about. For years Normani held that position, when he left home in South Africa aged 15 and moved to Cairo. Karila found her before getting married, her father's insistence to get married drove her crazy, but she resisted for a long time, Normani listened to h
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Lauren's POVI only woke up a few hours later, because the cold breeze that entered my clothes made me shiver and I needed to get out of that desert night. A little disconcerted after just waking up. I didn't want dinner either, a knock on the door was all I got, a woman with shiny black skin, dark brown eyes looked straight at me, she seemed to be wearing some kind of all black suit, dress shoes closed, so serious and so intimidating , the scarf on her head was the only thing with color that stood out about her, dark red with gold accents.— I'm Normani, I've come to prepare your bath at Ursel's command. – She spoke directly, her rigidity was unique. Arabs are like that, I had already read about how they could be less warm at times."Thanks, you can come in." I said absently, looking down at my own outfit, remembering that the shirt was open to the middle, showing my bra in a way that obviously put her off. Hell, like I'm just pulling out terrible here. It was easily
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POV Narratornext morningThat morning the princess looked good-humoured, her only thought being that her pretensions to frighten the foreigner had come off so well that she would sit at that table, and that woman he wouldn't be there, luckily for him maybe he'd left just yesterday. It was what she wanted.He never ran out of what he wanted.That morning, unlike the day before where humiliation seemed to have touched her for some time, she felt superior to her own uncontrolled feelings, it had been too long since someone had disrespected her or made her weak.She covered her face last, with the red hijab, leaving the opening in her neck so that she could eat in peace. Normani was waiting for her in the hallway, the door to the room next to hers closed. She walked beside her right arm, going down the stairs and walking towards the dining room.Her guests hadn't started eating, as they were waiting for her for that meal, and they were there, all sitting a
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POV NarratorKarila was informed that afternoon that a very well-placed man from Arabia wanted to be in her presence. It was news enough for her to assign Normani a further background search, focused on finding him on Friday of that week.Karila didn't mind remembering Lauren that afternoon, it seemed such a forgettable presence from his point of view, that his focus had already changed to another by the time the historian left the house, leaving him no remorse or concern.The mansion felt empty without the large group of historians who had left for their research. She was inside her conference room, holding a pen, focusing on notes under her fingers. She was going to travel, she needed to meet another woman, whose identity was restricted because she also had a superior position in another country in the Arab sphere and she was resigned to having to be on a maximum security mission to get out of the country.Every move calculated.They spent hours talking on
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In that dayLauren's POVCompletely in love.Love at first sight.That afternoon I found the highlight of everything I went to do in that country. It seemed a sweet irony to realize that everything I was looking for sounded infinitely greater than the adversities faced up to that moment, putting millions of certainties inside me when thinking that we were going after something big and that I couldn't give up.Ursel is an interesting lead, taking into account that I don't have experience in face-to-face research, and that my area goes beyond the one there, she managed to give me a confidence that I only felt before with Mr. Gold. Every beginning is filled with our expectations, whether they are minimal or not, on our team there were four professors from Yale with a degree in History with a specialization in Archaeology, and they managed to be practical when explaining that we were following the trails of success.Rudolph defended that we should fall into the seduction of maritime
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POV NarratorKarila walked into her room alone, tossing her handkerchief aside, freeing her face. The angry tears sliding down her cheeks were all her immediate reaction of bending over her perfume table and pushing all the bottles to the floor, pressing her gloved hands to the table, looking at herself in the mirror with an overwhelming fury in her chest as well as a devastating silence.Alone.She felt alone like never before.Years of trust in Normani seemed to run down her face in a salty way. The woman was the last person Karila had left after so many years, she lost her parents, her husband, she had no family, no children.Normani was the only thing he'd ever had since the death of Hamid.And now he looked in the mirror, seeing such a stark loneliness when he realized that his confidence was not enough for anything. That in a second, for whatever reason, Normani had crawled to the side of an idiotic foreigner. The princess again unleashed another
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