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Aster finds herself in the bed of a luxurious hotel room. "Where am i?" the room seems familiar. she closed her eyes trying to remember it then suddenly the door opens. Out of shock she jump out of bed as her captor showed his face. "Oh shit what the hell? why is this man here"she thought as her eyes grew big from surprise. The man closed the door and offer her to seat in the couch while he grab the chair and seat infront of her. "According from your facial reaction you already remember me do you?" looking directly to her. His eyes were deep and captivating, sometimes the gods seems unfair to why did they bless this man with godlike feature, a perfect one. "What do you want? we only had a one night stand, whats the big deal then? " she immediately withdraw the eye contact. "What your purpose on climbing on my bed and offering your virginity to me?" he ask. Aster blush and avoided his eyes looking at the window. speechless!

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26 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Past
-The Past-Its already past 3pm at sabrah, place ruled by the oldies and strongest witches in the world- the Carello's Aster with her sorrowful eyes was still standing infront of her mother's casket, the Lady Vienna, the only family she had, the one who loved her the most, and her protector. She was only a baby when lady Vienna brought her to the coven, the family objects her decision on adopting a human but she insist and take the responsibility to it. Lady Vienna was a respected and one of the most powerful witch in the coven alongside her sister the Queen Vantessa thats why the elders permit it with a condition that if she died Aster would leave the coven.Lady Vienna's death was somewhat related to her, the family blamed it to her but the truth was her mother only tried to save and bring her back. It happens 3days after her 18th birthday, Aster lost consciousness and woke up being completely different person, she spoke of unknown language, seems doesnt know anyone and aggressiv
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Chapter 2 - The beginning
-present-10 years afterIn the ballroom hall of Landon hotel,The room was filled with everyones laughters, giggles and the loud musics coming from the stereo. Everyone was drunk already. It was a birthday party for the young Medical director of the Landon hospital-Dane BastreWhile the others were busy partying, Aster manage to sneak out from the room and finds a spot where she's trying to contact Anna her roommate to fetch her, she's not feeling well and cannot drive. It was her first time drinking alcohol but its like her world was spinning and the heat inside her is different, if its not for the promotion she's wouldnt attend this kind of events. The Medical director had hidden agenda he is trying to take advantage of her by putting drug on her drink. She had a gut feeling when she saw the tiny powder in the bottom of her wineglass that he gave it to her. Unfortunately she already drink the half of it during the tossing. She immediately think of a way to get out before the
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Chapter 3 The meeting
6am at room 2931Aster tries to open her heavy eyes" so this is hangover? or the after effect of the drug? hmmmn" she thought" my head is so heavy then my body is so sore" after realizing and remembering what really happen last night her eyes grew big and glanced at the man peacefully sleeping beside her. " oh shit! what have i done?" she carefully get out of bed and dress up instantly, she doesnt want to wake up the man. Before leaving Aster looked at the face of the man, "oh atleast he is good looking better than Dane" she smiledShe immediately left. "Goodmorning my lord does the drug wears off already" Sean tries to wake up Carl"Hmmmn where is she?" ask Carl trying to open his eyes"who my lord?" replied Sean" The one you bring last night, the pretty one" " My lord I think your mistaken I did not brought you a girl because you said so" Sean was puzzled"What?? then who is the girl im with?" touching his temples to relieve his heavy head, he then looked at the bedsheet and
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Chapter 4 The agreement
A man well dressed in his late 30's enter the room and hand over some folders to Carl. "Sean all the terms and conditions are written?" ask Carl."Yes my lord every details of what you've said" replied Sean glancing at Aster who is in the couch looking at them, He nod to her as a sign of respect before leaving the room. The two of us again in the room"Here read and understand all the conditions stated" handing her the filesShe was in complete surprise upon reading the details."oh No! I cannot marry you! I have a boyfriend already this is insane! " Aster shouted hystericallyCarl laughs at her" Quit drama Aster, I did research on you already i knew everything about you even your body measurements and of course your relationships, you have lots of suitors even Dane Bastre-Vanessa's brother is pursuing you but you reject them all. You are what i need now""What? does marriage a joke to you? why would i marry someone i just meet?""This will be a marriage with benefits I will promot
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Chapter 5 The Union
The wedding Day. The wedding of Carl and Aster goes smoothly as planned, The church was Designed beautifully and the reception was attended by the prominent people around the globe, Aster was stunning in her wedding dress and the guest left speechless on how beautiful the bride is and envy Carl for having her, she was accompanied by Merca who was so happy upon hearing the Wedding and voluntered to be her guardian. Carl came very handsome in his attire together with his parent. Honeymoon5 days Tour in the pacific - two of them in a private yatch. They enjoy the sightseeing and exploring new places at day time but the awkwardness came when the night came. "So? where will I sleep?" ask Aster"You sleep in the bed I sleep in the couch" "Oh okay thank you" upon laying down Aster tries to close her eyes when she saw Carl uncomfortably trying to sleep in the couch. The couch is quite small for him, she suddenly feel pity for him. "Uhmm the bed is quite big so you can come and lets sleep
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CHAPTER 6 The Confrontation
The next morningAster woke up with a spinning head and unexplainable headache and does not remember anything from lastnight. "Oh! a fuc*ing hangover! I promise i will never drink alcohol again i swear!" she mumbled. she immediately got up from bed to take a bath when she realize that she is wearing her pajamas. thinking who would have change her dress lastnight?suddenly a call from the hospital diverted her attention, It was her secretary reminding her of the event she needs to attend today. It is about the welcoming of the new president of the hospital, the department heads were oblige to attend and welcome their new president. After the resignation of Merca as the president of Landon company, years ago, the position of president in the hospital is vacant, until now that someone takes interest in it. "Then who will be the new boss? " Aster sighed she thought maybe one of the siblings of Carl will manage. She already met them once in the wedding when Merca introduce them to her,
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Chapter 7 The Lovers at night
10amWhen aster woke up Carl is not in the bed. She was so embarassed to get up, she dont know how to face Carl after their steamy night. The Maid knocked and ask her if its okay to enter she agreed trying to find her clothes but her clothes are nowhere to be found, she remembers that it was left beside the door lastnight but were gone.The maid brought new sets of pajamas and towel and a tray full of foods. "Young master ordered us before leaving that if madam is awake serve her breakfast in the room" she says"Carl left already?" Asked aster"Yes my lady the young master is fetch by the private plane early morning he needs to go to S country immediately""Oh okay thank you you may leave" she was relieve knowing that Carl left already.She get up and cleaned herself, ate all the foods in the tray and leave the study room, she goes to the garden pick flowers for her room and breathes some fresh air.This is the first time after 10years that she had a carefree day like this she will
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Chapter 8 The Impossible
In S countryThe rouge missionAfter days and nights of searching, the leads always put to an end, Carl grows impatiently and grumpy in each day of failure its already 2weeks and the last lead who saw the rouge was already dead. They will again back to square one, He commanded his lycans to try interview everyone in this small town if they notice something unusual, They will stay here for a while and observe. He was about to go to bed when Vanessa enter his room. "Why are you here?" he ask without looking at her"Maybe I can suppress your anger my lord?" Carl faced her and Vanessa removed her silk robe infront of Carl exposing her naked body. Vanessa embraced him and whisper in his ears"You can use me my lord and put your heir in my womb, you missed you wife I can be her substitute if you want, I can give you an heir just have sex with me tonight according to my cycle I am fertile now, Im begging you my lord just for tonight, Your wife is useless she cannot give you heir, I promise
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Chapter 9 The Pregnancy
Aster's condition worsened as days passed by like she's being consumed from the inside. The butlers and maids makes sure that she is well taken care on. Cane came to monitor her situation every now and then but today is different he will transfer her to the old mansions clinic, the clinic is completely equipped like a hospital to cater the needs of the old master Landon. She's already lose too much weight due to terrible morning sickness."Aster can i have your permission to transfer to the old mansion so that you will be properly treated? your sickness needs strict monitoring using machines." says Cane to her, The pregnancy is still not mentioned to her."Quit beating around the bush Cane, Im a doctor I already know my condition I am pregnant and my body is not able to cope up with the needs of a growing lycan in my womb" Says Aster while tears rolled in her cheeks and continued speaking" Our chances of survival is 50-50, either the child will die due to lack of nutrition or it will
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Chapter 10- The birth
"Push my lady 1,2,3!! you can do this!" says Genieinstructing aster the proper way to push, She had perfectly done this numerous times but her first time assisting a human giving birth to a lycan. "Haaaah" Aster's quiet wail, she tried her best to keep mum despite her agonizing pain. They need to be still, the enemies are still looking for them. She gathered all her energy for a final push and the baby came out, Genie immediately catch and cleaned the child before wrapping it. Aster passed out, All her energy has been consumed but before closing her eyes she hears her baby's first cry. Its already daybreak when Aster gained her consciousness, she instantly seek for her child. Genie with all smiles handed her the newborn. "congratulations My lady you gave birth to a handsome baby boy, our next heir" she says "I have already cooked our breakfast my lady lets eat now, you need to regain your strength so that you will be able to breastfed the child and after 3 days if you have full
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