Chapter Five.


It was a strange type of feeling.


"Hi," he greeted, offering his hand for a shake which Dylon took with excitement bubbling in his once cold heart. "My name is Levon."

"Dylon and these are my friends, Jerk and Dummy." They both laughed when the other two boys groaned in feign annoyance. The sound of the boy's laughter was like a tidal wave crashing down into his desert soul and suddenly he felt alive, almost whole, which left him wondering whether all he has done the seventeen years of his life could actually be described as living and it had only been a couple of minutes the boy walked into the class.

Dylon could feel the trouble this boy posed and it frightened him even more but when he opened his mouth to speak, he spoke the opposite of what his confused heart thought.

"Don't listen to him, my name is Keller and this here is Dummy… sorry, Dalton." Keller introduced and the rest of the period went by without either of them paying attention.

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