Sand Castle

Sand Castle

By:  lunaestbelle  Ongoing
Language: English
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A dystopian Earth was struck with a series of plagues called the Death Waves, where it wiped out more than half of the entire world. As the remaining survivors try to rebuild a new world, systems in societies sprung up that ensures humanity doesn't fall to extinction. But at what costs? Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth hates everything about these systems. Although born into nobility, Eli wanted nothing of her status and struggles to fit in a society where she feels everything is followed in coercion. But she will do everything to protect her family, even when it means giving away the only man she loves. As she navigates her way in life, family, friendship, and love, Eli discovers there's a much more evil lurking in the system that was created to protect humanity.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-28 17:17:40
39 Chapters
My mother used to tell me a story about the Old World, how it shined too brightly and too soon— until it couldn’t anymore. For a long time, the Old World moved into an endless spin towards the age of technology— and then it stopped. My mother would say, that for a time, the people went on their ways and made lives. And then a plague hit the land and wiped the world of its beautiful palm trees, towering glass buildings, and self-driving machines that can take you to faraway places. The plagues, called the Death Waves, were said to have lasted for decades. The people’s medical system and high-powered machines could not beat their unseen enemy. When the plague finally went away on its own, the Old World became no more. More than half of the world died, and the remaining half killed for survival. In fear of another D
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Eli Perhaps I just wasn't born for this. All the royal banquets and the flowing gowns and the bitter grape wines— I certainly would not want to be born for this. It tires me out, and while I’m grateful to not be living under the ground like my grandmother’s childhood, I want something more than this. My thoughts were halted after feeling my mother’s elbow on my waist after passing by me. My head automatically shot to look at her and she gave me the look— I know that look. Chin up, chest out, lips stretched. I frowned even more. My back is hurting from being a noble’s daughter and attending these dreadful banquets in hopes of catching anyone’s attention to be my potential husband. The mandatory marriageable age of those from noble families is 16-18, but tradition calls for women age 14 to 15 to be in the Harvest, where families look for potential pairs for their children when they reach 16 until 18. Once anyone passes that ag
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EliI couldn’t remember the rest of last night.All I could remember was Alexei whispering something to my mother and then he led me out of the hall. And then I was inside the pod beside Alexei, who was driving the vehicle. I couldn’t even remember how I got inside the pod, but I remember the whole ride home was painfully silent.Nobody dared speak. Deep inside me, I know Alexei knows something about my feelings for Hade, but he still negotiated for his marriage to Yula. I wanted to feel betrayed, but I was also torn between my love for my sister and my infatuation for the only boy I found worthy of my feelings.Besides, I feel like I don’t have the right. Yula’s Harvest time is almost up, and I wish for nothing else but Yula not to be taken away. More importantly, the Vandenbergs are controllers of the court, and are powerful allies for any family. It’s only right they get the eldest daughter, and I know Yula will b
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Eli I wasn’t able to process everything at once. One minute I was being dragged out from the scene by Nikola, and the next minute I was in my room surrounded by my three elder sisters— Yula, Rebecca, and Margareth. They helped me undress out of my ball gown and back to my silky nightgown. Yula started to brush my hair while Margareth kept rubbing my back. Becca went downstairs to get me a glass of warm milk.  The room was filled with deafening silence. My sisters tried their best to make me comfortable, but earlier scenes just kept replaying inside my head. I punched a seat holder of The Council— that’s enough to put my whole family in trouble, not to mention a separate offense for me. And then Hade came to my rescue. My head ached at the thought. I don’t understand why he did that. The Vandenbergs and the Langstons have been good allies since both families took seats in The Council. What he did would jeopardize the good relation
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EliThere are a lot of things that I imagined my life would turn out, but this isn't one of them.Boarding schools are basically for the outcasts. Children of the elites who are illegitimate, rejected, unwanted, or those who simply choose a different path from their family. It's like a reformative school for elite children who are… different.Nikola has told me all about his boarding school, and so I feel somewhat familiar with the feelings of going into one. I just never thought I'd actually go there myself.The sounds of trains and buzzing people welcomed my ears as soon as I got out of the pod. After almost two hours of goodbyes with my siblings, I was able to calm down the twins who wouldn't stop crying after knowing I'd be leaving today. Audrey, Gini
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Eli — THREE YEARS LATER — "C'mon El, get that last point!" The crowd was exploding with cheers, but I could hear Noah's voice erupting from the game. I glanced at the airband on my wrists. The score is 6-6 with only a minute remaining in the game. The stats are displayed on the big screen board at the very top of the stadium for the audience to track the game scores, but since it's too high for us players to see, the airband on our wrists serves as our monitor. I heard the game announcer broadcasting on the airsystem. —and the ring has now been passed on to Hale. Hale is blocked with two Vanguards from the Blue Ravens. Can she pass through and make the winning point for the Golden Crows? I clutched the ring I caught from Nissa, one of our team's Vanguards. I could still hear the announcer saying things but my mind continued to think for strategies. The pole is now 13 meters away from the aren
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Eli I think I went a little crazy in our afterparty after the victory dinner. I may have had two bottles, or a few more, before I lost it. And then I remember just laughing and cheering. I think I saw June making out with someone I recognize from the marathon team. Nissa was pulling all kinds of pranks on the other players, and I was a willing accomplice. We got caught, of course, because Captain Noah sees everything. But I remember still laughing. It was a fun night for me to remember. And then I remember being inside one of the bathroom stalls, puking everything I consumed tonight. Nissa had passed out somewhere, and I never saw June again. I probably don't need to know why. I heard footsteps coming inside the stall on my 7th attempt to puke. I heard Noah call my name. "In here," I said, my voice hoarse from too much puking. "You alright?" I felt his hand rub my back. "Do I look like I'm alright?" I sarcastic
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Eli There are so many three-word sentences in the English dictionary that bring meaning to life. I love you. I miss you. I admire you. Please be well. I have never really given it a thought. But those are the exact words that I have never really taken the time to truly mean something to me. And as much as I would want to hear those from someone, I believe being the one to tell those words to someone actually gives more meaning to one's life. I believe it makes life more beautiful, on top of being meaningful. But there are also three-word sentences that are the exact opposite. Words that you never wanna hear in your life, but you are also never ready to hear or even expecting to hear. It wasn't the three-word sentence I expect to ever hear in my life. But when it did, it broke my whole world apart. "Yula has died." I remember how the cold rushed from my stomach up to my head and spread through my body after hea
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Eli "How much did you pay him?" I sat beside a thinking Noah whose mind is probably wandering off as he stares out the train window. It's past midnight and Nik is sleeping soundly on the top bunker. "Couldn't sleep?" Noah asked as I settled beside him. We were both looking outside the window now. "Yeah. I can't stop thinking about home," I replied. "I'm sorry about your sister," Noah said, his voice suddenly hoarse at the mention of my sister. I gave him a sad smile. Yula was my image of a warm home, and whenever things would go rough, Yula was the first one who would come to my rescue. "I'm a terrible sister," I said after a while of silence. "I got kicked out of the Harvest three years ago because of a mess I made, and I didn't come home for three years because I convinced myself that I'm protecting my family by being far away from them. That this is the best thing I can do for them." Noah remained silent as
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Hade   It's starting to feel like forever. Hade hovered his gaze from Alexei to his father, Jacob Vandenberg, who was sitting quietly from across the table. Alexei's mother, Jasmin, sits on the other far end while Alexei is on the seat facing him. His wife, Yula, died yesterday. Today, he feels completely nothing. "...they started a feud. It's a pretty solid ground to challenge Hade's hold to become the next family head," Jacob said. "But he's not head yet. You still are," Alexei said. "I'm nearing retirement. Whoever becomes the next head of the Vandenbergs takes my place as a seat holder. To be in the Council means power. Other Vandenberg families are fighting tooth and nail to take down Hade," Jacob explained. Hade remained silent. He's still trying to process what happened yesterday. How Yula endured the pain trying to deliver the child. How she died just seconds before the baby took its first and last
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