Scars is Also Beautiful

Scars is Also Beautiful

By:  Diana Wolfe  Completed
Language: English
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Betrayed, raped, tortured and abandoned to her death, Eve swore that she would find vengeance on the family who had wronged her and her people. This includes the very man she had given her heart to, Adam Sviatoslavich. .... Being a princess of the Ice kingdom Zhatiera, Eve knew she wanted to do more than to soon rule after her beloved parents and, roaming through the forest and finding new adventure was the one thing she can't ever let go. When one of her adventures causes her to encounter the future king of the Lycan empire, Adam, she was smitten and ready to abandoned her throne for the man she calls soulmate. Despite being warned by her parents, she chose to stay with Adam who claimed to love her and swore to do right by her. Unfortunately, his own family do not hold the same sentiments and is determined to make the couple suffer. When their goal was achieved, Eve was left to die by the very person she entrust her life to. Surviving her painful ordeal with no kingdom and family to call her own, Eve swore to do whatever it takes to get her revenge and, if a whole kingdom has to burn because of it, it wouldn't matter. They all deserve it. No matter what it takes. ... I met him when I was a child, I knew he was mine from the moment I met him, I have sworn to never love anyone but him, I was his, but I didn't know that he was never mine, I never expect him to turn his back on me and betray me so cruelly, I would have given my life for him, I just never knew that was what he had wanted from me in the first place...

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Manisha Rawat
Really emotional novel. I cried holy water at the end......
2023-10-30 21:11:55
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good reader
I am reading the season 3 of the book first being awesome I am loving this part also ...
2023-07-11 16:57:17
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Anne Lemente
good books love it!
2021-02-14 16:23:32
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Andromeda Zyber
Beautiful story
2021-02-10 02:41:55
user avatar
Liking this so far??
2020-06-03 20:20:19
user avatar
Carmen Triguero
What happened?it ended so abruptly is there a second book ?
2021-01-25 14:59:45
user avatar
Good so far
2020-12-03 11:01:32
134 Chapters
The castle was in chaos. Howling, screams of humans who worked in the place can be heard as they witnessed the death of werewolves in front of them. Such a bloody scene, way too mortifying for creatures that held no power.People running from all directions seeing parts of the castle were crumbling and on fire. When an enemy approached him with his sword made from ice, Adam's eyes glowed and in his human form, his claws sprouted and quickly dodging the attacks and fought back. He flipped the ivory hair creature to the ground and hesitated for a moment before burying his sword inside it's chest.Blood bubbled form his mouth and the sound of agony leaving his lip made his heart clenched.What happened here? He thought to himself. The very creature he had accepted as family seeing he was married to one now had turned against him.Why are they attacking my people? He wondered.When he turned around, his gaze moved to his stepsister who was running towards him in her wolf light brown coat t
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*Edited*CHAPTER 1: EVE
10 years agoDeep in the forest of Afhrin and hidden in the snowy forest, Evangeline Rose Zhatiera was hiding closely behind a bush which hovers her small form as she took a few glance at her side to see whether she was found yet.“Princess Eve. Princess Eve, where are you, my sweet princess?” All seven of the maid in their beige dress with intricate flower and snowflake art sewn at the bottom of their dress.
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The Zhatiera village was filled with houses made from straw but covered in pure white snow and the people, children, farmer and everyday people with their Zhatierians traits, platinum hair and skin as white as snow, beautiful and hardworking people are spending their day like any other evening.Doing their chores while passing by each other with a smile on their face. They were all happy, busy and sounds of laughter can be heard from every part of
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"Are you alright? Are you hurt?"  Eve continues to ask him since he kept quiet the whole time. His eyes just stare at her for so long. When he end up answering ."I...iim..i am ooo..ok..kkay."Eve didn’t look convinced.  He was shivering and hugging himself and guilt tore her chest. "Are you sure? You sure you are well?" She placed the back of her hand on Adams forehead and her eyes widen.
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Every single day when Eve was left alone to play on her own, she would sneak to the Kyarakhi forest to meet with her new best friend. It took them months to get to know each other better. Nothing could ever be better than getting to know someone who is form another kingdom and a new species. He would tell stories about his kind and she would do the same. Both knew of their history where their kind was at war hundreds of years ago but their new found friendship made it impossible for them to hate each other.“How did you become a werewolf, Adam?” Eve ask while sitting on the tree they had climbed earlier. Adam sat o
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The next day, Eve find themselves back in the diamond castle. She sat on her white bed with furry white rug. There was a small bird cage hanging near the balcony. Her room had small, round diamond tables and chairs which is connected to the floor and luxurious chandeliers hanging percarirously on top of her.Eve was about to leave to the dining hall to break fast when she was taken aback, gasped at the sight of the Khalid staring daggers at her from her door. His chest was heaving and h
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A loud sigh left her lips. Eve leans her back on the big tree at the meadow, the only one standing mightily in the corner of the flower field. Peace was what she was looking for yet her head was wrecked with so many things that seems to bother her peace of mind.After her talk with Khalid, if she can call it a ‘talk, panic overtook her whole nerve system and she was too nauseous to eat her breakfast. How can she eat when her future was in jeopardy? Inst
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Aidan puts back his swords inside its scabbard and took off his thick fur cape that he was wearing to cover Eve. The enemies were growling loudly, anger and frustration laced their voice seeing a lot of them were killed while the Khiones was barely wounded. All the ivory hair creature stare at them and it pisses King Adam off to see the smugness in their face. Anger almost push him to attack the ice king once more but even he knows that fighting a being with a goddess blood would be a funeral.
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While Adam was being treated in another room, Eve sat on her parent's bed with her mother sitting next to her while her father walking back and forth inside the room. She was scared of what he was going to say. It worries her that he would take back his decree. Queen Aaliyah bruhs her arm to calm he rdown. “You are sure this is what you want, Eve? To be with this man, forever?” His father’s voice cut the silence of the room. “Yes, father. That is all I ever want. I love him. He means the world to me.” Eve answered King Aidan confidently. The concern is etched on his face when Eve says tha
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Stepping into the town of Dzhimara, home of the wolves was very overwhelming for Eve. So many mixed emotions can be felt when facing them but she remains strong to face whatever reaction presented towards her but she had never expect a reaction so negative and angry form the crowds. Eve still smile though, nervously to the crowd the whole time but her smile drops seeing some of the crowds had a disgust look towards her. Some of them was snickering at her while some left looking annoyed. It was still a large crowd but most of them was human. Her heart drops and she look down.
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