Red Moon: The breaking of the Lycranthrope curse.

Red Moon: The breaking of the Lycranthrope curse.

By:  PearlJoe  Completed
Language: English
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After the death of his wife, Roberto moved away to another country with his daughter Gabriella, preventing her from meeting an unmerited fate from 23 years ago, an unforgettable night that almost cost him his life, love, and happiness. Gabriella isn't happy about the relocation and struggles to fit into her new life. But then she meets Nicola, a mysterious guy who keeps secrets about his life and is hardly associated with anyone in school. She tried to beat whatever she was feeling for him because she didn't want to be involved with anyone who didn't have regard for people. But the more she had trouble in school, the more he rescued her, and the more her feelings kept growing. Gabriella finds out about Nicolas's secret one night and tries to stay away from him for her safety. But he tells her all about the mystery of his birth and they become close. Friendship becomes a desire, a desire which brings a revisitation of the past as Gabriella's dad finds out who Nicolas is and how his existence is connected to the scene of twenty-three years ago. The hunt becomes haunted as Gabriella's dad tries to save his daughter from becoming what he had most dreaded.

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Essone Darrel
waoow time for Ella to be tagged a psycho. I feel pity for her. but I can't wait for time to reveal that she was actually saying the truth.
2024-01-12 00:33:14
default avatar
Now this is a 10/10. I definitely recommend it. The cliffhangers leave you scrambling for the next chapters
2024-01-09 06:33:59
default avatar
The twists in the story are mind blowing. what is Ella's dad hiding from her? And how come do Ella and Nicole have the same middle name? Can't wait for more update
2024-01-09 06:02:19
user avatar
Godwin Glory
OMG! This is so intriguing. like the interesting twists. can't wait for the beast to be revealed
2024-01-09 04:39:44
user avatar
Scoffeld Sage
The story is well paced sha. I love it.. Good work.
2024-01-08 22:40:37
user avatar
Mhizz Gladys
I love Ella's relationship with her dad, it's so sweet ...
2024-01-08 07:34:53
86 Chapters
Chapter One.
A long way to New Orleans "You know, you can't ignore me for the rest of the journey Ella." Eyes on the windscreen, Dad tried starting up a conversation again for the umpteenth time. "eventually you would have to speak to me."'Till then I guess.' I had decided to be mute throughout the journey to New Orleans, not to get the worst out of my dad, or play a pity party, but because I was the pity party. We had a good life back home, well, at least. I had already started making several friends after years of being timid and being called a 'weirdo' in high school. There was Lucy, Carla, and Kelvin, all of whom made my high school years quite bearable. And of course Josh, the only boy I found fascinating and had fantasized about having a big wedding and several cute babies with.Mom had died from a gas explosion at work when I was five, the police tried investigating the scenario but got no lead or evidence as to how it happened. Ever since then, Dad became a shadow of himself, trying to
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Chapter Two.
Not every square leads back to oneKnock knock knock…..The sound on my door snapped me out of the shock that surged through my body, remembering the scene from downstairs, while cleaning up my room."Come in," I hoped it wasn't Dad, I didn't want to look him in the face after such a heated but confusing scene."I can see you have done a lot of clean up piccolo," Nanny sat on my bed, staring at me with the old grey eyes. I knew what she came here to do, she never stopped her old habits, it was glaring."Out with it Nanny," I let out the words like they were choking me."You know Papa loves you, right?" she said "I know Nanny," I groaned "But he confuses me a lot of times.""He got up one morning," I continued in a bitter tone "And decided we had to move.""For reasons Ella," she said, removing strands of hair from my face "For reasons.""What reasons Nanny!!?" I retorted "What reasons?"If only he knew how I had to struggle to fit in school, how hard I had tried not to run home coun
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Chapter Three.
What happens in the mall stays at the mallI stood on the balcony of my new apartment, gazing out at the nuzzling city of New Orleans. Finally, I was here, in the vibrant and historic city. I had heard a lot about New Orleans, particularly the weather. The summers were hot, long, and oppressive, while the winters were short, cool, and windy.I thought of ways to gradually embrace my new life and feel excited, but I couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding. The scene from last night flashed back and a sudden sense of shivers ran down my spine. Dad had always been secretive about his past, and I had never been able to pry it out of him. But I knew something was haunting him. It was the way he looked at me sometimes, with a mixture of love and fear.I shook my head, trying to dispel the negative thoughts. I was here to start a new life, so I might as well start trying to make the most of it. I turned away from the balcony, waiting for Nanny to get dressed. It surprised me all the tim
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Chapter Four.
Breaking dawnThe world stopped before my eyes, and I stood still, star-struck. My heart started to race. I had never seen anyone so handsome before. I felt like I was in a trance, I couldn't take my eyes off him."Miss?" His voice sent cold shivers down my spine, putting every strand of hair on my body at ease."Ehm..yes. I would take this one," I smiled, feeling my heart flutter."Nico" a voice came from the back of the counter.'Nico' His name had a nice ring to it. I wonder what Nico was an abbreviation for. Nicolas? Nicole? Nicodemus?. I smiled at the last name."Just a minute miss. I will be right back" He wore a crescent moon necklace around his neck and had the inscription of 'Nicola' written on the back of his shirt."Nicola," I said under my breath as he walked towards the counter, my heart aching."Where have you been child?" I turned to see a stressed Nanny walking towards me. "I have been calling you on the phone.""You have?" I sounded surprised. "Who was the unfortunat
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Chapter Five.
Luna Rossa (Red moon) I ran, ran fast into the woods. I was being chased by a dark figure into the night, I could feel its hot breath on my neck and I could hear its heavy footsteps behind me, I was terrified.I tossed and turned on the bed. My nightmares were coming back, more vivid, more terrifying.I woke up with a start, my heart pounding in my chest."Hey, you're awake," Ariana said, sipping her cup of coffee. "Good morning.""Good morning," I tried to shake off my disoriented feeling. "What time is it?""10 am.""Shit!" I jumped out of bed. I was late for class. I hurried into the bathroom, showered, and brushed my teeth in record time.There shouldn't be much of an entrance for a fresher right? I ran through my closet looking for something comfortable. I dressed up quickly and grabbed my backpack."See you later, Ari" I dashed out the door.Determined not to be later than I already was, I raced down the hallway."Hey! Watch it!" The growl came from beside me.I had accidental
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Chapter 6
The PartyThe house looked like it was owned by a superstar. We drove in Ariana's friend's car, with a few of her other friends who giggled about the party in my room. I didn't know what to expect, but not what I was seeing right now.I have never been in a room with so many people around. They were booze everywhere and horny teens feasting on each other's bodies. The loud music kept me from hearing what Ariana was saying to me."Relax,"Ariana nudged my shoulders. "It's just a party, they won't bite.""Okay,"I smiled pretentiously.The tension began to ease up a little as I watched other students have fun."Ari Ari.."A girl from the crowd rushed towards Ariana. "You need to come see this. Phil just stripped on the kitchen table and is putting up a show.""Shut up!"Ariana sounded excited. She let go of my hands and ran towards what seemed like a dream come true for her."Hey,"I called out, hoping she could hear me with the loud music playing in the background. "You said we would stick
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Chapter 7
. It Wasn't LiesThe entire school went on with its activities like something strange didn't happen the other night. I got stared at and mocked like I made the whole story up."She's dying, she's dying,"One of the boys in my class mimicked my voice from the night at the party. The lecture hall burst into laughter. They threw a paper at me that read 'FREAK' on it.'So much for keeping things low Ella..'But I knew what I saw, I wasn't faking it like it was one of those dreams I had. I turned back and watched as they pointed at me and laughed hard. My eyes met Nico's and I could tell for a moment he somehow believed what I said."Good morning class"The lecturer walked In and diverted my attention to him."So strange news came to me this morning about the party of last night"He continued.I sat up straight believing it was time for me to be vindicated. Here it goes."I believe I spoke about you guys playing it low with the level of alcohol you drink at your parties"I stared in unbelief
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Chapter 8
. A Light At The Tunnel"Isn't he wonderful?"Ariana gushed.I watched Lola laugh about something Nico told her that probably wasn't funny."He sure is,"I frowned.Ariana looked at me and followed the direction of my gaze. "You know it's fine if you admit that you like him.""What!!?"I was startled by Ariana's words. "I don't like him, what's there to like?"I grumbled.Ariana smiled and left her seating position to meet me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders "Of course you don't,"She paused. "But you didn't notice I was talking about Phil and not Nico." There was a very long pause. I turned to meet Ariana's teasing look. "Come on Ari, I knew you were talking about Phil."I lied."Hell yeah, you did,"She mocked and stood up to cheer the boys playing on the field.'Shit….'The last thing I needed was someone constantly reminding me of my feelings for Nico and, most of all, Ariana. He was a people man, guys loved him, and girls adored him. He had it going on so well for him. He did
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Chapter 9
A State Of Confusion"Redhead." "Redhead." "Hey Ella!!" I stumbled back into reality as Nico growled my name. "Huh?"I looked at him startled "What?" "Are we doing this or what?"Nico was as confused as I was. "Oh right,"I stood up. "Unbelievable,"he muttered.We were supposed to carry out our research on the dog today, a task that required our full attention. But my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, each one more troubling than the last. The conversation I overheard at the restroom the other day kept replaying in my head, casting a dark shadow over my mood. I couldn't shake off the feeling that something was wrong, but for my life, I couldn't figure out whatWith a shake of my head, I tried to banish the lingering echoes of the conversation, pushing them aside to make room for the work at hand."Let's go,"I said to Nico and picked up my bag."Hey, are you okay?"Nico asked, surprising me with the concern in his voice.There was no way I could tell him about the conversation I ov
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Chapter 10
Missing linksWe gathered around the body outside the girl's dorm. The shock was nothing close to what I was feeling as I stared at the bruised body in horror.It was happening again. The same face scratch, the excessive amount of bleeding and the slow pants. The image of the girl from the party flashed back and I felt a thud in my chest.This was real!! They were monsters in this school, or maybe one monster. But I was relieved a bit, that this time, a bunch of other students could see what I saw. Maybe they would finally believe me and the need for name-calling like "Freak and Crackhead"would stop."Give way, give way"An ambulance came to pick up the body and zoomed off.The crowd was already getting noisy as they murmured to each other. I only stood and watched as the ambulance drove, hoping that the boy stayed alive"This is becoming eerie,"Ariana walked up from behind me. "Why would someone do that to a fellow human?"I turned to look at her frightened face. Ariana's face had gro
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