Chapter 5

She pulled up in the school driveway. "Thanks for not driving me to death"

"My pleasure sweetheart" she said and we both smiled. 

"You promised to update me about how your job went remember?" she said as we unbuckle the seatbelt and get ready to go out of the car. 

"oh yeah...that, well, the job was good, it's okay but you won't believe whose house I'm working at, "

"Who?" she asked

"Kendall" I said

"Kendall , Kendall, Kendall, who's Kendall?" she asked. 

Just then I saw Kendall and Natalie making out in front of Kendall's car. Ew, after one full night, this again? Don't they ever get tired?

Catherine asked the question again bringing me out of my thought. 

Then I looked at her and then in the direction of Natalie and Kendall

She gasped

"That's Natalie" she said

"And... That is Kendall?" she asked again more like a question which I nodded to. 

Then she gasped again putting the pieces together

"You're working at the she-devil's hot boyfriend house?"

"The Sexy He-Devil" she spelt out

Kendall's POV

i'm sick of hearing Natalie yell at the poor girl. She is just some months older than Melody. 

I watched as Melody went out of Natalie's room. When I was sure she was out, "Easy dear, you are scaring the shit out of the innocent girl" I told her

"Aww" she cooed tracing my neck with her fingers "My baby is going soft" she said as she placed a kiss on my neck. 

I hated the way she treats Melody. Even though I do the same to her, I only wanted her to be strong, to be able to face anyone, to stand up for herself but instead, she hides away from everyone in fear. 

Instead of responding to the kisses Natalie was giving me, I moved away from her. 

"I'll start getting dressed for school, better be ready in 15 minutes else, I'm leaving you behind" I said moving towards the bathroom then I heard her mutter something before opening the door to go downstairs. I shook my head and entered the bathroom. 

After about 20 minutes, we were out of the house. Due to the fact that Natalie wanted to cake her face which I actually didn't let her finish though. 

That's one of the things I like about Melody. She doesn't make up yet she always looks stunning. 

'Arghh, I'm comparing Melody to Natalie again'

This happens everytime I see a girl. I always compare them to Melody. 

Then I saw Melody on the road talking to a girl about her age in front of a car. Then, I saw that it was Catherine. I breath out in relief and sped up. 

I'm not going to deny this but, I think I have feelings for this girl but... but she hates me and it's all my fault. I'm an idiot. 

I was only trying to help her, to make her strong and bold but she thinks I hate her and the worst part, I'm dating her cousin who makes life hell for her. 

Well, not actually because I love Natalie, I actually hate Natalie but I wanted to always see Melody. So, I started hanging out with Natalie to see Melody.

I glanced over at Natalie and she was continuing the make-up I didn't allow her to finish at home. 

I sighed

I pulled up in the school driveway and came out. 

She came out also. "I want to see Josh before class starts so, I'm leaving" I said and made an attempt to leave 

Then, she grabbed my hand, "No goodbye kiss?" she pouts 

"Ok" I wanted to kiss her cheek but she turned her lips.

Then the peck turned into a kiss. She deepens the kiss tangling my hair with her fingers while I put one of my hand on her waist and one on her neck. 

Just then I notice pairs of eyes looking in our direction. I brush it off cos I've gotten used to people watching me 

Then I decided to glance at the direction the pairs of eyes are coming from 


Melody and Catherine are looking at us. Melody with a disgusted look and Catherine, a disappointed and fake surprise look. 

I quickly cut the kiss but Natalie grabbed my cheek again to continue the kiss. Just then Josh came.

"Oh my goodness Ken, I was waiting for you and you're here making out" he said with a tone of disgust 

'Josh you're a life saver' I thought to myself 

"Sorry Nat, you had him all night, i'm having him all day" he said as he grabbed my wrist

Josh and Natalie don't really get along well but they pretend to whenever I'm around

Natalie eyed Josh and groaned before leaving. 

The first period was boring. Catherine was having a different class but thankfully neither Kendall nor Natalie is in my first period. 

Just then, a bag dropped beside me making me look at the person because nobody ever sits with me. 

I tried not to open my mouth at the person. It was Josh, Kendall's bestie. The Number Two Bad Boy. He plays girls than the bad boy himself. 

He sat down beside me and everyone stared at us especially the girls. They gave me mean looks. 

"Hi" he said as he waves

"Hi" I replied trying to seem unaffected. Like I said earlier, in the past few years, I've learnt to hide my feelings. 

"You know, you're the first girl who didn't fangirl about me" he said with a smile. 

"Sorry?" I said, now with confidence. 

"That's what I'm saying other girls would have..." he was cut short by the sound of a hand being banged on the table, courtesy of miss Alice. 

"Josh, Melody, this is your last warning. If I catch you guys talking again, detention" she threatened. 

I quickly mouthed a sorry. I've never gotten a detention before and I don't ever want to. 

She faced the board and started writing some stuffs on the board 

Then, Josh faced me again "So, you're Melody, Hmmm, I love that name" he said smirking

"Seriously, that's your pick-up line" I smiled "You know what, I've never gotten a detention before and I don't ever want to" I said to him

"Josh and Melody, detention after school" Miss Alice barked

Great, freaking great 

"I think you just did cupcake" he smirked and started writing what miss Alice wrote on the board. 

"Newsflash you caused it and secondly, I'm Melody not cupcake and if you smirk again, I'm gonna smack the smirk out of your face. Also, After detention, I hope I don't see your face again" I said and continued writing 

"Feisty much" he pouted, "No problem cupcake, I love feisty girls, they are always good in... " knowing what he wanted to say, I cut him short

"Save me the details playboy. I don't wanna get suspension because of you" I said

"Be careful what you wish for cupcake, cos it looks like you always get what you don't want, just like you didn't want detention but you had it and trust me after detention, you will be begging to see me" he smiled and continued writing. 

I gave him a dirty look and continued writing. 

After lots of explanation and assignments, the bell rang and the teacher went out. 

I quickly packed my bag cos I'm having the next class with Catherine and I don't wanna keep her waiting. 

I grabbed my bag and stood up "You know what playboy? I hate you" I said and started walking away

"Nice meeting you too" he called over my shoulder 

Physics Class

"What?" Catherine shouted and received a warning glare from our physics teacher 

I mouthed a sorry and Catherine repeated the word again but now in a whisper "What?, you got detention because of him?!" she whispered again eyeing the two guys in front of us that is, Kendall and Josh. 

"Look Cat, I don't want any trouble, Kendall is capable of doing anything and if you keep eyeing him like that then... I'm gonna be in big trouble with him and my cousin" I said trying to calm her down 

"Chill girlfriend, but first, Kendall isn't capable of doing anything, he's human and also a student like us so, what harm can he do, when you show him you're weak, he's going to feed on your weakness so even if you're weak at least pretend to be strong and you'll see how he'll treat you. Secondly, who's your cousin?" she asked 

Oops! Natalie told me not to disclose my relationship with her to anybody 

What the hell will I tell Catherine.

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