Secretly Married to my Professor

Secretly Married to my Professor

By:  Xujinli  Completed
Language: English
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Marriage is like a company contract that is worth a hefty sum of money in which it should be carefully thought of before affixing one's signature. Her life was full of lies and mysteries. Lies that were formed and used just to protect her and mysteries from her past, the past that she had already forgotten because of an incident that cause his brother's life. Eight years later, she was arranged in a marriage to her English Professor through the alliance of her Grandfather and her soon-to-be husband's Grandmother. But the said alliance is just a cover up to protect her from someone. Someone that can either tell her the truth or cause destruction to her peaceful life.

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159 Chapters
It was a sunny summer, the sky is clear as crystal that it gives some peaceful and calm feeling to the person who is watching it.
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Goddess Like
The weather was calm, like an ocean before the storm and the sky was painted all blue with a touch of white like cotton candy clouds, it was a calming sight to see and the fresh wind was blowing gently. 
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While Li Wei was discussing, he was also stealing small glances at the young lady who is writing and doodling on her journal, he slowly approached her table. 
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Lihua was busy flipping and looking at the pages of her journal. She had used many of the pages in her journal already."The days had passed by so fast and today is already Friday." she thought and sighed. She then started scribbling and writing in her journal. This is one of her past times when she is bored or when she has nothing to do. She would do some sket
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Meeting her Fiance
It was a cold Saturday morning since it rained last night. Lihua is busy preparing her gift for Jingfei when her father entered her room and told her that today is the day that she will meet her fiance because the last time they arranged the small party for both families, the young man didn't came."What? I cannot meet him today! Nobody told me that we will meet them today. And besides, I already made plans for today, you know father that it's Jingfei birthday today." Lihua uttered as she continued preparing her gift."Your mother did inform you last night!" Lihua's father uttered calmly. Lihua did remembered that her mother went in but she cannot remember what she said since she was so busy thinking about the confession."But father, I cannot meet him today. You know it's Jingfei's birthday today. I need to attend her birthday party." Lihua reasoned out because she is still not yet ready to meet his soon-to-be husband because she knew when the time they would m
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I love her since that day
As soon as the Jian family arrived at their own house, Mr. Jian looks at his son, Li Wei with a questioning look."Care to explain why you entered as a professor at the University where Lihua is studying?" Mr. Jian calmly asked. He is not angry at what his son had done because he knew that his son had loved that little child for so long. It was probably love at first sight on his son's part. That young lady now was just a little princess when he last saw her."I just wanted to see your future daughter-in-law every day that's why I applied there'' Li Wei explained to his father.''And to also see if there is someone pursuing or courting her and I was so surprised when I saw that there were so many students who admire her, even the girls look up to her.'' Li Wei's face became grim when he remembered the scene he saw for seven days straight. She received so many confession and love letters.''You do really love her.'' His father commented.
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"Brother don't go... don't leave me please, please stay awake. Open your eyes, don't you dare close them." the small body of a little girl was shaking her brother's arms, begging him to stay awake. Her hands were covered in blood, not hers but from the boy laying on the ground. Trying his best to stay awake for his dear little sister." girl. You must... you must stay alive and please te....tell Mom and Dad that I....I love them so much. I love all of you." the guy said as he coughed and blood came pouring from his mouth."No! No! You... you cannot leave us, leave me, big brother. You promised me that we will be together always." the little girl's voice cracked as she tried to surpass her tears. Seeing his little sister, trying to be strong pained him so much, it's more painful than the wounds he got."I love you Lili." He smiled at his sister one last time before slowly closing his eyes.The little girl just cried while shaking her big
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Missed you too
As soon as Jingfei and Lihua were done eating, Jingfei called the waiter and asked for the reciept, and paid the bills.''I'm so full, they really serve delicious food. I'll give their site 5 stars again later.'' Jingfei said while rubbing her flat tummy. The two went out without Lihua knowing that Jiayi is just sitting on the table next to theirs."Jingfei give me the car key, I'll drive the car." Lihua extended her hand to get the car key from Jingfei.Jingfei's eyes widened when she heard what Lihua said. ''No.. no no I'll drive. I will not definitely let you drive the car Huahua.'' Jingfei hurriedly went inside the driver's seat. She didn't want Lihua to drive because instead of going to her house they might end up going to the hospital.She knew how reckless her best friend is when it comes to driving a car. During their second year in college they almost got into an accident when Lihua tried to escpae to see the movie she wanted to watc
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The sun beams and shines brightly as it reflects at the glass window, fresh and cold wind gently blew Lihua's curtains. Lihua opened her eyes as the cold wind gently brushed her face, she got up slowly still closing her eyes.Slowly opening her eyes, she blinked for a couple of times, adjusting her eyesight. She then stared at the woman reflected on the mirror. Staring at her reflection is the first thing she do whenever she wakes up. ''Bed hair'' she brush her hair using her fingers.Lihua stood up, she stretched a little and tidied yp her own beddings. Even though she came from a wealthy family. Her mother still taught and told her that she should tidy up her own bed and she should not always rely on the servants.The Zhou Household is not like the other prestigious family that would brag their wealth and power to everyone.The long lineage of the Zhou Family once came from a very humble family before they acquired all their we
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Marriage Registration
Jiayi and Lihua were still embracing each othe at the rooftop. Lihua can't believe that the man she like also likes her back.''I thought you don't want to engage yourself in any relationship. Why are you confessing to me now?'' Lihua asked as she remembered the day when the student council vice president confessed to Jiayi.''I just said that because I don't want to tell her that I have already someone I like and I'm confessing to you know because I am so jealous during the first week of the new school year starts there were already so many students confessing and giving you so love letters.'' Jiayi said while caressing Lihua's face. He had like this girl in front of him when he was still in first-year. She was so kind to everyone and she doesn't care about popularity, and she was also pure and simple.''Would you like to go on a date with me?'' Jiayi asked and Lihua said yes. Both of them went back together to Lihua's classroom. Many students were shocked and
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