Seductive Vibrations Book Five Crazed Obsession

Seductive Vibrations Book Five Crazed Obsession

Oleh:  Billiejo Priestley  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Marcus and Anaya's life continues. Years of a quiet life is enough right? Wrong. With the kids all almost grown up, you would think life would be amazing, but secrets find a way of coming out. As they threaten to destroy everything they have, Anaya keeps fighting to save their relationship, but how does Marcus react? When things come to a blow, and Marcus loses control of himself, Anaya tries to support him. However he is quick to accuse and lash out. While their relationship is in hot water, Jackson keeps quiet about what he really wants to do with the little time he has left, while Liam's tongue just won't be silenced anymore making everyone's worlds come crashing down.

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We're Back
I watch as they walk through the gate together, smiling at them.Ten years, in ten years, so much changed. More in the last two years. We decided Luna and Alex should go to school, now they are in high school I feel like I am losing them. I smile and drive home, I know what awaits me, Marcus, paint, and the room.I can't keep avoiding it, but whenever we try painting it ends in a fight, a messy room and hours wasted. We should do it alone, one at a time. However, we don't, and temptation gets the best of me when I am holding the paintbrush. Pulling up outside the house, I walk in and stand frozen."Hi, Ma." I look at MJ and cuddle him."Why the hell are you sat down here alone? Your dad surely hasn't left you? It has been ages MJ." I cuddle him as he nods."I know, I was kind of hoping he would walk down I shout surprise I'm home early, but he hasn't come down yet." I nod laughing. I can't believe how big he is."You look really good MJ, looking after your sister, are you?" He nods sm
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Forgotten and left behind
The silence says everything. "It is wrong, two years, how the fuck does that work out?" I look at Jackson. "We have lost our baby girl because of it; Elsie lost her dad and now her mum can't face coming home?" Alena wraps her arm around Jackson. Wayne and Issy got married, and she had taken leave with her being pregnant. Elsie was born 6 months before the wedding. He went on a mission, and two years after the wedding he died. Issy's response to that is to give Elsie to Jackson and Alena and go on missions. "She's just running away, give her time. She will come back." I look at Jackson, I hope she does. "I will keep trying dad, I swear I will. I try every day, every day I show her pictures of Elsie, every day I push and push. She acts like she is fine she isn’t; she isn't fine Dad." Jackson looks at Marcus, and I can see what he is thinking. "Don't Jackson." He looks at me. "What? If he calls and tells them she is mentally unstable they will send her home and put a stop to this s
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Bad Influence
I walk back into mine, Analise looking at me waiting, I can't lie."Okay, so I don't know. Yes, there are noises, which I would say is the old house. Then a loud bang in the kitchen." She nods looking at me like she knows."And the cups are no longer upside down?" I look at her shocked."Demitri said I was going fucking crazy, every day I place them upside down so dust and crap doesn't get in them, every day. I hate them been up the right way, so I place them upside down." I nod and laugh."Yeah, I wasn't sure if I was just going crazy or not, then I heard a creek, and checked the living room and a cupboard door was open." She nods looking at me."So, I'm not crazy?" I shake my head, I won't say it is ghosts, it could just be it is an old house."No, that would mean I am. If you're really scared to be there alone just come here or even go to Alena's" Then at least she isn't alone."No thanks." I look at her shocked."Not you, Alena. I never got a sense of feeling like, I don't know. I
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Standing up I walk towards the bed to Analise, turning I look at Marcus."Maybe Master, maybe I will just fuck her all night, so I get the thought of you doing it out of my mind, then I won't need you." I smile as his hands ball into fists, he nearly gave in, nearly."You do that Kitty, and I will enjoy watching every minute of it with Demitri." I feel myself sulking, he was meant to fight me on it. I move onto the bed, Analise kissing me, and her mouth moves to my ear."You know what to do right?" I nod moaning as her mouth kisses my neck."You take control, Marcus loses himself, I submit to you." I nod."And Demitri loses himself." I smile at her, I have a plan, I will be cruel and a total brat. Moving I get off the bed, I walk across the room and grab the leather playsuit, unzipping it so it exposes my breasts and sex. I walk back over to her, not missing Marcus's look.I'm winning, and he knows it. I walk to the bed, my hands grabbing hers and tying them to the bed, my hand grabbi
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Ghostly Visits
Demitri looks at me."So?" I nod, I know what he means."I am going Demitri, for Ivy, your choice what you do." He nods, that reminds me."By the way, she isn't going crazy, the house thing, the noise and everything. Maybe before you call her crazy you two should spend time alone in there? I did last night, and I can't explain the shit that happens, but she isn't crazy." Demitri and Marcus roll their eyes. I guess neither of them will believe us. Marcus laughs, I look at him shaking my head."You're crazy." I roll my eyes at him."Do it again kitty and I'll prove you're crazy." I nod laughing."I can't be crazy, and neither can Analise, honestly you two, have you spent time in that house alone? No TV on, just sit and listen?" I watch as they both shake their heads."It's nothing, you're both just been crazy." Demitri laughs, Marcus looking at him, I know that face."You're only saying that, so you don't have to sit alone in the
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Little Girl
Marcus doesn't look impressed. "What the fuck Demitri. Three hours, that's it, three hours." I laugh, I guess they failed. "Na don't bro, seriously I never get spooked but that shit." He grabs a glass of whiskey and sits down, is he shaking? "Well, what made you run?" Marcus looks at him. "Noises were fine, hell even the TV cupboard door opening was fine. I debunked all that shit. The photo falling, I debunked that shit as well." We look at him waiting. "Then the fucking TV turned on, I swear to God I thought I sat on the remote, so I turned it off, and put the remote on the side." We nod listening. "Then the kettle switched on again I debunked it, decided the fuse was going. Then literally my fucking cup moved across the table and smashed on the floor as the TV turned back on. So here I am, giving up, they are not crazy. Whatever it is wants until you're fucking alone." Marcus nods. Clearly, even he realises for Demitri to be shaken u
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Home Town
"Okay, well the orphanage Kitty, it was only home to 15 girls, 4 in each room. Ranging from 5 years to 15, the woman who looked after them had a breakdown, apparently poisoned them all, 14 girls survived, one died, she was 6." I stare at him, is that a joke? "The family after, the woman moved into the house in her late 60's died in her sleep of old age at 82, after that, a family lived there for 30 years with no issues. The next family, the mum died doesn't say how though, just she was found in the house. Again, no issues after that Kitty." I feel my body shake as it goes cold. "This house, one family Kitty, the person I bought it off, the guy had it built, they lived here for 30 years then moved out, old age so retirement home." I sit staring at him. "Kitty, this is why I didn't want to go into detail, now your freaking out. This is why I would rather not tell Demitri because he will tell Analise, most ghosts don't hurt people, or intend to. Whatever it is,
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Secret Unleashed
**Marcus**Rolling over I smile, I should have slept on the plane, but I couldn't, I look around for Anaya but can't see her. Getting up I get showered and ready, I guess she has gone for food. Sitting, I wait an hour and try calling her. Listening as it goes straight to voice mail, where would she have gone? Ispend another hour trying to call her on and off, with no luck, looking around me I begin to panic. Dialing Demitri's number I wait for his answer."You caught me just in time, what’s up?" I look at the clock, he will just be getting off the plane now."Any chance Anaya has called or messaged you this morning? Well, our time here this morning?" I wait as he stays quiet."No, nothing why? She changed her mind?" I hope that is all."No idea, she was off last night, I suggested we go home, but she told me running wouldn't help. Woke up and she is gone, her phone is going to voice mail, I know I will be panicking for nothing, but why is her phone off?" I need to relax, she will be
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Demitri's Warning
Climbing in I sit seeing Marcus and Demitri talking outside, Demitri gets in his car as Marcus joins me. He begins driving, not saying anything, he stops outside the small restaurant, and walking in I see the woman smile at me. I'm not in the mood for reunions, I walk past and sit down, Marcus following me as Demitri and Analise order. They walk over with the drinks handing me one as I slowly drink it. "I am sorry Puddin." I look at Demitri confused. "As I said, I knew you were relying on me when you lost her, and I ran, I could have come back, hell I could have called. I did call, but I felt like it was too late, when I called your dad mentioned you on drugs and everything. I knew then you were bad, I didn't think I could save you." I nod, this isn't his fault. "You're not to blame Demitri, no one is other than me, I shouldn't have hidden this and pretended like it was real." Marcus shakes his head looking at me. "No, it is everyone's fault Anaya, yo
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Reliving A Day
I open the door and walk out, his eyes staying fixed on me. "Erm, Kitty am I missing something?" I laugh walking towards him, his eyes staying on me. "No Master, but you remember how we kind of relived that first business meeting date we had?" He nods smiling. "I liked it, so I thought if we can do it for our first date, why can't we do it for other days? Like our wedding? I still had the dress and everything, and somehow it still fits." I laugh looking down. "So, Kitty, tonight is just like our wedding all over again?" I nod smiling. "Well, let's skip past the whole ceremony, me crying in agony, the meal all that. Let's skip to our first dance, and then back to our room." He nods standing up and walking towards me, his arms wrapping around my body. "I wonder Kitty." His fingers pull at the dress, his eyes going to look under it, my hands stopping him. "You will soon see if it is the same lingerie Master, now, the dance?" He lo
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