Seductive Vibrations Book Three Secrets Of Marcus

Seductive Vibrations Book Three Secrets Of Marcus

By:  Billiejo Priestley  Completed
Language: English
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In this season of Seductive Vibrations, we go back to the beginning, looking into Marcus' secrets and finding out just how his marriage ended and the truth behind Maria's evil intent. If you thought Marcus' story stopped when he died, you're in for a shock, as there is far more to come after he passed away in Alena's arms. Are you ready?

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131 Chapters
Shots Fired
***PROLOGUE***My chest hurts, and the pain is unbearable, but I will smile, lying here in her arms dying. All I can do is smile. She loves me. I can see it on her face. I am dying a happy man. I hope she survives this, and I know if anyone can help her, it is Jackson. I will never know how I managed to fall in love with my brother's wife, but I did, and she loves me. Not enough to walk away from Jackson, but she loves me and right now, that is comforting.I can still hear her screams, her cries of pain as my life slips away. I wish I could tell her that I would be fine. I can’t, though, slowly the darkness creeps over me, and my mind flies back to the past, to before I met her, and before all this had begun. Why Don't I feel like I am dying, just dreaming of the past?*Now*“Marcus.”Turning, I face my wife, beautiful as ever. We have been married for nearly ten years, but I always want more, and she knows it, so we agreed we would keep our relationship open. It comes with its diffi
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“So, you’re not his submissive?” Looking at her, and she shakes her head at me. I don’t understand Jackson. He amazes me with the fact that he can give up that part of his life for someone he loves.“That is a shame, so you’re not into the whole being tied up and dominated then?” I know what she likes. I talk to Jackson daily. He has spoken about her, but he was not sure about her meeting us.“I am, I can’t say I did a lot of it before Jackson, but I am.”Our eyes connect. I love her eyes, she stays staring at me, and I wish I knew what she was thinking. Her eyes keep looking down at my body.“I know, Jackson talks.” Smiling at her, my response makes her freeze. Okay, that sounded wrong.“Wow, don’t freak. I don’t mean what you do in the bedroom and stuff. I mean your ex, Max.” I know I shouldn’t be saying some of this, yet I feel compelled to, who is this woman? My sentence just makes her worse. She looks like she has seen a ghost just from hearing his name.I knew things had been ba
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Getting up, I walk upstairs and open the dungeon door. There she is, perfect as ever, fully naked, blindfolded and her arms behind her back while she kneels.Walking over to the whips, my hand reaches for my favourite one, my hand clutches at the air, where is my whip? Oh, she better not have.“You little witch, where is it?” Walking to her, I help her stand, slipping the blindfold off. Her eyes are telling me everything I need to know. She has hidden it, her cheeky grin making me aware she has.“Sorry, Master, I seem to have misplaced the memory of where I put the whip.” I knew it, the shower threat. So, this is her way of fighting back. Oh, she is still getting whipped.“Still five whips, witch, and by the end, you better say where my whip is. Otherwise, I will find a new punishment.” Grabbing another whip, I walk over and set it down on the table. Guiding her over, I bend her body over the table. Stroking along her arms, I fasten her wrists down, so she can’t stand up.“Five whips
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Releasing Her
“You seem on edge Master, is everything okay?”Is everything okay? I don’t even know. I have not felt so drawn to anyone, not even Maria, and she is my wife. Maybe it is the fact that she is off-limits, plus the fact of what she has been through, she is strong, and I like women who are strong but look weak and innocent.“Just the mission, Kitten, that is all.” The feeling will pass, and I will be back to feeling how I usually do. It will help that I won’t see Alena much. Rebecca falls asleep, lying here. I can’t stop thinking about Alena, but I need to. This obsession is nothing more than that, an obsession, falling asleep I hope my thoughts are gone by the morning.The feel of leather running across my skin wakes me, Rebecca above my smiling, going to move my hands, are fastened down.“Stop that kitten.” Looking at her, I pull against the restraints. I hate these damn things. Her laugh is teasing.“Okay.” Her hand stops stroking the whip across me. Instead, she starts swinging it gen
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His Demons
Walking back to the bed, I open the drawer, pulling out the pills I take my daily dose. I don’t know why, though. They don’t help. Every now and then, I feel amazing, joking, laughing, yet inside I am dying, and I can’t keep fighting it. I shouldn’t be alone tonight, but I don’t want to pull the guys away from their families. I shouldn’t do that so close to us leaving.Looking around this house, I wonder if all the decisions I made these last ten years were right. How did I go from smiling with Alena within my mind to now having nothing but darkness and scary thoughts, dark, melancholy plaguing my mind and trying to make me do something I shouldn’t?I look at our wedding photo. I can’t do that to Maria. No matter how down I am feeling, I can’t do that to her. I still remember the last time, waking up in the hospital, her by my side, her face broken, soaked from tears because I was selfish, trying to take the coward's way out.Her words are still loud in my mind.“Do I mean so little t
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Maria's Moves
I need her now, not later. My hand begins unfastening her shirt, my hands moving down, lifting her up, her back against the wall, as my mouth keeps kissing. My hand is pulling her dress up, moaning against her neck.“Marcus, not here.” Her words stop me, why can she never just let loose, stop thinking sex is only for the bed, looking at her, I push my lips against hers, her moan quiet, I will carry her to bed if I have to, but I would rather just fuck her here and now.Why does everything have to be planned? Why do I have to be in bed?“Just once, just this once, please.” Looking at her, I wait. My lips pressing against her neck, her touch so soft and delicate, nothing like any other woman I have witnessed. She doesn’t pull me to her, she doesn’t go frantic for me, and she is always so calm.“Bed, please, Marcus.” She looks at me, she means it, yet I don’t want that. I want her, but I don’t want the bed. I want something different. This is why we would never work alone. I can’t live a
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Picking up the phone, I text Troy, hoping he has space for me for a few days. I can go to my apartment, but I know Rebecca will be there still.Troy replies, I know I am welcome, but I always like to ask. Driving, I meet him at the pub local to him, walking in I sit getting a drink. I should talk to Jackson about this.He at least knows what I am like. Sure, Troy knows but not like Jackson. Sitting drinking, Troy walks in, he is happy, and I am ready to burden him with my life.“Maria?” He looks at me as he sits down, ordering his own drink.“Do you ever wonder if you made the right choices at the beginning of the relationship that led to now?” I look at him my question waiting for an answer.He shakes his head. “Never mind asking me questions. What has happened?” I wish he was Jackson, Jackson would understand more, but I don’t want to pull him away from the new life he has.“I gave up Rebecca, I can’t get someone else out of my mind. Today, though, standing with Maria, she was gone,
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Taking Her
Parking up, I unlock the door. Walking in, there she is, sitting on the sofa, walking over to her, with her collar in my hand. I only hope she takes it back. She knows my issues, but I have never done this to her. Yet, she knows my demons and knows how much I struggle in my own mind. Her eyes light up seeing the collar, walking towards me, my hands place it around her neck, her smile growing as I do. Jumping up, she wraps her legs and arms around me, my cock instantly going hard for her. My hands pull at her shirt, ripping it open. This is going to be quick, no toys, nothing but us two. Throwing her onto the sofa, my hands pull her trousers off, my lips kissing her body, the feel of her hands in my hair forcing my head down. Slowly kissing down her body, I reach her sex, my tongue teasing, licking at her entrance. She tastes so nice. My hands grab her waist, pulling her closer to my mouth, her moans getting louder. My tongue teases faster as my fingers rub against her sex, the wetn
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My Bed
“You okay, baby?” I stroke her back, seeing her tears. She looks up at me, smiling.“No, I am sure you could have done worse.” Of course, I could have if I had her in the playroom with my toys, the whips, the restraints, but I didn’t want any of that, just her.“So, what changed your mind? What about the other woman?”What about Alena? To be honest, after that with Maria yesterday, she has basically not entered my mind.“I had a wobble, my mind took control, but I am fine now. As for Alena, she is forgotten about. I just messed up.” My hand strokes down her body, taking in her beauty. “I am sorry, Rebecca, what I did was wrong and inexcusable” I don’t think any apology will be enough, not at all for what I put her through.“I wouldn’t have left. I am no fool, I could see you had issues, I could see you were battling with yourself, and I knew you would come back.” She is truly amazing. I am lucky. I know I am. “Plus, I wasn’t about to walk away and miss out on that. The whole, I’m sorr
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Parking the car, the house looks too quiet. Walking in, I look around the fear building within me that she has left. Surely, she wouldn’t run while I am away. Checking the house, she isn’t there. Sitting down, I wait, hoping she will come home soon. Sitting here watching the time pass, I wonder if she will come home, the sound of the door alerting me she is home. I want to run to her, but I won’t. Sitting, I wait for her to come to the kitchen. Walking in, she looks at me and carries on towards the kettle turning it on.Her silence is worse than her screaming. It is like she has given up and doesn’t want to fight for us anymore.“We need to talk.” I look at her waiting for her to acknowledge that I am here. Instead, she carries on making her drink. Sitting down at the table, she looks at me. Who is she? The Maria I fell in love with seems to have changed, maybe we got married too young.“I am sorry, for everything I did, for the things I said.” I wait, sitting and looking at her. She
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