Silent Memories

Silent Memories

By:  Zoya  Ongoing
Language: English
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It wasn't easy for Alissa in her life to leave home after graduation and then make some wrong decisions. But finally luck seems to be on her side again, she finds a job as a chalet girl and wants to start all over again.But she didn't expect Joshua Herzog, he lives in the neighboring chalet and doesn't seem to be the man he claims to be. He also knows her secret! And yet, Alissa can't stay away from him.

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waiting for the next chapter. i'm wondering, do you have any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-10 11:37:23
12 Chapters
Chapter 1
Finally she did it! Filled with confident anticipation, she fell back on her new bed and stared at the ceiling. Of course, it wasn't her bed, nor her apartment, but at least she got the job and not one of the other women who, so to speak, snapped the jobs from under her nose. As a girl with her past, most people found it difficult to trust her and give her jobs. But she had this one now and she would do well. Full of energy, she jumped off the narrow bed and took another closer look around her new home. The walls were painted white and you could see the shadows of pictures that were no longer on the wall. The furniture was also old and had flaws, or was mended like your bed. Apparently the landlords didn't c
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Chapter 2
"Joshua, don't you think it's a little too dangerous?"Joshua looked at his mother with a smile. “Not more dangerous than usual. And actually I'm on vacation. ""This is not a vacation, and we both know that."
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Chapter 3
Last evening was much easier than the one before. Hannah was right, she was getting used to everything. She got out of bed, Hannah was still asleep, so she crept quietly into the bathroom and first took a long shower. She enjoyed the luxury of the hot water that ran gently over her body. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Ally? Are you ready soon? ”Hannah's voice came from the other side of the door. She turned off the water and wrapped herself in a soft towel. "Yes, you can come in." The door opened and Hannah gave her a guilty look. "Is everything okay?" She wanted to know. Hannah started grinning and nodded. “There's a guy living downstairs in the village, he's really cute
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Chapter 4
Josh had to make a phone call! He ran up the stairs, he had been in such a hurry to come down, when he saw Alissa rushing through the snow towards his house, which he had left standing and lying. It's hard to believe that someone from his city of all people lived in the house next door. He shook his head and dialed his partner Janik's number. "Hey J, do you miss me already?" Came the cheerful voice of his best friend."Hey J!" They had made it a habit to only address each other
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Chapter 5
“I've rarely had such a good drop!” Joshua praised the champagne and sipped his glass. Samantha smiled and nodded slightly. "Really, I can hardly keep my hands off it." He laughed and took another sip. In reality, this was his first, he just had to make it seem a little too deep into the glass. “The little one is really a beauty. I could imagine that you can hardly keep your hands off her either. ”He laughed at his joke and the Masons joined in. “We only employ girls who have a perfect appearance.” Hendrik gave him information. “Frank is probably not of your opinion. Your girl looks a lot better than this Lara who works for Frank. Maybe we want to swap? ”A
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Chapter 6
He had gone too far! He had to talk to Mason and tell him that he had pushed Alissa. She couldn't lose her job because of him! Otherwise she would live on the streets again and he just couldn't answer for that. He paced up and down the living room, agitated. Many of the guests had already left and he would also like to leave, but he first had to know what would happen to Alissa. Did she have to leave the house today? Where would she go He found it hard to imagine that she knew someone in the village. Maybe she would come to him? Another reason to go home, he decided not to wait for Mason anymore. He had been gone for over half an hour now and Joshua doubted he would come down anytime soon.&nbs
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Chapter 7
The men had spent a whole day outside and kept taking the lift up onto the slopes, only to race it down again and again with their snowboards. When they finally decided to call it a day, the sun was setting slightly. "We have to hurry!" Josh warned and looked at his companions. "The Masons are coming to dinner today and we don't want to keep them waiting.""Since when have you been so reliable?" Liam wanted to know from his little brother.
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Chapter 8
Hannah and Alissa were sitting together that evening in the cozy kitchen and talking about the day. All in all, Alissa had cut a good figure on the skis, but she didn't feel so comfortable when it got steeper and she picked up the pace and then those sticks! She just didn't know what to do with it. "Maybe you have to try a snowboard one day." Hannah thought out loud. "No then I'm even more unsure ..."“Oh nonsense, it's not that difficult, Eddy could show you. Speakin
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Chapter 9
Bathed in sweat, Alissa woke up from sleep. Immediately she sat upright in bed, her heart beat to her chest and she quickly switched on the light. Immediately she calmed down when she saw the familiar bedroom, and Hannah, too, continued to sleep peacefully. Alissa got up and went into the bathroom to wash her face. When she came back she checked her watch. It was now four thirty. She doubted she would go back to sleep. She didn't even want to go back to sleep for fear of being haunted by nightmares again. Actually, she hadn't had nightmares for a long time, but now that she had told Hannah a bit about her past, everything had come up again. She quickly put on jeans and a sweater and left the room, she n
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Chapter 10
"Where are you from?" Liam wanted to know curiously and looked at his brother as he quietly closed the door."I was hoping you both would still sleep." Josh said, suppressing a yawn. He was dog tired and just wanted to go to bed."You thought w
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