Sixth Time’s a Charm

Sixth Time’s a Charm

By:  Melononymous  Ongoing
Language: English
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23-year-old Megan Spencer is on the brink of giving up on love after her break up with her fifth ex-boyfriend. That was the plan- until she met Mr. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos after entering his car uninvited. And worse? He’s literally one hallway away from her apartment unit.What about plan B, though? Nope, there isn’t any.

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20 Chapters
Chapter 1Megan: third person's point of view. - Amidst a fancy restaurant in the middle of the streets of the busy city, a certain woman was struggling to pull herself together. The ambiance of the whole place, the music, even the food looks exquisite. What a nice way to end a relationship, right? Wrong. Getting your heart broken again is far from being nice. The girl stopped playing with her fork after looking stupid for nearly ten minutes now. Instead, she just clenched her fist under the table and plastered a fake smile.  "Let's end this," she heard
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Chapter 2Aster: third person's point of view. — "I don't know that girl." To say that he was surprised was an understatement. "Come again?"  Are you kidding me? The woman widened her eyes at the sudden realization. "Wait, I thought you know her? Why did you let her stay in the car?" He shook his head and looked back at the road. "I just moved in three days ago, I don't know anyone except you. I thought you're her aquaintance or something." He scratched his ear and glanced back at the stranger.
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Chapter 3 Aster: third person's point of view. — Bringing a girl– a drunk, blabbering nonsense kind of girl to his apartment unit never crossed Aster's mind. Earlier this morning, he was already planning to sleep on the comfort of his bed, hugging the daylight out of his newly-bought fluffy, white pillows to sleep and wake up feeling decent at least. He thinks ahead like a boss. That girl was definitely not part of the plan. A big, fat N to the O. "You look hot, grim reaper." He remembered her remark. He grimaced at the thought. I'm a what? And what the heck is a grim reaper? And why am I even thinking of irrelevant things this late at night anyway? He shook his head and forced himself to sleep, tossing and turning to the small, white couch for the third time. His large blanket is now all
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Chapter 4Megan: third person's point of view.—Let's look at the current ridiculous situation right now.Is she still drunk?Heck yeah.Can she even walk straight?Barely.Can she think straight, though?Abso-freaking-lutely not.So it's not really surprising if she would suddenly blurt out, "Sweet heavens, you seriously look hot in my eyes right now, wanna date?" at the guy she just unknowingly bothered for the whole night, 'cause that's what she just did.And the kind freaking grim reaper didn't like it one bit."Miss, just go to sleep.""Call me Megan...or babe, which do you prefer?" She smirked, leaning on the doorframe, one leg crossed while puckering her lips at the unmoving guy across her.
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Chapter 5Megan: third person's point of view.-"Megan Spencer! You are so dead!"She was in the midst of reading the letter for the twenty-eighth time when she accidentally threw the food she was holding with her other hand. Megan was munching the very last bits of her beloved apple when she heard Andrea's voice booming outside of her unit and damn it, her poor apple went rolling on the tiled floor."What the heck, Drea?" She shouted back."Open the door.""Aw, come on, mom! I just dropped my breakfast on the floor-""For the love of... don't make me wait!"Pouting at the delicacy, she mindlessly threw it in the trash bin beside the sink and ran towards the mahogany door and unlocked it, revealing a red and fuming Andrea waiting impatiently on the other side.
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Chapter 6Aster: third person's point of view.-He did not get a wink of sleep.Or even rest.At. All.Tossing and turning, sitting up, contemplating about his sudden life decisions and then start tossing and turning again isn't really resting, and now the sleepy Aster is definitely not in the mood to do anything heroic at the moment.Well, he barely does anything heroic anyway.For the nth time, he sat up and rubbed his face with his cold palms. Standing up groggily, he headed straight to the bathroom to wash off his morning breath and any stray saliva at the places other than his mouth. No one likes that.After the quick morning routine, he prepared his breakfast... If a granola bar is even considered as one. Moving on!He threw the plasti
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Chapter 7Megan: third person's point of view.-It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon when Megan woke up from her long nap and she hasn't eaten anything yet except for that humble granola bar since the day started, how nice.Holding her head, she stood up and went out of her room, occasionally swaying to the side and sighing. She eyed the Chinese takeout from the kitchen counter and took a bowl, a spoon, and a fork. She pouted and started eating the noodles and soup quietly, not minding the cold air of November seeping through her sweats.She probably would have gone for a short stroll at a bakery or at the small coffee shop somewhere in the vicinity if she wasn't feeling sullen. Heck, she would have watched the first snowfall outside with Damien if yesterday's events didn't happen.She dropped the noodles back into the c
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Chapter 8Megan: third person's point of view.—Still pulling Mr. Hot Cheetos on his long sleeves, the both of them turned left on a wide alley, following the icy sidewalk near the corner and passing by a big library. Small amounts of snow are still falling from the empty sky as she inhaled the cold, sweet air of the not so busy street. She glanced back at her companion, slightly confused with his silence. Shrugging, she didn't remove her exposed hands from the taller guy's arm.The stranger who apparently hates going out in the cold turned silent. Minutes ago, the two were bickering about the weather and what happened the night before. Why he suddenly stopped talking, she decided not to pry any further. Annoying him was more than enough to satisfy her need for laughter."Cheeto, where do you wanna go?"He grunted, sta
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Chapter 9Aster: third person's point of view.—Little did she know, Aster was really considering the idea of burying her in the snow.You can't blame his annoyance to the gorgeous lady, who just threw a snowball at his back."Hey!""Loosen up, grumpy Cheeto! Don't kill me inside your mind!"Should I regret coming with this hyper woman? Just what did she have for breakfast? One tub of sugar?"Aster."He turned around, only to see her grin mischievously. "Come on, let's get sick!"He crouched down, subtly gathering some snow with his gloves, his eyes still boring through Megan's hazel ones. "You're a bad influence, you know that?"She snorted and twirled a strand of her hair, batting her eyelashes. "It just hap
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Chapter 10Megan: third person's point of view.—Thanks.That's what was messily written on the paper Megan found on her doormat after changing her clothes that afternoon. She fought back the smile that was threatening to appear on her lips as she imagined what Aster would have looked like while attempting to write something nice.This...this is something I doubt he would do to someone else.She may or may not have squealed a few times.Now smiling, she opened the door, approaching the unit in front. She even forgot to wear her trusty flip flops but who cares?She knocked on the door, and a few seconds later, she heard something faint shuffling a few times.He's here.Biting her lip, she went
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