100 Days With Mr Romero

100 Days With Mr Romero

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"Can I taste you down there?" He said and I swallowed. "I want to claim you." His words disrupted my thoughts and I inhaled in a sharp breath. "When you fell on my hands before practically falling on the floor, I knew I just had to have you." His deep voice reverberated throughout the empty room. He was sounded confident—no he was confident. "Even if it's for a night." “I want to feel your skin on fire. I want to inhale the sharp of your breath as blood rushes through your body. Tell me bunny, are you wet right now?” He asked and I inhaled sharply. He growled. She was Fire, and he wanted to consume every bit of her. It was supposed to be a one night of fun, letting go and celebrating graduation from college. That was all Emma had bargained herself for. He was Gideon, the owner of the biggest club in New York and few other countries. A typical player? No that wasn't the type of man he was, but that didn't mean he didn't mind having some fun occasionally. Or maybe more than occasionally. What then happens when the one night of fun revolves into a forever when an unnerving situation binds both parties together? Would they be able to make the best out of the situation or would it turn out to be a disaster?

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Iris XX
A very intriguing book. I literally enjoyed every chapter. Thank you author
2022-11-29 19:29:16
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London Dupre
There is a lot of grammar issues and it is hard to understand the story because it’s all over the place
2023-04-06 05:49:02
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PROLOGUE Pregnancy was a joyous thing they say. A thing to be happy about. But why was I having mixed feelings towards this bun in my oven? I always expected to get pregnant yes, but that was not in my plan when I had slept with him. It was supposed to be a one night stand. It hasn't been in my plans to have a baby. How was he going to feel about this baby? Would he accept the baby? Would I—would we raise the baby together? What was to be expected of me? But still, I didn't regret sleeping with him. What I regretted doing was getting to carried away and forgetting to use the protection. But then the way he had rubbed, licked, sucked...., no Emily, You shouldn't be thinking of things like that. First, I had to get something in my stomach. I stood up, my handbag in my hand as I vacated the shelter of the warm cafe. Whatever was going to happen, I was keeping the baby—my baby.The breeze blew in an alignment into the room as I prepared the outfit I was planning to wear out tonight.
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Sticky. Everywhere felt sticky. I moved about, sticking my face into the soft cotton of the bed. It smelled really nice and I inhaled voluntarily as a delicious tingle spread within me like a blanket. The low moan that escaped me couldn't be helped and I continued to move about the bed."I guess you are awake." A deep vice resonated my sweet sleep and I rose, frantically. It was still dark, from the looks of outside, it seemed like it should be around 5am?I remembered this man, of course I did! I wasn't the type to forget everything that happened while drunk. Sadly. I could pass for that right now."Sorry, you are?" My voice was a mutter, coming out rough."The man who saved your drunk ass." He closed the portfolio he had been reading and threw it without care on the desk. That was when my brain finally decided to wake and I gazed around the surroundings. We were in an office. Inside the office was big and cold, a black wooden desk shared an empty common area with the plush looking
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"If we are going to get to it, you would have to take a deep breathe and relax. You have to trust me on this, Emma." Gideon's voice boomed huskily in the heated room and I shivered involuntarily. He grabbed me by my waist, moved me across the room and pushed me gently on the couch. His hands came to rest on my nape, caressing me and putting on switches in me. "Take a deep breathe in love, take another out." He commanded, his eyes running a lazy but sexy gaze around my face. I heeded to his command, taking full breathe in and out, and involuntarily causing a raise of my straining breast to clash against his chest. "Yeah, that's it baby girl. Breathe in and out, feel the rhythm, relax. I'm going to take good care of you." With each and every word, he moved closer to me, his breathe fanning my ears with each word coming out of his mouth. And then Gideon did something unexpected and thrilling. He blew air coming directly from his mouth into my ear and unto my neck. Goosebumps like ne
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My thoughts were scattered and haywire as I zipped my dress up. My back was twisted and arms turned diagonally to reach the zip point. That, that had been the best orgasm I had, had in my whole entire life and I couldn't help but look forward to tonight. I walked shamelessly past the elevator leading to the entrance of the bar, my hands raised to set up a cab. A long shadow leaned in right in front of me, blocking the early morning sun which was previously reflecting through my eyes. I raised my eyebrow. "I was instructed to get you to wherever you are going ma'm." A deep voice resonated and I blinked twice at the face of the man. His eyes were covered by deep back sun shades, wearing a luxurious suit"I'm sorry, but I don't think I ordered an...." my speech was cut off my the man, "yes ma'am. I know. Big boss ordered me to do so." "Big boss? I don't think I know anyone called that." I spoke, doing a quick survey through my memory."Uhm, the owner of this club, Mr Gideon." I could
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Everything was prepared already. I had bathed myself with women perfume, shaved every nook and crannies there was to clear. It's not like he hasn't seen it but still. After making sure the coast was clear, I put myself in a short white gown, accompanying it with light blue earrings. If he wasn't to mind, we could grab some dinner. Panic settled in me, washing and rushing past my mind like a glow of river. What if he refused to come? What if he decided I wasn't worth his time and decided to pass? I mean, he was Gideon. What if breeze blew away the address from the table and he couldn't find it? Something told me though, he would have still been able to track me down. And so I waited, an hour passed, two hours passed. There wasn't a specific time and I thought that maybe I had dresses too early. I had been ready since 6:00pm. And so I went on and on, waiting for the time when he would finally arrive.Like an expected event, Gideon didn't show up at all. I got up from the living room c
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"How do you want it? Do you want us to go straight ahead or you need a little time to cool off?" Gideon's deep voice reverberated throughout the entire room. Suddenly, I was nervous and I was beginning to feel sweat trickle into the inside of my palm. Maybe it was because I had canceled all plans of ever sleeping with him in my mind, whatever it was, was resulting to uncontrollable nerves. I pushed my fingers together to try to control my nerves a little. I felt my fingers shake a bit, and I cleared my throat. "I think it'd be better to cool off before diving into it. Except you have somewhere to go?" I asked more of stated.Gideon raised his hands to his chin, he was in a white suit and brown leather shoes. His lips were pinched together in thoughts and I was starting to have wild thoughts about them. Slowly but discreetly, I clutched my heating thighs together, briefly gazing out the window. The horizon of an incoming storm was shaped haphazardly on the sky. Tinges of pink and li
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"I know what you want baby," as soon as he spoke, both his hands grabbed my breast separately. He mashed them into his hands and giving them a through massage. My head dropped on his neck, curse words flying out of my mouth at the same time. Slowly, he sat on the couch and I was now seating on his laps. His fingers grabbed both of my nipples at the same time, giving it a soft pinch and I arched on his laps, my hands came out to hold his hands as a result to too much sensations but I had no use for it as his hands were latching into my breast. And so, I placed my hands on his own, following his hands as they managed my breast. The sight alone could have led me to come. Desperate, Gideon turned me around and immediately latched onto my right breast while his fingers toyed painfully sweet with the other. He grabbed my boobs, mashing them together and rushing both nipples into his mouth at the same time. I had now turned into a moaning mess on his laps. "You like that don't you? The way
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It had been two weeks. Two weeks since I had last seen Gideon. I had fallen into a normal routine without a memory of Gideon. Except he was still in my head. It was hard really, to forget a face like his, a skill like his. That morning, when he had dressed back into his suit. A silent agreement has been passed between the both of us. We had both agreed, it was going to be a one time thing. We were going to fall back into the life we had before knowing each other. He had placed a long sweet kiss on my mouth, mumbling incoherent words as he left the house and without a goodbye glance. It was the rule. The normal one night stand rule. Maybe I should have convinced him to be my friends with benefits? Would that have quenched the ever lasting hunger of him in me? Gideon followed my every touch. I got so familiar with his cologne immediately I smelt what the same type in the mall, i had jumped at it and picked it. Although it had caused a dent in my pocket. I smiled at the next customer
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"Still watching out for Max?" I asked her whilst laughing. "Yes, he's become so much of a bother these days. He cried in front of me yesterday, only to go to the locker room, arrive back and begin to bark orders at me like I'm his slave. At the end of the day, when I'm going he thinks I don't usually see him but he would walk me till I get to my street junction before coming back. To be honest, he's just giving me different vibes. And I've told him countless of times," Livvie folds the napkin, sighed and leaned on the table. "I've told him times without number even, that i am not interested. Would never be interested. I'm not even interested in being with a man at the moment. Is it that hard for him to digest?" I could tell she was frustrated by the matter already. "Awww darling, don't worry. I'd try my best to talk to him and tell him to back off." I placed my hands on her shoulder in encouragement. "Thank you, I really hope that works. I guess it's time for me to vanish now. I'm
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It's been 3 months. Three painful months since I had escaped from Gideon's claws. Apparently, I had also clawed at him. It's been three months since I had snatched my hand away from his and had run like an animal was hot on my tails. Why I had ran like that, I still didn't understand. The intensity of the kiss had reminded me of what I couldn't have even if I wanted. It's been two months precisely, since I had found out I was carrying a bun in me. It had come as a whiplash because out of all the surprises I had been expecting for even the whole year, pregnancy hadn't been a part. And it didn't take me long to piece it together, Gideon was the father of my baby. How would I have approached him that he had gotten me pregnant? Although I knew, Lily always reminded me that we were both in that together. The fault came from both of us. And since those two months, I had always chickened out anytime I wanted to call him. Of course, before I ran, he had squeezed his card into my bag and I
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