Sleeping With The Enemy

Sleeping With The Enemy

By:  Irresistiblyme  Ongoing
Language: English
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Caught in the web of danger and desire, Detective Chloe Madden finds herself ensnared in the intricate games of the notorious Mob Kingpin, Carter Gray. Despite her best efforts to remain focused on her duty to uphold the law, Chloe can't deny the magnetic pull she feels toward the enigmatic and dangerously charming criminal. As Chloe delves deeper into her investigation, she soon realizes that Carter Gray is playing her like a pawn in his deadly game. With every encounter, he taunts her with his seductive charm, knowing full well the effect he has on her. Despite her instincts warning her to stay away, Chloe finds herself drawn to Carter like a moth to a flame, unable to resist his intoxicating allure.

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chloe MaddenThe news of Carter Gray's arrest spread like wildfire through the police station, igniting a frenzy of activity. Whispers buzzed in the air, mingling with the sound of ringing phones and hurried footsteps. Carter Gray, the cold blooded mob kingpin, had finally been ‘caught’, sending shockwaves through the law enforcement community.Amidst the chaos, one name echoed louder than the rest: Detective Madden. Gray had demanded to speak with me and me alone. As I rushed towards the interrogation room, my mind raced with questions. Why would Carter Gray, a man of immense power and influence, want to meet with a lowly detective like me?I adjusted my badge and smoothed down my hair, attempting to compose myself before entering the lion's den. The weight of Gray's reputation bore down on me, threatening to crush any confidence that I had left. How did he even know who I was?As I stepped into the interrogation room, I was met with a sight that took my breath away. There, sitting
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Chapter 2
Chloe MaddenI nodded along as my father unleashed his fury at my boss, feeling a knot of frustration tightening in my chest. It was like being caught in the crossfire of a storm, helpless to do anything.“How could someone do this to my daughter in a fucking police station? Is this a joke? How could you let this happen?” My father's voice thundered, his anger palpable in the air. I bit my lip, resisting the urge to speak out, knowing it would only further enrage him."Sorry Commissioner Madden, but you know him—" My boss attempted to explain, but my father cut him off with a vehement retort."No, that man came in here and put his hands on my daughter. How dare he do that?" My father bellowed, his face contorted with rage. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. He was more concerned with his wounded pride than my safety.“How could you send Chloe in? She is the weak one. You thought she could stand up to a man like Carter?” My dad's accusation stung, though I remained silent, knowing it w
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Chapter 3
Chloe MaddenI sat in the corner of the office, holding my head in my lap as I tried to calm my racing thoughts. My sister wasn’t answering my calls even though I sent her a thousand messages about how my father had just arrested Asher Lancaster’s girlfriend, Zara, on a trumped-up charge.Zara's words spilled out in a flurry of nervous energy, her tone a mix of confusion and frustration. "I never did anything wrong," she protested, her voice rising slightly. "Is this about the dead rat I hid under Heather C’s car seat? It stank up so bad that she had to get rid of her car. But she bullied me throughout middle school, so I think I didn’t do anything bad. I just got even. This happened ten years ago!"As Zara continued to speculate about the reasons for her arrest, I couldn't help but shake my head at her obliviousness. This girl truly had a knack for incriminating herself without even realizing it. With a subtle gesture, I pressed a finger to my lips, silently urging her to stop talk
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Chapter 4
Chloe Madden “He is going to kill us. He is going to kill us.” I screamed as I told my sister what Carter warned me about. The words spilled out of my mouth in a panicked rush, each syllable loaded with fear and desperation. "Chloe, calm down," she commanded, her tone sharp and authoritative. "We need to stay calm. Dad will continue doing such things. We need to think of a permanent solution.”"But Jess, he was so... so sure of himself. He said he is going to finish it all now, he is tired of playing this game. What if he does something to mumma or you?" My voice was shaking, my hands trembling as I clutched at the memory of Carter's intense gaze and the chilling promise in his words.Jessica placed her hands on my shoulders, grounding me with her steady presence. "Chloe, listen to me. We knew this job wouldn't be easy, especially with someone like Carter Gray. He's used to getting what he wants and dad will never let that happen. So we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.”I
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Chapter 5
Chloe Madden“Oh god, I hate myself,” I mutter as I stare at the half-eaten and half-melted ice cream in my lap. The climax of *How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days* roll on the screen, and I groan as Matthew McConaughey kisses Kate Hudson. Yeah, this is what my life has come to—watching rom-coms and pretending I live in them.With a sigh, I shove the ice cream tub back into the freezer, lamenting my tragic love life. Just then, a sharp knock on the door startles me, making my cat, Mowgli, knock over the lamp as he bolts to my bedroom.So fucking dramatic.I glance at the clock—it's late, and the last thing I expect is a visitor. My heart races as I peek through the peephole and see Carter Gray standing on my doorstep, looking as dangerously charming as ever. My pulse quickens, a mix of fear and something else I don’t want to name surging through me.I open the door a crack, keeping the chain on. "What are you doing here, Mr. Gray? I am a police officer and what you're planning on doing is il
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Chapter 6
Chloe Madden With a nervous chuckle, I look at his handsome face, wondering what was going on his mind. The room is too quiet, the tension hanging heavy in the air. I can’t help but wonder how someone can be so unnervingly charming while simultaneously being so terrifying."So, what's the plan?" I ask, trying to keep my voice steady, hoping to buy some time to think of a way out of this mess.His eyes gleam with amusement as he steps closer, his breath warm against my ear. "The plan is to do something that puts my final message across well." He steps away as he removes a small first aid box from his case.My heart pounds in my chest as I glance around the room, searching for anything that could be used an excuse to get out of this. His gaze follows mine, and he lets out a soft, almost affectionate laugh."Looking for an excuse? You just have to say no, and I will leave," he says, his tone casual as he sets everything out on my coffee table like he's preparing for an art project rathe
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Chapter 7
Chloe MaddenI haven’t seen Carter in a month. He was right; the second I told everyone about the "attack," I was given police security. My mom and sister kept visiting me at my house. They were traumatised that I had to go through something so traumatic. I felt extremely guilty as they were so concerned about my mental health and ‘what I went through’. But all I could think of was Carter.That was all I thought about. Everyday.I hated myself for it.The chief of police decided to drop the case due to lack of evidence. I was certain I would never see him again. My father, after returning from his suspension, was ordered to drop his investigations into the mafia family "for now," which enraged him. He was mad at me and hadn’t spoken to me since the incident, saying I should have shot Carter dead when I had the chance. Other than that, he has been ignoring my presence, so nothing out of the ordinary.Life had settled into an uncomfortable routine. I went to work, came home, and deal
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Chapter 8
One Year LaterChloe MaddenThe peaceful lull that had settled over the city was shattered in an instant. Violent crimes reports every five minutes of kidnapping, murders and rape had filled the station. My chest fell to the ground as I helped an elderly couple file a report for their missing daughter.With the thousands of reports filled today, we knew something was amiss. Nothing seemed to add up. But as my team and I went through the descriptions there was one thing that was evidently clear. This had nothing to do with the Lancasters. As the dust settled, a chilling message spread like wildfire: a new mob was in town.The patterns of havoc and crime were very similar to Frank Barlow, a sixty-year-old madman who ruled over two of our neighbouring countries with an iron fist, had set his sights on this country. His reputation was one of unparalleled brutality and ambition. The name alone sent creeps down the spines of those who dared to not worship him.The police were at a loss. The
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Chapter 9
Chloe Madden The decision to seek help from the Lancasters was not without its controversy. Commissioner Madden, my father, was vehemently opposed. His pride and sense of justice refused to bend, even in the face of such overwhelming danger.To my surprise, the chief of police didn’t call the entire precinct to the conference. It was just a few people, and for a moment, I worried that Greg had revealed I was the one who provided Carter's number. But I knew he was not a snitch.I breathed in deeply before entering the office, my heartbeat increasing when I saw my sister, the lieutenant, my father, Greg, and the chief already present in the room.“Okay, everyone is here, and I am happy that Carter’s reply came swiftly, but it isn’t what anyone expected. So I am just going to read it out,” the chief said as I walked around the room to stand next to my sister.“The letter reads as follows:‘To the Chief of Police,I am deeply hurt by the actions taken against me and my associates. It see
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Chapter 10
Chloe MaddenAt exactly 8 p.m., I stood outside the imposing building that housed Carter’s office. The city’s lights reflected off the sleek glass facade, casting an almost eerie glow. Taking one last deep breath, I entered, ready to confront the dangerous and alluring man who held our city’s fate in his hands.I had gotten dressed at the precinct, where they had brought the dress and a makeup artist named Cindy. My lieutenant told me that Carter might be a little attracted to me and we needed to play that angle to our advantage. I wasn’t very comfortable with this because I always felt like he knew I was attracted to him, which is why he would flirt with me to use me. Deep down, I knew he didn’t really like me; he was just someone who enjoyed playing games and making people blush.The deep, crimson red dress hugged my curves in all the right places. The fabric was smooth and luxurious, flowing down with a subtle slit on one side. The neckline was tasteful yet alluring, showing just
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