So Far Away

So Far Away

By:  Everest Santiago  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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Emillia Lucille has everything. Money, looks, fame, family. You name it, she has it. Her luxury is never ending, so is her career as a model in an international agency owned by her father. Many envy her. Many tried to be her, but they failed. She is invincible. With her cold heart and charming look, she became the person every man and woman wanted and hated at the same time. But everything changed when she received a photo from an anonymous sender. A photo she ought to keep until she dies. A photo that can harm not only her career but also herself. A photo that will reunite her with her lost self and its acquaintances. Will she be able to reconnect to the past and fight the situation she was fated to face? Or will she be forever locked from it? And just like it, will she remain so far away?

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Frechie Fernandez - Grana
Good luck... Breath... I love this...
2021-07-26 10:25:40
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Alyza Marie
Ah! Worth the wait! I'll keep looking for more chapters. Hahaha.
2021-07-17 19:52:18
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2021-07-13 02:15:53
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Alyza Marie
Recommended! The scars of the past will keep us moving forward to a better future!
2021-07-08 19:48:51
24 Chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1                             Flashing lights welcomed me as I walk towards the stage. My hips were swaying in every step while maintaining my shoulders at rest. I am just glad to be in this spotlight. Everybody is here to watch me. Even the highest paid actor is here almost drooling in my look.                          I catch his stare. I gave a seductive smile and look at him intently. His eyes were burning and so is my body. But before he can make a move, I took a step back and walk again towards the dressing area.                        
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Chapter 2
                          “What’s my schedule for today, Helene?” I yawned and squinting my eyes shut as the sun rays hit my face. I let out a groan when my assistant didn’t respond.                         The sun’s already up and here I am, just had a wild night. I remember taking body shots with random strangers. The After Party Show is really amazing. If can live like that forever, I will do it. I can even recall making out with one of my colleagues. Nevertheless, no one will know it. They are all wasted, just like me. And may my dreams be damned for I have nothing but a peaceful slumber.              
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Chapter 3
                       “Calm down, okay?” Helene whispered, comforting me. I was still crying. There’s just too much pain. I can’t even utter a word!                           I am too scared to look at my phone again. Knowing that the message is still there is enough to make my heart swell.                       How can they know about this?                       I did everything to hide this, but how?      
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Chapter 4
                        It's been week since I've receive the message. And I've already made up my mind to give the digging work to my investigator, who’s also a friend of mine.                         Meanwhile, I've been busy with my shoots and career. I tried my best not to overthink about the message. But there are times that I am spacing out.                         "Can Clint do this?" my stylist, Cruella, asked me. She's pouting her lips like she wants to kiss. Her right arm was angled and the back of her palm rested on her chin.       &nbs
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5                   Emilia’s                        Who is she to begin with?                          She is not a celebrity.                          She is not a politician.                          Never became a director!             &n
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Cairo’s  “You can’t make me marry someone, Sullivan.” I smirked and throw a punch to his side. He kneeled on the ground, coughing. Good for him, he deserves it.  “But it is stated in his will.”  I stretch my neck and crack my knuckles, preparing to give him another blow.  How can that man do that to me? He’s now six feet below the ground yet, he can still give me a headache. I thought I was his favorite grandchild?  “I am telling the truth, Cairo,” he continued. “Please don’t do this or else-”  I cut his words.  “Or else? What? You’ll call the cops?” I laughed. Seeing him so pathe
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7   “Is she okay?”   “Hush.”   “I am asking you if she is okay.”   “She’s not!”   I opened my eyes due to the annoying voices I can here.   “Can you please shut up?” I groaned and look at them one by one. I can smell the disinfectant and the chemicals around the air. White there are white painted walls and a big window on my right.   “She’s awake!” Marco screamed.   Wait? Marco?   He’s here?   How?   Why?   “Hurry call the doctor!” Helene immediately left the room to call a doctor.   “Where am I?” I asked Marco, who’s on his knees praying to me like I was a saint. He kept muttering, ‘Thank God.’ And I don’t know why.   “Marco Levin!” I called his attention. H
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Chapter 8
"I didn't expect you to agree to his offer, Lia." Marco, who's busy shuffling the music from my playlist, glanced at me with confusion.  "What offer?" I asked. I tapped the steering wheel as the traffic didn't bother to move. It's been three hours since we left home to travel into that stupid town.   "You know, going back to Seviwood," he sang. The traffic is annoying, but Marco is more annoying. If he didn't make a plea to my dad to let him attend the reunion, maybe I am alone in my car playing Taylor Swift's songs over and over again.   Seviwood is an approximately five-hour drive from Esterlight, traffic excluded. Now we are
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Chapter 9
 "Oh, My God!" Aunt Meryl screamed as soon as she recognized me. She tackled me with a hug, which I didn't expect from her.  "Hi, Auntie." I awkwardly bit my lip and hug her back. Fortunately, before she can ask me her offensive questions like, 'Why are you so skinny?' Marco Levin interrupted by faking a cough.  Thank you.  "Oh! Is that Marco?"  Finally! I have escaped from her hug. She walked towards Marco, who's already opened his arms to welcome Auntie's warm embrace. I rolled my eyes to insult him, but he just smirks. "I am so glad that Lucia's daughter brought you here!" Auntie exclaimed. She even mentioned me as her older sister's daughter, which is awkward. I am the only daughter my mother and father have in their five kids.  "Yeah," Marco replied.  "Why don't we com
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10“Ahhhh!” A scream made me stop walking along the crowd. I glanced at the owner of the high pitched voice and saw my cousin, Andromeda rushing towards us wearing her pink bikini and strap sandals. “Be careful, Andromeda!” Aunt Meryl shouted. She’s really protective towards her only daughter. I rolled my eyes when she tackled Marco to the ground. My friend squealed and they both laugh at the sands. I rolled my eyes and just walk away from their place. “Annoying humans!” I muttered, “Who are they to act like they missed each other like they’re cousins?” I wore my sunglasses and walk along a group of teenagers who’re probably around their early twenties. They are having fun and I am not. I look like an outcast in this group.  Good thing I am wearing my black swimsuit, beach hat and a gorgeous pai
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