So Nice

So Nice

By:  Pulfola  Completed
Language: English
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After a brutal, heart wrenching family split, Tiana Williams began to unveil life as parent's divorce pushed her into the limelight in a school where she was socially inexistent. Nothing is warmer than the bad boy with a sweet heart caring for the quite nerd. Her new phase of life cracks a wall for Blake Anthony to creep in. She felt getting high over everything as she thought she lost it all, not knowing she just started. A young teenager with low knowledge of life starts analysing and making life decisions recklessly. It didn't go well, it wasn't so nice, it was more than a disaster. Little did she know that she had many things left from her first loss. So Nice#ProjectNigeria

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50 Chapters
Chapter one
Tiana's POV It was the mid year season again. The time that students gets eager to vacate and start a new session; a new dawn. I grew up to note that you won't realize when you exhaust the season. But God created that year a different one for me. Instead of being eager for the season to end, I never wanted it to end. Fear came over and changed everyone completely. My father slipped out a note briskly from one of suitcases and handed it over to my mum. Instantly I felt a pain rush through my body and leaned against the door for support. I had believed in forever, that everything will stay the same. But I believed there's a secret and I don't know about this whole thing. I watched them as they kept stealing glances at me while they exchanged papers. The reality is here for me to face but it wasn't not easy to. What about the memories, the love we shared together, is it just going to crash within a couple of hours? Just then, his phone rang and he stared at me like a thief that stol
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Chapter two
Tiana's POVIt's been days now and I saw him but traces of things he left behind. He never came to visit me like he promised. I forced myself out of the bed and stretched myself. I feel like my whole joint have been stiffened together and I felt lazy and weak. Even if he was still going to stay in touch with me, it's not gonna be like before. My mum told me that he has another family to return to when he leaves.The fact is that the intimacy has been lost. I screw up strength to move, I felt so light; never felt like this before I swear. I crawled up to my bed and slept back again. I rolled to and fro on the bed and collapsed on the bare floor. I couldn't go climb the bed anylonger so slept off on the floor. **************I woke up with tear stained face and broken body. I stared at the wall clock;it was 8:05pm. "Fuck it"I mumbled to myself trying to get up. I feel less pain now, I mean emotional pain. I crawled to my bed and climbed up. I took
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Chapter three
7:30am...Tiana's POV "Ding Ding"I know I would definitely wake up late, I don't know what's wrong with me I can't just help it . I stared at the wall clock,Goddd!!! it's 7:30am already.I jumped from my bed and dashed to the bathroom. After I had taken my bath, the rest of my dressing was a rushie.I posed in front of the mirror. I think I look okay now. I stucked my phone inside my jacket breast pocket and plugged in my earphones to my ear to listen to Back to you by Selena Gomez.I was about to rush the stairs when I remembered my mum, I paused; confused. I don't just want to see her but I must.I reluctantly dragged my legs to her door. I knocked patiently waiting for response."The door is not locked" She said following the sound of my knock. I creeped in to find her eyes glued to her phone."I am leaving for school"I said waiting to be ignored."Bye" she replied not looking at me. Then I saw some five hundred Naira notes on a nearby table beside me."I am taking this money alo
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Chapter four
Tiana's POVI was still at the entrance of the lockeroom with the paper in my hand. I couldn't stop staring at it with so much pain. I don't deserve this even if I wasn't his type.I picked up the remains of my broken self and put on the best of my smile on my face and pretend as if nothing happened. Because if I don't, I'm about to whack garnished beans if I loose concentration on reading.I dusted my book that dropped on as a result of excess thinking and shrugged off the remaining pain off my body. The piece of paper dropped on the floor. As I bend to pick it up I read it once and broke down again. I used my left palm to clean my face."Hey bby doll!" I looked up to see Tinashe Benjamin. The upcoming cheerlady of Stockfield high. Another name for perfect is Tinashe Benjamin only that she isn't that good at academics, but this girl is fucking hot. Pink small lips,brown eyes, and natural facial beauty. She have this pear shape that gets my class boys on their knees. No wonder why Bl
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Chapter five
Tiana's POV2:35pmI just got home now. I couldn't find my mum at home and I sighed. it's something I've got used to.I laid on the bed with my back, trying to figure out what happened today. I laughed at myself hailing myself for what I did to him even though a strong feeling of insecurity have overwhelmed me.Will he hit me back? No, he doesn't hit girls but that doesn't make him a fool. I was still trying to figure out a kind of punishment he would give a girl like me when I thought my phone?Where the hell is my phone?? Or has he taken it as a sign of punishment?? He can't do anything else but not my phone!Just then Patricia came in. I raised my face up and gave a look of what_can_do_for_you??"Benard said you forgot your phone in car, so here you go"she said, handing over the phone to me.My face softened and I smiled"Ohhhh thanks alot I do appreciate extend my gratitude to him"I said as she leaves and I bolted the door behind her.I collapsed on the bed and began to check my
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Chapter six
Tiana's POV7:30amI came down from the car with random thoughts flowing on my little head. My heart kept skipping beats like mad. Then I offered a silent prayer.O God, as am about to enter the class may I not encounter evil (Blake).Then I made my way to the class. I was just about to step on varanda when I saw him running towards the direction of Mr. Jaiye's office. Probably for submitted notes. When I saw him, my legs failed me. Like he knew I was beside him, he turned and stopped. I had wanted to run back but I my legs were dead.He shrugged off and continue his race.Hallelujah!!I entered the class, went for my literature textbook. Our literature teacher might want to distribute our scripts back to us. I went back to class immediately. All these while I never saw Blake and I was grateful for.As I was busy thanking God for his grace, Blake entered with the literature teacher.Gbam!!What made me choke was that he was coming towards me where as, our seats were no way together.
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Chapter seven.
Tiana's POVI got home thirty minutes later. The traffic pitied me today. "Mom?" I called settling on the couch. She was so engrossed with the conversation she was having with a guy that only God knows that she might noticed I was around or she intentionally ignored me."Huh!Kini yen?" She asked as if I was disturbing her from doing something relevant."Hey! Let me greet my baby" the empty headed dude said turning to me." My name is Michael Bamidele,but you can call me Mike."Should I now be running away?He gestured an handshake and I just keep staring at the crook. Then my mum shot me a death glare that made me to reluctantly gave in my hand. And removed it immediately."What's your name pretty" he asked with this sheepish grin refusing to leave his face."Tiana" I murmured softly."What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you. Baby you've got a beautiful name for this girl" he said the last statement to my mum.My mum was just beaming with smiles like a person that won a big
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Chapter eight
7:35am"Are you not to going to school today, Blake, and you're still on your ned!" Blaire yelled nosily, waking me up from my sweet slumber."Wake up!" She was already beside me in my room, shoving the blanket off my body and hitting the pillow on my head."Fuck!" I groaned and rolled from her."Fuck?!" She laughed hysterically. "Wake up and dress up for school, thank goodness we are not going to same school, this is not a matter of wait for me" she laughed againWe were not attending same school; I liked it like that. At least; she's free from wicked claws of boys that lost their girlfriends through me and would be willing to take revenge from any kind of sister; even if it's a day old baby. Mad boys."Better be going,am not leaving this room till noon" I replied trying to cover myself with my hands. The harsh breeze blew on my body and made me felt like screaming."Mummy, Blake doesn't want to go to school"she screamed over to our mum and I felt like covering her mouth. It was more
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Chapter nine
Blake's POV3:05pm"Looks like someone's getting better" Nicholas noted, grinning before I pulled him in for a sideway bro hug. My other hand was glued to the drip injection.Drake, Justin and others got the same. Some of girls were there as well; Tinashe, Clare, Halima, Oyindamola and Damilola.If only one was among; I won't even be bothered if others never came.We'll she's not here, and I must appreciate those who came. I gave Tinashe a kiss on her cheek; everybody was shocked, that's unexpected. Even herself could not hide the surprise look on her face. In fact, I was surprised at myself.Anything to get her out of my brain.Other girls got a wave. (I cannot come and kill myself).Tinashe sat beside me on the bed holding my hand. Weird and unexpected abi? I pushed her away and disgraced her yesterday yet she's here to check on me. I never did that to her (Tiana) and she's behaving like deputy Jesus.Everyone sighed coincidentally at once; it won't last (Tinashe's sudden treatment).
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Chapter ten
Tiana's POV After the long wait, Monday is finally here.Las Las I could not wait for Monday to come. Saturday and Sunday was boring, only for Sunday's teen class at church that was not. I was currently inside the car, heading to school with anger of seeing her again. Any fucking mistake I'll fight anybody or anything that comes my way. I swore silently. And the girl should be the one that will beat you insteadMy subconscious mocked my bragging self.My weak self heard his voice on the phone again and melted. He's so irresistible. I like admitting myself, it makes for quick solution to any problem.Tis  my life, my world and I rule it. So.. I can resist him."Tianaaaa! What are you thinking about!!?" Benard woke me from my dre
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