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He stares into her eyes like a mirror. He tears his shirt and she bites down on her lip as his body seduces her. He puts an arm around her and draws her close to his body. Rachael’s heart pounds in her chest like a drum. She can feel his hot breath against her neck. “Rachael,” she hears a familiar and alluring voice. Rachael can hear Samuel’s voice but she cannot see him. “I want to hold your small hands and kiss them,”. She feels little kisses on her fingers. “I want to touch you,” his voice says and she closes her eyes. Rachael feels a soft hand press hard against her nipple and she lets out a moan. She raises her head to see Gabriel still looking at her. He bends and kisses her neck, he nibbles her neck and traces his way to her collar bone. Gabriel smiles as Rachael’s body grows weak against his. He says something but Rachael cannot hear his words. His mouth moves but he has no voice. “Rachael,” Samuel’s voice calls out to her, a voice without a body. Rachael is a girl trying to come to terms with her father’s death. Things seem normal until she meets the twin supernatural. Things change when the twins develop feelings towards her. Bonds are tested between them as they long for her all the while running from Dracula. Rachael learns about her family secrets. She endures pain and finds courage in her journey. The twins face Dracula in a grand finale and their love for Rachael will be tested with a heavy sacrifice. Secrets will be discovered. Bonds will be tested. Will Rachael survive her new chaotic world?

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Belynda Jane Starbuck
Very different main characters and an interesting storyline
2021-12-31 05:33:39
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Amarachi Dominic
A good storyline. Different point of views from the different characters. Simply a lovely build up. Anticipating the end.
2022-03-12 21:54:12
user avatar
Great storyline. The first chapter was amazing. Bravo author.
2022-12-03 16:28:07
62 Chapters
What led to this situation? Rachael thought as she looked at her father in the driver’s seat. She could see the fear in his eyes and that was something she rarely saw in her father, fear. Mr. McQueen was breathing hard, his grip on the steering wheel tightened as he drove faster. How could my daughter have gotten into this? This is all my fault. If I had come clean she wouldn’t have followed me, he thought as sweat dropped down his face. He moved fast, turning the other cars into a string of blurry images. Mr. McQueen matched the brakes as a woman suddenly appeared a few meters in front of the car, an action that would cost him. Immediately the brakes kicked in he heard a loud noise and felt a heavy object crash into his side of the car. His vision was distorted as the car stumbled and rolled across the road. His body hurt and his mind scrambled with the shattered glass piercing his body. Rachael opened her eyes, blood was all over the place; she was upside down and she wonder
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It’s been five years since Rachael lost her dad to a car accident. Every year she visits his grave on the anniversary of his death to talk and share her story of life. Like he could hear; this time she was with John, a friend. After a bit more talking she decides it is time to leave. She gets into the car and John drives off; there is silence as he drives. "Why do you keep hurting yourself?" John asks, Rachael just keeps quiet. John sighs "Rachael... " "Don't worry John, I'm fine" she interrupts him. John knows she isn't okay. She needs to move on. John parks at the parking lot provided by the bank they work in, Peoples United Bank. Rachael works at the customer care centre in the bank. Yes, she is the receptionist alongside her friend, Mary Sullivan, who is covering for her. "Hey Mary, I’m back. Thanks" "Sure, but you do owe me" Mary says with a lovely smile that shows her dimples on both sides of her face, something Rachael envies in her friend. Mary is 5'8ft with long blac
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“Good afternoon, Rachael”, Eric says with a radiant smile exposing a clean set of teeth.Eric is 5'10ft tall and chubby. He is dark in complexion and has a black short haircut. "The manager said I should give this to you" Eric hands a file to her. She opens it, she realizes it’s a copy of her C.V. which she submitted when she first came for the job. The word 'FIRED' is stamped on it in red.“What's this? " she is shocked and angry, "What? " she shows Eric, he gasps."Whoa,” the surprise appears on his face, "Fired? This cannot be a coincident”Just about the same time I got offered another job.She leaves her post angrily and walks away. “Rachael, where are you going?” Eric asks, “To find out why I am being fired,” she says as she storms off in anger. She reaches the personnel department where a secretary sits in front of the personnel office.“I want to see them,” Rachael says as she walks towards the door but the secretary stops her.“I am sorry Rachael, but I was told to not let
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Monday. "Yeah. Thanks," Gabriel cuts the call. Gabriel wears a black Burberry leather jacket; the weather is cold in Queens, New York, on this day. Samuel just wears his usual tux, he sits on a sofa away from Gabriel as he sips his wine, "That was Amanda" Gabriel says, "So, what's new?" Samuel asks. "Father has sent some people to find us" "So, they won't find us" "Samuel, he sent trackers" "What? Father doesn't like dogs". "Do you think he knows about Rachael?" "I doubt that, but if he finds us he will find her" "Yes and devour all three of us. And I don't know about you but I'm not dying anytime soon". "What are you two devils planning now?" a lady says, "Elma" the twins chorus. Elma is 5'10ft, she has long blonde hair that she loves to show off. She is fair in complexion with a radiant aura, she has sexy curves, nice tits that are complemented with a nice set of ass, full sexy lips and blue eyes. Every fuckboys dream girl. "If it isn't the vampire after my own heart"
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The background is painted by the evening's dark blue sky. The stars decorate the sky with its glimmer and astronomical secrets. Gabriel can perceive different scents; cigarettes, alcohol, puke, blood and even the pee of the girl that passed by him, crazy heightened senses. He stands at a balcony inside of the club admiring the beauty of human vices caress it’s way into the young party lovers. Rachael meets him, "Hey, Samuel" "Gabriel, woman" "O. Where is Samuel?" "Dead", what an ass, she thinks. "Why are you always like this? " "Like what?" "Cold. I mean I know you have a heart" "What do you want, Rachael? ". Okay, she realizes that starting a conversation with Gabriel isn’t a good idea. "Okay. I will go and find your brother", Gabriel ignores her. Rachael walks away mumbling words of insult. She doesn’t notice that she is close to Samuel until she bumps into him and spills his drink on herself. "Crap, I didn't see you there. Sorry" Samuel says as he helps her to take off her
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Samuel sits at a counter in the club where a waitress gives him a glass of Bourbon.He sips his drink and taps his fingers on the black quartz countertop.Gabriel walks in and joins his brother at the counter."So, how was your night Gabriel? " Samuel asks with a naughty looking smile, "Since when did you care about how I sleep? " "Not how brother, where? ".Gabriel grunts, “Please don't pretend like you didn't sleep at Rachael's," Samuel says."What is that suppose to mean?" "You tell me, brother" "Are you trying to get killed? " "I don't mind a little fight Gabriel".There is silence between the men as they hold each other’s gaze."Did you at least find Nightmare?", Gabriel frowns before giving his twin an answer."No. Not even in her memories but she now knows that it's for killing the supernatural" "We may need to talk to John"."Talking about him, what’s your problem with the guy? " "Nothing. He just looks like dinner", Gabriel looks at Samuel like a freak as he raises a brow, "Cr
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Rachael runs into a park a few blocks away. As a little girl, she would always come to the park whenever she got sad and her father would always come to get her. He would bring flowers as a gift as he bathe her with compliments to brighten her mood. But now, that is all a memory of the past. A memory she buried in a box but has now been opened. Rachael walks until she sees an empty bench where she sits, “Why me?”. “A story is never good without a damsel,” Samuel says as he appears before her teary eyes. “Go away, leave me alone" she says, still agitated. He sits beside her, “I am sincerely sorry about this Miss McQueen” “Why me? Why my father? Why did my mother lie to me?”. Samuel scratches his head, “I don’t know Rachael. Look, your mother loves you very much. Your parents hid their secrets from you because they wanted a better life for you, a peaceful life. Our lives aren’t peaceful Rachael, I’m just sorry destiny brought you into it" he says. “Samuel, please tell me what’
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“Rachael", Mrs McQueen mumbles as she watch her daughter leave the house in anguish. The twins share a gaze before they return their eyes to the sad mother. Mrs McQueen never wanted her daughter to be involved in her father’s world after all it almost ended her life once. Rachael had always looked up to her father but even she didn’t know everything about him. Parents keep secrets to protect their kids. “Don't worry Mary, she’ll come around” Gabriel says, “I don’t want her to come around. I want her to be safe". She turns and face the twins, “I’ll go make sure she is okay, ” Samuel says, “Let’s go,” Gabriel says. “Don’t worry brother, I can handle it. Stay here" Samuel says and walks away. “Don't worry, she is a strong woman". Mrs McQueen stares at Gabriel who can almost taste her dismay, bitter. The room is silent and awkward like a cemetery until the door opens with a hard thud and a thunderous rain named John drops into the scene. He opens the door with a familiarity th
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Chapter VIII
Gabriel and Mrs McQueen are at Oyster Bay, New York, waiting for the arrival of Rachael and Samuel. “I hope they are alright” Mrs McQueen says as she chews at the tip of her thump. “Don’t worry, Mary. Nothing will happen to her as long as my brother is there, he is someone to be feared”, Gabriel says with confidence. The wind beat against the windshield as the speedometer just goes over 120km/ph. Samuel presses his foot hard against the throttle, he overtakes an Audi on the road. The winds blows against Rachael's hair and it's disruptive blow play with her ear.Rachael glances at him and notice his eyes, their blue glow look captivating. How can such beauty carry darkness of unknown depth? Is it still the same boss she is familiar with? Blood. The image of dismantled corpses highlighted through a wobbly array of lights flashes through her mind. She gets goosebumps as this memory surfaces. “What is it?” Samuel asks in a harsh voice, “N-nothing,” she stammers, “Then look some
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“Shit” Mrs McQueen and Samuel see the jeep ram into the Porsche and tumble it.Crashing it to the side of the road.All of the anger in Mrs McQueen tells her to ram her car into the jeep and Samuel sees this as he takes a look at her.“Divert into a corner so we aren’t seen” Samuel says, “It would be smart to follow after”.She slows down the car and diverts to the left junction obediently like she is being controlled.That was close. If I didn’t do this she would have gotten us in trouble.Samuel directs her to another street and somehow finds a way to have her park a few blocks away where the accident is still visible to him. Three more Jeeps join the scene and Samuel sees men in black suits raise badges and disrupt the few vehicles on the road.They create a perimeter round the cars involved and pull out Rachael. She is unconscious.Samuel wants to get closer, he wants to rip the throats of these weaklings that have done this but he swallows his anger and waits patiently.Observin
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