Lancelot's Secret

Lancelot's Secret

By:  Amanda Blight  Completed
Language: English
6 ratings
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The country is shocked to the core at the two brutal murders of two women from the high class society. Detective Frost and his assistant Jane are given the case where they start trailing the murders and find that all is not as it seems.It takes them to the moors of the countryside of England where murders and secrets are running galore.And in that Detective Frost is shocked when he finds a man who is something else but shows that he is not so. Accused of two murders, Lancelot Bradbury, the next in line to become the Earl of Bradbury is not what Detective Frost had expected. Neither did he expect to fall in love with the accused.Now he will go to any lengths to protect his love, no matter what the price!!!

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a very good book! by the way, is there any socmed that i can follow?
2021-08-03 13:46:31
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Judith O.
Amazing read!!! The Synopsis was captivating, plus the mysteries everywhere that seemed unending, kept me on edge!!
2020-08-08 20:39:29
user avatar
What a wonderful work! Honestly-- can't wait to read more.. one of those rare books that get you hooked! <3
2020-07-21 00:09:23
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Ashea Sparks
intimidating.. honestly, it hooked me well that i can't wait for another update.
2020-06-17 17:44:14
user avatar
N. F. B. E.
The synopsis made a great impact on me lol. I'm loving thissss! ?
2020-06-17 14:58:46
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Wendy Martin Pulsifer
More from this Author. Loving the books . I want to give 5 stars but it will only allow me to give 4
2022-09-11 22:34:10
75 Chapters
 The person behind Claire was a young man, Asian, handsome as hell. He was clad in a tight black t-shirt and jeans, all as perfect as the day they were purchased. She could detect the scent of an exquisite cologne lingering in the air. She closed her eyes momentarily and took a small step backwards. The aroma was enough to flood her brain with endorphins, it was heady, perfect. She glanced downward as if to check her charm bracelet and in doing so scanned his hands for a wedding ring, none. With a slow exhale she turned to face forwards again. She considered how to start a conversation: bumping, fainting, dropping something on his feet. Without realizing she had formed a decision she turned, her bracelet now in her hand. Just before release the blonde guy next to him threw his arm around his shoulder. They two me
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Chapter 1
 In every big city in America, there was a small part of the city which was better known as Chinatown. London was no different at all, here also there was a city where people came to find marrow of the white tiger’s bones for the sake of increasing their virility or even might be something lamer than that. The restaurants in Chinatown were supposed to be the best and they were the main stream of income in this part of the town except the drug deals which took place when every single refugee had gone back to sleep.And there was another thing that no one, usually the one which no one took care of but respected from afar and remained silent about it. In every Chinatown there were ghosts, and everyone knew because this was common knowledge that if not anything else spirits of dead people were supposed to be treated with reverence. They haunted the quiet Tai Tung village in China as well as the garish and loud Beach street wh
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Chapter 2
 It all started with the terrified scream of a frightened woman. A scream pierce the winter morning like the air raid sirens did a few years before. It echoed through the terraced houses making the origin hard to pin-point. The first cries were undoubtedly terror, but not the shrill cries of a movie theatre, the cries of one with eyes locked wide and every muscle rigid. The next were of pain, garbling and pitiful. The boys found her, most of them taking off after the attacker without any luck.We can never truly feel another's pain, but that scream of the young girl came close. It was the kind of scream that puts every other thought on hold and roots everyone close in the very same agony. There wasn't a person in a hundred feet that didn't come running, most of them with cell phones already out to dial for ambulance.But she had not made it. The paramedics had tried saving her but it was already too lat
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Chapter 3
 When Susan got the call she was asleep in her room and she could hear the soft snoring of Grubby from the room opposite to her. As soon as the phone rang with a shrill ringtone, she cursed her fate for not being able to get any sleep at all.“I am going to be there as soon as possible,” said Susan as she hung up the call and then found that James was standing in her doorway.“Everything alright?” asked James as Grubby trotted inside and placed his chin on her bed.“Yeah, I just got called on a possible homicide case in Chinatown. I need to go, since I am the only one closest to that area. Would you be alright alone for a few hours?” asked Susan as she scratched Grubby behind his ears and James nodded silently.“It is quite late James. So no watching TV. And please sleep. You need the rest, you have taken quite a
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Chapter 4
 Sunlight filled the sky, pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land. Sparrows chirped an explicit background melody. With breath paused in his lungs, he wished time would halt. The trees shone as if they were wearing golden crowns and the vast sea was not able to absorb the bright sparks of the sun. The tides on the sea were racing among each other to reach the horizon from where the mighty godlike sun appeared. And though time continued, the emotions that flowed stilled my soul.The curtains add an orange glow to the morning light, every morning a perfect sunrise. It reminds the young man of the times he slept in a beach hut, watching the ocean emerge under the golden shimmer. For a moment his mind conjures the rhythmic waves, soft on the sandy shore and feels his heart beat to the same slow pace. He breaths in deeply. A new day has begun. He reaches his hand out to the fabric, noticing ho
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Chapter 5
 Nathan Frost’s POVPolice tape was strung across the entrance to the house on the corner, before Jane and I turned into the next quiet street so that to not alert the cops present on duty. We still had no idea who had been assigned the case and who had been the first one to be here on the scene. I was driving slowly pulling in next to the tape. As I alighted from the car, Jane followed my suit. I did not even bother to tell to stay in the car because she was never going to listen to me like always.The body had been hurriedly and hastily covered with a bed-sheet so that to not disturb any of the onlookers in case someone did slip inside. Slipping on my latex gloves, I pulled away the bed-sheet and sucked in a breathe sharply. It was not a pleasant sight at all.The woman on the floor was lifeless. Lifeless. Her auburn hair was scattered in multiple places, stained with dr
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Chapter 6
 There was no ring or watch on the hand but there were tattoos on it. That was not the strangest part. It was a heavy hand which meant that it would take considerable amount of skill and strength in order to slice the hand in this way.“So it was just lying here in this way?” asked Susan as she looked at the hand still not convinced that this was all the part of one incident which had no head or tail whatsoever.“Yeah, fresh and warm meat like that with the scent of blood that would mean that rats would have been pretty quick to make a nice clean work of it,” replied the cop whose name Susan did not even bother to remember.“No nibbles here, as I can see,” said Susan and she turned towards Bill who had crouched down beside her as well and he said,” This means that it has not been here for that long.”&ldquo
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Chapter 7
 Nathan pressed the numbers for Commander’s private line at the Yard and he was breathing out a sigh of relief when he realized that Commander himself had received the call. Jane was seated beside him while the call was happening in the car and she had heard every single word uttered by the man and she could tell that the older man was anything but livid.“Bloody hell Frost!!! What are you even saying?” he yelled at the phone and Nathan had to hold the phone at a distance.“Yes Commander! I am telling you the truth. There was no guard on the corpse, it was lying there while he was conducting a huddle. He desperately is in the need of attention towards himself in such manner that he is even ready to compromise the investigation for that,” said Nathan and Jane showed him a thumbs up. Even though she was itching to get back to the morgue and conduct the dissection on the corps
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Chapter 8
 Lancelot bit his lip just a little as he watched the man in front, perfection in denim. He let his eyes rise to his shoulders, broad and inviting, his type. But this wasn't a day for distractions no matter how gorgeous. Pippa would already be waiting for him at the old Inn. The man was too perfect. His smile was soft with a hint of femininity, his strong bone structure was all male. Lancelot let his eyes linger for just a fraction longer than was customary, his usual "test." Sure enough the man gazed back, unguarded and calm.This was a small town where almost everyone knew every one. And even though Lancelot did not like the fact that he did not have any anonymity at all it did not probably hurt him that there was a considerable amount of prestige related with his name which he bore. Even though it did not bring him any pride at all.“Maria, please bring me my usual. I am in a really sour mood t
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Chapter 9
 A young woman came in their direction and said,” I am Constable Velds. You can call me Carla.”Nathan’s reverie was broken at her voice and Jane smiled at the young woman. It seemed that she was a misfit in this particular station. Carla extracted a bunch of keys from inside the pocket. It was not dangling on her belt from where it could be snatched immediately. That was a very sensible thing to do and the young woman seemed a real gem, Nathan noticed that carefully and then he sent Jane a signal. When they were out of earshot of the Mustard covered Sergeant, Jane spoke to Constable Velds smiling at her.“I may need to interview you about the conditions here. Where is a good place to start that if I want to meet you and Mr. Frost wants me to do that? I think he would decide that he would like me to do that,” said Jane. She liked this girl on her first impression and that h
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