Thirty Five

“Congratulations, Dianne!” Anna hugged her. “I’m excited for you!”

Anna looked at Gabriel who was smiling from ear to ear and also looking at her.

“Good job, Dude! I’m happy for you,” he said, averting his eyes from Anna.

“Kuya, I’ll be first this time.”

“Don’t worry, Kid. I’m not too far behind,” he smiled and looked at Anna.

Don Miguel cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. “Let’s enjoy the night people. Hit it, DJ!”


Anna and Gabriel went out. The party’s getting a bit noisy for them. Old people went home to rest, leaving the party to younger people. The speakers blasted electric music, almost blowing them out

“I envy them,” Gabriel said.

“Why do you envy them? Once upon a time, you’ve also been married.”

“So, you’re the one who should envy them.”

“Me? Why me? I’m perfectly fine. That’s why I’m still single. Why should I envy them?”


She knew he'd react.

“You heard me right, Mister Gabriel Anderson. Besides, I don’t have anyone courting me, so, I don’t have any b
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