Stolen Luna of the Hybrid Alpha

Stolen Luna of the Hybrid Alpha

By:  Vina Aries  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Tell me what he did to you?" I let out more pheromones so she could be turned on. “He … he …," she stuttered. “C'mon, Diva, it's me Antara, your mate. Did he rub you like this when he forced you to suck his length?" my voice became huskier. She moaned a little… ********************************* Hybrid Antara just went back from hell. He was deceived by Demon Anwir, the youngest prince of hell who was an expert in disguise. Demon Anwir impersonated Hybrid Antara and mated with Luna Divandriya as payment for Hybrid Antara's family debt. Demon Anwir thought he could take anything including his Luna because Hybrid Antara's family was in debt to him. Hybrid Antara from the Somerset clan was believed to have Luna from the Divine clan, Divandriya, who had suffered a lot as the black sheep of the family. Hybrid Antara had problems that his family was in huge financial debt to the demons' clubs owned by Demon Anwir so he thought that giving Divandriya's evil family's souls could be a way to pay his family's debt. So he went to hell and looked for Demon Anwir. When Hybrid Antara finally met Anwir, he had the requirement he could slaughter some evil werewolves. Hybrid Antara told Demon Anwir could have the evils who tortured Divandriya, and her family as a payment for his family's debt. Could Hybrid Antara who was half werewolf and half demon rescue Divandriya from her evil family and take revenge on Demon Anwir? Hybrid Antara was left in hell deceived by Demon Anwir, as deceiving was the nature of the demons. What was his connection with Demon Akheron, the first prince of hell? Find out the exciting story of Hybrid Antara and Luna Divandriya...

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Stephanie Nzekwue
Didn't really like the blurb but the content is super.
2022-11-19 16:38:13
default avatar
I've read the Luna, now I need to know the hybrid. still waiting to unlock the chapter
2022-11-02 08:32:17
default avatar
judging from the description, looks fun...
2022-11-01 02:44:51
default avatar
tis is wild ;)
2022-10-31 22:22:07
default avatar
xander wardwell
keep on writing, vie :*
2022-10-31 20:25:33
default avatar
arie dashvie
I'm here. I don't mind reading long in a chapter, to answer your questions. this reminds me of your book syanaya the stolen Luna in the other platform. only this one told by the male?
2022-10-30 16:41:56
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Wahyono Wahyono
still reading here. can't wait to unlock what Antara looked like in the next locked chapter. update more please...
2022-10-30 14:30:30
user avatar
Wiwoho Nugroho
this one is a good one. you're improving much better than your first book in chapters taptale in 2020. keep up ...
2022-10-24 10:21:29
7 Chapters
1 - Back from Hell
A burning fire suddenly appeared in one of the alleys in the city of werewolves, Liberty City. From the burning fire, emerged a magnificent 6' 3" figure with his dark blue horn and jet black hair. His perfect curve of eyebrows frowned above a pair of green demon eyes. His gaze was so sharp even sharper than the warrior's sword. It was the gaze of a true leader because he was an alpha from the Sommerset clan, the richest werewolf clan in the city. Even in his demon form, he was still good-looking and furious he was. Now, the burning fire slowly dimmed showing the pentagram shape on the ground. With that, that was the proof that he had just come back from hell. It was easy for him to get back from hell because he had bits of help. He was Hybrid Antara, an alpha deceived by a demon in a werewolf city ruled by lower demons, and his family was in debt to a club owned by the youngest prince of hell, Demon Anwir. Demon Anwir deceived him by telling him that Hybrid Antara could settle the
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2 - The Luna
Diva. It had been 15 years, and it still felt like yesterday when he hug me from behind and landed his kiss on my right temple. When my hair brushed my neck from behind, I could still feel the warmth of his arm trailing the length of my collarbone. I had been chasing a ghost since the day he told me that he went to hell to look for Demon Anwir to pay for his family's debt. He just got back from hell. Strangely, he got married to a young woman I didn’t know who. Indeed, she was rich but was that necessary? If his matter with Demon Anwir was settled, then why he had to marry another she-wolf? Wasn’t I his Luna? He was there, alive. But he wasn't the one who used to comfort me. His body, his face, his smile, and his voice were his, but his soul wasn't. My most beautiful protector had been already long gone. He was just a shell, he was somebody else. If he wasn't in the shell, then who was it? I had been questioning the reasons he didn't give me sufficient explanation after he got
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3 - Mated to the Demon
Diva. My body was under the demon's control who used Antara's body to approach me. I felt so sad knowing that Antara's soul was left in hell. At least I could hope at this very moment, I was touched by Antara's body, though he wasn't inside, his smell and the tastes lingered on his skin, I needed Antara's body to touch me. I had been missing him for too long. It might have been only three years since he went to hell, but it felt like forever for me. Antara's body that stood before me woke me up from my longing for the real Antara, “Oh… not yet, Diva. Don’t you dare come without my permission! With this, I command your body to stay in this state. The state of about to blow up but you can’t, coz I’m not allowing you to come yet. Let your folds down there become so wet that it would drip flood to the floor and the bed sheet behind you….” he whispered with a husky and inviting voice in my left ear. I couldn’t do a thing but let my body had its way while thinking that was the real Ant
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4 - Werewolf System
What had happened to Hybrid Antara and Luna Divandriya was the result of the werewolf system formed in Liberty City created by Demon Ahriman to choke all the werewolves' necks. Now have you ever wondered what happened to the world if COVID-19 kept on getting worse? This book is one of the stories that possibly happened in the future… The year 2055 was the result of the pandemic becoming worse. It was 33 years after the seventh wave of Covid-19 hit. The world didn't have humans anymore because Demon Ahriman broke loose from hell as he brought darkness and chaos to humankind. He was said to be the root of disappointment, strife, and confusion. He was the one who whispered all the greedy feelings to humans with souls. The more humans' souls were corrupted with greediness, the more their souls became tasty for Ahriman. Their souls were the source of Ahriman's life for thousands of years, he was one of the immortals. Indeed, demons ate souls. Then there was Demon Akheron who was sai
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5 - The Black Sheep of the Family
-Diva- I didn't know how I could be trapped in this situation. Stuck in this huge bedroom and forced to mate to Demon Anwir. All my life, I had always remembered that I would remember my happy thoughts when I was in this situation. Antara was my only happy thought. Because I was the black sheep of the family, I didn't know that Antara had the guts to go to Sabbatical Valley or even hell to look for Demon Akheron to free me from my long-life miseries. Since he was gone for three years and I didn't know where his soul was, now I wanted to calm myself by remembering how he had been so good for all my life. He took good care of me since I was five and he was four. I was hiding under his blanket and he whispered, "My Diva, you're safe here with me. I'll protect you forever. No matter what." Then there were times when I found out that my father cheated on my stepmom when I was eleven years old and Antara was ten years old and that he just had his first shift as a werewolf. He finall
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6 - Hybrid Antara
***Three Years Earlier*** -Antara- “Darn it!” I was swearing so bad while smashing the lower part of my palm to the steering wheel. Now it wasn’t a steering wheel anymore. It crushed into an eight number shape. I didn’t care. No one saw me in the middle of this Moon Goddess’ forsaken desert. I was in the Sabbatical Valley, looking for Demon Akheron to ask for help. No one would see me that my power smashing the steering wheel wasn’t the power of a mere werewolf. It was the power of a hybrid. I was the hybrid, half-wolf and half-demon. I had been hiding my being a hybrid. They all knew me only as Alpha Antara from the Sommerset clan, the richest clan in Liberty City lucky enough not to be ruled and enslaved by the higher demons set the rules in Liberty City. Though when there was no one around, I’d kill any demon approached with my demon power. The lesser the demon population, the better werewolves could survive in Liberty City. Though I didn’t know how they could keep on coming t
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7 - The Requirements
Antara.I was shocked when I was on my way to hell and my Silberpfeil Benz sports car ran out of gas. I was ready to face the demon army that I had seen since I passed Liberty City's outer gate. Being stuck in the Sabbatical Valley, I was hoping that I could meet Demon Akheron to demand some things. They were all the things, the very reason I was out to meet death in the Sabbatical Valley. Caught me off guard, I saw a winged creature approach as I was ready in my demon wolf form, but the creature was a resemblance to myself. With his height of six feet and three inches tall, as tall as I was when I was in my human form. His jet black hair, dark blue horns, and green demonic eyes with his handsome face showed he was a mirror of myself. Then what scared me the most was his line,“Antara, my son. You’ve finally come to see your real father, the proud Demon Akheron.” I knew that my mom never told me who my real father was. As I had to hide my demon form as well to survive as an alpha a
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