192- Numb and nervous

The drive back to my old home is quiet. We’re all kind of anxious. Bellamy, Darrien, Megan and I all ride together. Apparently some of the others are going to meet us there. No one even bothered arguing that Megan or I shouldn’t come this time. I have to use the spell and Megan used the same argument as last time. I think with all the security coming with us, with the team is probably the safest place either of us could possibly be. We pull up to park and unsurprisingly, there is a large group of Shifters all sitting around while Maggie moves between them all offering what looks like cake and cookies. It seems she has already distributed cups of tea to everyone as well. I hop out of the car and she beams at me.

“Ryann! It’s lovely to see you. I hear you’re going on a bit of a magical scavenger hunt looking for that missing girl. I’m sure you’ll do well, but there’s no harm in making sure that everyone is well fed before you go.” She cheerfully offering me the plate. I take a co
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