194- Fire and fanatic

I barely notice as I scratch my legs up on a rather ugly spiked plant as I cut through someone’s backyard. I’ve never had a tattoo but my hand feels how I imagine getting a tattoo feels. Thousands of needles jamming into my hand over and over.I’ll have to ask someone sometime how it feels to know if my comparison is accurate or not. But either way the feeling is very unpleasant. Still, I am weirdly enjoying the pain, because the more pain the closer we must be to finding Kiara. All of a sudden the pain in my hand starts to fade a little. I slide to a stop, almost toppling over and turn back around. My hand is instantly burning again.

“This one. I think it’s this house.” I declare. Instantly Bellamy and the team surge into action. Moving to approach the front and back doors simultaneously. I can tell that Bellamy doesn’t want me here, but there’s nowhere else for me to go. We left the cars several streets back. Aaron hangs back from the group staying with myself and Megan. I giv
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