Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

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Adeline Saleena believes that her grandfather has kept her in a cage her entire life. She had never felt so free; she was always striving to meet the expectations of others. Not until he shared his umbrella with her, the man who had been chiseled and pared to perfection. Zeeve Maxim showed her that he is completely capable of creating the life she dreams of. It's time to stop letting your dreams exist only in your brain and start making your ambitions a reality. In him, she discovered a delightful diversion and a sweet escape from her terrible world. Everything was going well between them, but not all love stories end well, and fate chose to play a cruel joke on them, causing them to be separated. Will they be able to find their way back into each other's arms, or just find happiness apart from one another?

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2021-10-10 14:04:51
13 Chapters
Failure is an unavoidable aspect of life, as well as a necessary component of any successful life. Failure is only an opportunity to start all over again, this time more wisely. Is failure, however, such an important part of everyone's life that it must be present at all times?“Come on, Ade, just do it. I'm confident you'll improve next time. Don't frown because it gives off a negative vibe. We don't want any bad vibes here, do we?” Sancha made a valiant effort to make me feel better. She would always utter this statement in every day that God had given her. Well, it's my fault because I consistently fail.“Do you believe I'll still be able to go graduate, Sancha? If Grandpa finds out about my grades, he'll be furious! I'm at a loss on what to do next.” I said it in a troublesome way.Failure has always been my companion; I don't recall ever excelling in any of my subjects. I always get an average if I don't receive a failing grade. I've
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Zeeve Maxim Bullecer, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.I can't help but like his id photo; his hair was well trimmed, he wasn't even smiling, yet he looked great. His sloe-shaped eyes can enchant everyone who fell under his steady gaze.His features were defined nicely, and he's naturally photogenic!I cast a questioning glance at him, wondering why he was providing his identification. Was he under the impression that I care or even interested in this? Let your imagination go wild!"What is this for?" I asked."Take a photo of it and send it to your driver. Tell him I'm the last person you're with, and I'll take full responsibility if anything awful happens to you. Call him so that you may have a proper conversation with him."I locked my gaze on him, trying to figure out if he was serious, and he locked his gaze on me as well. No one wants to break a stare, but I swiftly avoided it when I felt like I was melting through his stare. I sighed
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Monday morning came and went in the blink of an eye. I didn't do much during the weekend except lock myself in my room because I didn't want to go out and face Papa since I knew he'd simply ask about my schoolwork. For the time being, I didn't want to discuss the topic."Adeline, how are your grades?" he said authoritatively.This is what I mean! I closed my eyes tightly. We were having our breakfast together at this huge and wide table, just the two of us."It's going g-good, Papa,"  I said it briefly. I tried so hard not to stammer, but I couldn't help myself."Adeline, make certain. I don't want you to be a failure. Also, don't let Cielo wait too long for you after school, go home right after. Is it apparent that I don't want you hanging out with boys?""Yes, Papa."It was always like this, so I completed my meal with a dark mood surrounding us. I chose to remain silent and just respond when he asked because I am afraid that if I mak
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"Good. Meet me at the library.” he said as he continued walkingI was left stunned and flustered.Wait, what are we going to do there?I want to smack myself for thinking that way. What else do you think you'll do in a library but read, study, or do school related works? I shook my head at what he said, I can still see her wide back from where I am. He might feel sorry for me because I was bullied by those girls because of my grades, which is why he wanted to help me study. I don't need his sympathy! He may not be serious about it.I continued walking inside the building, and when I arrived at our classroom, I noticed Sancha combing her hair and applying lipstick. When she lifted her gaze, our gazes locked."Oh, you're such a sneaky girl! What did I just hear about you being brought home by a man? Who is he?" she exclaimed excitedly as I sat down next to her.I gave her a snide look. Where did she get that?"Huh? What exactly do
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“The Millenium Dreams!”My heart pounded, and I immediately traced Sancha's line of sight. Just looking at them made me feel like I was in Mt. Olympus. They all look like gods...and goddess. Yes, a goddess. There's a girl who was talking and laughing with Zeeve innocuously. She has an angelic face as well.I don't recall hearing a female voice while listening to their band. Was she a member of their band? Or maybe it's Zeeve's girl?"Does their band have a female member?" I asked, baffled."No. That's a friend of theirs, but she wasn't in the band. The group's princess.""That's....nice." I said half-heartedly.So, the princess of the group huh? And what, she's Zeeve's queen? That's cliché and corny.What the hell? Why am I sounding so sour?That is irrelevant to me; I am uninterested in Zeeve's love life. I don't care if he's the corniest person on the planet. That is his way of life."That’s Ca
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"Kean? What are you doing in this place?" I inquired, perplexed. I was still a little embarrassed since my classmates were staring at us as if we were celebrities."Well, I simply wanted to hand it on to you." He gave me something after scratching the back of his head. "Mom told me to give this to you personally.""What is this?""An invitation. Mom and Dad are celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they wanted to include you and Don Stan, of course." He replied in the affirmative, alluding to my grandpa."I see... I'll inform Papa. Thank you for stopping by.""Ade, no worries. I sincerely hope you will be able to join us.” he added with a bright smile on his face.Keanno Fiowel was the son of my grandfather's business partner. He was a year older than me and the only guy my grandfather would let near me. I can't tell how many times I've urged Papa to stop matching me with him because it makes me
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"How's school going for you, Adeline?"I was going to take another spoonful of my food when I heard Papa's authoritative voice. We were eating at a large and elegant table, just the two of us, having our meal."It's f-fine, Papa." I replied, giving a rigid response."Make sure you're putting forth your best effort in class. When I stoop down in my position, you do realize you're going to handle the firm, right?” he stated as he drank his water."Yes, Papa.""Good, because the company doesn't require a CEO who has even basic academic qualifications. Make certain to demonstrate that you are capable and can effectively manage the organization.""Isn't it too soon to broach this subject, Papa? I'm still in my first year, and I'm sure you're not ready to give up your position just yet, are you?" I asked in a nice manner, since I didn't want to come across as being antagonistic."It is preferable that we discuss this as soon as possib
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Sancha bugged me the next day, giving me nonstop stories about the video she had seen. I kept my cool and claimed I didn't care, but the truth was that I had a lot of questions about it. I want to know everything about it.What's bothering me in the first place? Maybe it was because my cousin was a part of it. Yes, that's it; my cousin was involved, which is why I'm interested and curious."Please, Sancha, put an end to it. Please, no more chatting." I cut her off in the middle of what she was saying."What, Ade? I'm simply inundating you with information. Your cousin, after all, was involved.""That is no longer a concern of mine. You know how liberated and free Clair is, and I believe she knows what she's doing." I said as we approached our classroom."You've had your fill of Clair's involvement, haven't you? So, if you want to know more about Zeeve and his girlfriend, I can provide you with that information.""Why do you think I'm enamore
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My days were spent nicely, with Zeeve tutoring me and Sancha's constant pestering and interrogation about what was going on with us. And if I say "nothing but academic," she'll roll her eyes at me, as if she's disappointed in what I've said. What exactly is it that she wants me to say, anyway? When my name was linked to Zeeve, I had a lot of questions. Why would others think I like him or that he likes me? Is it because of the way we interact with each other or because we are always seen together that they believe we are in a relationship? Zeeve had a lot of interactions with girls, so I'm not sure what's going on. As a band member, he interacts with a variety of individuals; I recall Sancha telling me that my cousin was flirting with the other members, but I never heard anything about it. I doubt if Auntie Clara is even aware that that happens, she has probably no idea what is going on with his daughter’s life. I shook my head, shaking away the ideas out of
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"Really? I want to come!" Zeeve and I exchanged side-by-side stares. He appeared to be in a bad mood and plainly wasn't pleased that her sister was accompanying us, but I simply smiled and nodded, assuring him that everything was all right. "No, Zeiara, you can’t. You should return home since the driver may be in the parking lot looking for you." With a shake of his head, Zeeve issued the order. “I had already requested the driver not to gohere since she I planned to visit your condominium, it turns out you're going out, so I might as well come with you." she said with a cute grin. "No!" "Yes! Please? Ate Ade, do you think it's all right with you?” she shifted her gaze to me. "O-Of course, that's not a problem!" I was stuttering. "See? She said it is okay for me to accompany the both of you, so could you please? Please, Ate Ade, say something! Let's try to persuade him! Say please with a cute eyes," she told me this as she demo
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