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Roy’s boring life is turned upside down when a gorgeous man who the world knows as Bryan Anderson, the ruthless, cunning and aloof CEO of Anderson Inc. aka, his boss reveals some shocking information. One—he is a werewolf—Lycan crown prince, in line to take over his father’s throne. Two—he is gay (Bryan, who had women hanging off his arms.) Three, he wants Roy in his bed—Bryan, the guy who had a restraining order filed against an obsessive heiress. But there’s a problem, Bryan is fiercely secretive about his….preferences as his father is disgusted by the idea of men being together whereas Roy is openly gay. However, when Roy gives Bryan an ultimatum to choose between him and his inheritance as King of the Lycan Kingdom, Bryan decides to be engaged to a Lycan princess to save Roy's life. Will Roy be able to convince his sexy billionaire to come out of his shell or will he be Bryan’s dirty little secret, his plaything forever?

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121 Chapters
Bryan Anderson’s P.OV As I watched the young man walking towards my towering skyscraper, a wave of anticipation coursed through me. Despite being an immensely wealthy man, I knew that my fortune wouldn't impress him. He probably wouldn't care that I was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world either. But there was something about him that made my heart race. For years, I had my lawyers send countless legal notices to Forbes to ensure that I would not be included in their list of the world's most desirable men. I had no interest in such superficial and frivolous attention. My kind valued discretion and maintained a low profile, even though I knew my immense wealth and striking appearance would turn heads wherever I went. But even as I observed the boy's approach, I couldn't help but feel drawn to him, even if he turned out to be a parasitic swindler. His slicked-back brown hair glistened with gel, framing a heart-shaped face with blue eyes and long lashes. His rosebud lips b
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8:42 am Migraine. His head was threatening to split into two if he doesn’t burrow back into his bed covers and get some more sleep but today is his first day at work and he really needs this job. Besides, Liam would definitely kill him if he ‘Effs’ this up like the rest. Liam is his best friend and pulled every string to help him get employed. Speak of the devil. His phone rings and when he glances at the caller ID, it reads, “Li baby.”—a title Liam hates as much as he loves him. “Hey sugar,” He says in a teasing tone as he grabs his towel, preparing for a shower. “Roy,” Liam’s voice is stern, “Don’t tell me you slept in late!” “Calm your balls, I’ll make it in time.” “You’d better.” He warns in a serious tone and Roy rolls his eyes. He could be such a big brother sometimes. “Is that why you called me? To act like my alarm bell?” “No,” he hesitates fractionally before saying, “I called about your choice of dressing.” Roy’s shoulders go rigid immediately, “What about it?” H
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Ah. Roy manages to swallow back the instinctive gasp that rises out of his throat, a shocked reaction to slamming right into the man he had high hopes of never meeting till he meets his grave. He has never seen the CEO, but what he sees on the internet is more than enough for him to know that this guy is hot. Intensely so—but it’s the first time Roy finds someone so literally hot that cold sweat actually starts soaking his skin. Was that fear? “Sir?” Eff. It sounds like Roy is about to cry which he doesn’t want to do. He tries again, and this time his voice comes out more confident, stronger. “Sir. I am so sorry about this. I don’t—” Just as abruptly Bryan had held Roy, he lets go of him, and his sensually unsmiling lips thins. His green eyes darkens as if he was going to say something but Roy doubts he’ll even hear him from beneath the loud thumping of his heart and how his blood was pounding through his veins. A faintly bored expression slides over his face and he walks away f
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It’s Winnie again, but this time, a smug smile is on her face as though she just won the lottery. I don’t like that smile at all. Roy acknowledges dully. “Yes?” “You’re asked to go to the CEO’s office at the penthouse.” His heart stops beating. Social media handlers don’t get called by the CEO for nothing. The word ‘handler’ isn’t even supposed to exist in a CEO’s vocabulary unless— It’s this witch, he thinks to himself dully. She is still smarting from the things he said to her so she’d cooked up some wild story to get him fired by the CEO himself. Plus, he ruined the CEO’s suit this morning. Effing monkey! He clears his throat. Maybe Winnie’s heard wrong. He’s just the new worker. Maybe it’s just Mr. Flake who’s looking for him and not the Big Boss himself. “If you’re really sure,” I say slowly, silently begging her not to be sure. She scoffs, “I received the call myself,” she snarls, “He even gave your complete name, Joy.” What the hell did she tell the CEO anyway? That h
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Calling the CEO's office huge would be an understatement. His whole apartment could fit into this place but still, leave extra space for a garage that’ll fit two to three cars. Roy thought with a short gasp. The place is dimly lit, the drapes shielding the room from the scorching glow of the setting sun. A few paintings hung on the wall made of black-coated steel, the sapphire carpet muting the sound of his approach. Too bad it can’t do the same for the pounding of his heart. The ceilings have a strange look and feel to them and it takes him a while to realize they are as such because the entire office is soundproofed. His eyes widen. Why does Mr. Anderson have a soundproofed office? A complete set of living room furniture is at the far end of the room. It even has its live-in bar. More seconds pass and Roy draws in a shaky breath, well aware that he can’t keep delaying the inevitable. Unable to stand the silence any longer, he forces himself to face the man sitting behind the v
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“Help me!” he screams uncaring that the room was soundproofed. He bolts off the couch as the Wolf inches closer, baring its razor-sharp fangs. Roy finds it sadistic that Mr. Anderson will keep a wolf in his office to unleash it on errant workers who dare to go against his words. “I am sorry!” he cries, as his fingers yank at the doorknob but the door refuses to give, “Mr. Anderson, I’m sorry for saying you’re not gay! You are gay! Please call your wolf off! Help me, anyone!” The wolf just sits on its hind legs, head lolling to the side as it watches Roy scream. “Mr. Anderson,” Roy calls again, his eyes as wide as saucers with the fear spiraling in him. I don’t want to die. Not like this. Not as wolf food! Roy can’t hold back the tear that slides down his face. Then Roy stills, realizing that the wolf never attacked since it was released. “Good boy,” a low, growly voice grunts, “You see I’m not going to hurt you.” Roy goes rigid, unsure if he actually heard a wolf speaking, “Mr.
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“Fuck!” Claire screams as he pukes out the last bit of his breakfast on her face, “You are so dead.” She runs out of the elevator, down the hallway, and Roy in confusion, follows after her, trying to apologize. He stands outside the ladies while she cleaned up, his face red with embarrassment. He straightens when the door opens and a very angry Claire stomps out. “You are so gross.” She seethes at him. What? How was he the gross when she was on her knees in the— The thought makes him gag again and this time, she jumps back so his vomit lands on the tiles. “You will not tell anyone what you saw.” “What? I didn’t even see anything.” Roy nods, desperately wanting to forget the nightmarish episode already. “Swear.” She screeches. “I cross my heart,” Roy mumbles, wiping his mouth with the back of his palm, wishing he had his water bottle with him. “I’ll kill you if this gets out.” She wags her fingers at his face when he finally raises his eyes to look at her. “God, I already sw
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“Thank you.” Roy sniffs as he thanks Bryan Anderson’s chauffeur, stepping out of the limousine. Liam and Hailey are on the pavement, clearly intrigued.“Your eyes are red… Are you crying?” Hailey gasps looking at him.“Oooo…Hot ride huh.” Liam whistles, then belatedly add, “Sorry, I meant are you okay, Roy?”“Uhm—I’m okay,” He says, “I-uh-I just got sacked.” That wasn’t true but Roy has just made up his mind. He is going to tender his resignation tomorrow. He doesn’t think he can work another day at Anderson Inc. after what happened. He’ll always remember what a jerk the CEO itself was.He uses the sleeve of his jacket to wipe his tears off while Liam stares at him with pity.“But what happened though?” he asks, “How could you get sacked on your freaking first day?’“Because I’m gay?” Roy snaps and Liam mumbles an apology.“Come on in guys.” Hailey steps in, “let’s get shitfaced.”“No, we can’t. Hailey, you keep forgetting that you are now a mother.”“Don’t do that Roy.” She growls, “
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Adrenaline pumps through his vein and instincts he never knew he has kicked in. Roy catches a glimpse of red eyes and pokes at them with his fingers. His attacker howls.It was a dog?—no, a wolf…a freaking werewolf. Roy gasps, absolutely sure of his conclusion.With shaky hands, Roy manages to pull out his pepper spray and he presses his thumb against the nozzle, once, twice, as many times as he can into the eyes of the wolf.The werewolf yelps, turning away as its body falls to the ground with a heavy thud.His phone vibrates against his pocket and he scrambles to answer it but gleaming silver claws swipe it away. Fuck! Another werewolf?The werewolf lunges at him again, swiping the pepper spray out of his hand before he could press the nozzle. Roy stares at the werewolf in dismay. Is this how his end would be?All of a sudden, a third werewolf howls, jumping out of the shadows, claws ripping into the chest of the brown werewolf in front of Roy. The claws are at least 2ft long, as sh
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Chapter nine
The next day, Roy reports to work in a lighter note, secretly daydreaming that Bryan would come to him in the lobby to publicly claim him but since he stepped foot into Anderson Inc., he hasn’t set his eyes on the CEO. He refrains from asking on his whereabouts from Kristine or she might read more into what she witnessed yesterday. No matter how much he wants Bryan to show him off, Roy doesn’t want to ruin his life because he remembers that Bryan said he was the Lycan Prince in his werewolf world and was next in line to the throne. Somehow, Roy is aware of how delicate the situation is if Bryan has to desperately hide his sexuality. From his tone, he could guess that coming out as gay in his werewolf world might be a threat to his ascension of the throne. Roy takes a deep breath and focuses back on the computer screen in front of him, responding to the mails, deciding to be patient enough. If Bryan promises to claim him in front of everyone on Monday, then he must have a plan. Ro
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