The Male Omega's Awaking

The Male Omega's Awaking

By:  Dee Gleem  Completed
Language: English
35 ratings
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For the last two years, Kane has been dreaming of the day when his mate finally turns 18 and they can finally claim each other. However, his world suddenly comes crashing down and his dream is instantly destroyed when the alpha announces that his son (Kane's mate) has found his mate, who is the daughter of a neighboring pack's alpha. However, he can't bring himself to say anything. He has kept this a secret for two years and he was waiting for another few months until his mate's birthday, but that day is never coming now. He can't stand seeing his mate with another, and he can no longer handle being in his pack. He can't let his father know either, since he is the pack's Beta. What can he do? The only thing that he can think of.... He will keep his secret and run as far away as possible. He will no longer be Kane, but he will become a new person, with a new name. Blake. That sounds nice. It also reminds him of black, which is what his past is now.

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user avatar
I love it is an amazing book can't wait to read the rest
2023-06-18 19:08:30
default avatar
nicola east
Love this book . It’s such a change from a normal read . Not something I would have picked if I knew it was more of a man on man . But it’s really good book and different to what I would normally read . . Hay we live in a modern day and age . Keep up the good writing
2023-01-28 23:27:48
user avatar
Tammie Gravely
love the book hate the app
2023-01-22 20:32:50
default avatar
This book is the exact same book as The Omegas Awakening only it exchanges the female characters for male characters. I read the other one and it was very good so if you would prefer Male/male characters then read this one but if you’ve read the other one already just know that it is the same book.
2022-04-28 11:19:36
user avatar
Jessica K
There are some grammar issues, but the story is still really good. Definitely worth reading
2022-04-17 19:36:35
user avatar
kyshari chidumlong
wondering when book 3 will come out
2022-03-16 00:30:39
user avatar
Kae Kenzy
i love this book it nice
2022-01-04 06:51:43
user avatar
Carole Kiernan
,I love the book tryed both versions put prefer this on
2021-12-31 06:44:55
user avatar
( ꈍᴗꈍ)you've done a great job. I only started but it got me hooked!
2021-12-22 13:57:35
user avatar
Now the book is over, I can honestly say I loved it from start to finish! It was an inspiration to read this. I am now looking forward to book 3!
2021-10-23 09:19:38
user avatar
Kerry Paterson
I loved this story and binge read it couldn't put it down can't wait to read the rest keep up the great work see you in the next book xx
2021-09-16 05:28:41
user avatar
Rocky Cantwell
I truly loved reading this book! I am looking forward to the next book!
2021-09-02 11:00:36
user avatar
I love this story so much, I kinda hope it never ends ...
2021-09-01 15:44:02
default avatar
Leeann Nesmith
Love this book
2021-08-14 02:40:31
user avatar
Tania Santos
Despite some grammatical errors they don't hinder the story which is absolutely amazing to read!
2021-08-08 02:30:01
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101 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Kane
How long have I been running?  I don’t remember.  However, I can’t stop now.  I have to keep going.  I have to get as far away from there as possible.My paws pound on the forest floor as I dash around a tree and over a fallen log.  With each step, my legs cramp a little more, but I can’t pay attention to it now.  I have to get away. With sheer determination in my eyes, I focus my attention on the terrain ahead.  My escape almost came to a crashing halt a few minutes ago when I took my eyes off of the path ahead and I almost slammed into a tree trunk.  Good thing my wolf has good reflexes. I still can’t believe that I could be this stupid.  What was I thinking? Oh, yeah.  I was hoping that when my mate turned 18 and could finally sense my presence that he would love me and claim me.  What a joke? I’ve known since my 18th birthday,
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Chapter 2 - Kane
Fear slowly begins to consume me as my mind won’t stop asking question after question.  Will they like me?  Are they a peaceful pack?  Will they really let me stay?Then my mind slowly turns to darker questions.  Will they make me work like a slave?  Shoot.  Will they try to sexually assault me?  NO!!  I’M STILL A VIRGIN!  They can’t do that.Shoot.  I still haven’t had my first kiss.  I have been waiting for my mate, but that won’t ever happen now.  He has already claimed and mated with the alpha’s daughter from another pack.  Oh, I have to stop thinking about this. I’m sure that everything that I’m thinking about surely won’t happen.  I need to have faith in the Moon Goddess.Gus stops the car in front of a huge house.  No.  This isn’t a house.  It is a freaking mansion.  A very huge mansion.  W
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Chapter 3 - Kane
What have I gotten myself into?  I follow Wyatt to his area of the mansion.  I don’t even know where my bag is. Shortly after I sat down for the meal, one of the pack members took my bag.  She said that she would put it in my room, but I don’t know where that is.  Now, I’m following Wyatt through the various halls, which feels more like a maze than a house.  Wyatt did tell me as soon as we met that omega males need to stick together, but what does that really mean? Wait.  Does that mean that I have to sleep in the same room as Wyatt?  I have never shared a bed with anyone.  I have been planning on doing that only with my mate.  Dang.  Why did I have to think about him? With my head lowered, I bite my bottom lip as I try to keep my tears from forming yet again.  Over the past few days, I think that I have cried enough for that idiot.  I know that my wolf is yearning fo
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Chapter 4 - Ben
Where is Kane?  I have tried repeatedly to get someone to try and search for my best friend, but everyone seems to just ignore me.  Well, not everyone is ignoring me.  Kane's father, Beta Malcolm, has sent search groups out, but they keep coming up empty.  How could Kane just disappear like that?  I know that he has to be miserable and in pain right now.  I could see it in his face as Alpha Marcus announced that his son, Mike, has finally found his mate.  I wanted to stand up and scream that the girl isn’t Mike’s mate, but I can’t.  It isn’t acceptable for someone like me to stand up against Alpha Marcus.  Now, Kane could do it, but I know that he won’t.  He has kept the identity of his mate secret from everyone except me for the last two years.  He only has a couple more months before Mike turns 18 and Mike would then be able to find his mate on his own.  However, that all has come crashing down in an insta
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Chapter 5 - Kane
I can’t believe that I’m actually learning to fight.  I made a simple comment to Wyatt that I wish I could be more like him and bam.  Ford and Mason are teaching me to fight.  I think I could have handled just one teacher, but with both of them, it is like an intense lesson.  When one has to leave to take care of something, the other one comes in and continues with my lesson. Usually, Mason is my main teacher since he is the lead warrior and is the one leading all the training sessions while Ford is Wyatt’s Beta.  Between the two, they have taught me in an extremely intense training session every day.  I don’t even get Saturday or Sunday off.However, if this is going to get me to the level that Wyatt is at, then I’ll gladly work all these hours and more. Well, I don’t have much else to do, so I might as well train. If I was back at my old pack, I would be getting ready to
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Chapter 6 - Wyatt
Oh, Blake, he is too cute when he is thinking really hard.  I should say Kane instead.  I know that he gave us a fake name when he first got here.  We have given him so many hints to try and slowly let him know that we have special abilities.  As the alpha of the pack, even though I’m an omega, I can see people’s abilities.  My father, who was the former alpha, has the ability too.  We have passed it from each generation to the next one.  Other members of the pack have special abilities too.  However, everyone in our pack has the ability to see into other people’s minds and see their thoughts.  We still don’t understand how we have formed this ability, but it is also one of the reasons that we have secretly hidden ourselves for many generations.  According to our elders, other packs learned of our abilities and began to try and use them for their benefit.  However, it didn’t take long for us to run in ord
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Chapter 7 - Ben
I still can’t understand what has happened.  How can someone, who has never met me before, know who I am?  As I sit on the bus, I can’t seem to take my eyes off the bus driver.  My mind keeps trying to figure it out.  However, the only thing that I can think of is that Kane somehow knew that I may be coming to him, and he showed them a picture of me.  Nothing else explains what is happening.I finally tear my eyes away from Gus and look out the window.  My mind is still trying to grasp the events for today, but what I keep jumping to is the fact that I will be seeing Kane in a few hours.  Just the thought of finally getting to see him has me smiling.  I also can’t stop trying to think of all the things that I want to tell him.  There is one thing that I’m positive that I won’t say to him.  No matter what, I’m not going to tell him anything about Mike and that witch.  Oops, I mean Bambi,
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Chapter 8- Kane
I still can’t believe everything that has happened today. First, I get to go back to school and get to study what I want to study.  Never in a million years would I have thought that something like this would happen to me.  Then Wyatt tells me all about the pack and of the secrets associated with the pack. I’m still shocked.  He has also told me that Ben has abilities which is why he can sense where I’m at.  If the elders work with him, Wyatt is sure that Ben will be able to sense and locate anyone when he really wants to find them. But one of the most shocking things that he has told me is that most of the pack can read people’s minds.  That blows my mind away, but then it suddenly clicks why Wyatt always knows what I’m thinking.  I don’t have to even say it because if Wyatt wants to, he can just read my mind.  He promises that they try to keep it to a minimum, but they do
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Chapter 9 - Kane
Wyatt leads us to the head table.  The pack has set up another spot for Ben at Wyatt’s table.  Luckily, Wyatt’s head table has several vacant seats already.  Only Beta Ford and Warrior Leader Mason have been able to sit at the table.  If they have mates, then their mates would have been able to sit next to them.  Then of course, Wyatt’s mate has a seat at the table right next to him, but since his mate’s death, the seat has been vacant.  However, that is the seat that I’ve been using since I’ve gotten here.  However, since Ford and Mason don’t have mates, Wyatt rearranged the seats a little so Ben is sitting next to me while Mason and Ford are on the other side of Wyatt. As we sit down, my mind finally begins to work again.  I look around the dining hall, but I don’t see Mason or Ford.  We have been able to introduce Ben to Mason when we were in the backyard earlier
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Chapter 10 - Ben
I don’t even know where I am, but my wolf is jumping around in delight and is howling.  I continue to let Ford pull me through the halls of the pack house before he rushes into a room and pulls me in with him.  He slams the door shut and before I can say anything else, Ford captures my lips in a searing hot kiss. I have never kissed anyone before, but at this moment, I don’t care if I don’t know how it is to be done.  I just want to have his lips wrapped around me.  I don’t care if it is my lips, my neck or anywhere else on my body.  I need those lips to be in contact with me. My wolf howls in excitement as a burning fire ignites deep inside of me.  My mind keeps chanting the same thing over and over.  Claim him.  He is mine.With the speed of lightening, Ford suddenly has our clothes off and scattered around the room.  I still don’t know how that has happened, but I’m n
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