The Hating Game

The Hating Game

By:  Jadevine  Completed
Language: English
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Aroon Duangporn is the son of a rich businessman in Bangkok and Dae, the little sweet heart is his stepbrother. Aroon and Dae loved each other very much but a certain incident caused Aroon to hate Dae more than anything. His hate only gets intense when Dae grows more and more attractive and guys including his own friends and even his girlfriend fall for Dae. According to Aroon, Dae is a devil who wears the mask of an angel or that is what he constantly tells himself. But what is the truth ? What happens when Aroon realizes Dae is innocent ? Will their step brother relationship of hatred turn into something else ?

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167 Chapters
[Part I. Hate V/S Love] Chapter 1
[1. MR. Ron]" KIM TANAWAT"Dae flinched and jumped out of his bed in shock. It was Aroon, his stepbrother screaming his name from downstairs. Not even five minutes had passed since he went upstairs. He had just lied back on his bed, tired after doing all the works Aroon asked him to do.Whenever Aroon calls him 'KIM Tanawat', Dae feels vexed. He feels like he belongs to some other world. Why can't Aroon simply call him Tanawat if he can't call him Dae. What's the need of 'KIM '? Dae don't even remember the face of his late south Korean Dad, whom he inherited the 'Kim' from. Neither has he visited south Korea nor has he actually met a Korean individual yet, even though there are lot of Koreans in Thailand especially Bangkok, the place where he lives with his Step Dad and Step brother.Almost all his friends has wondered about his name. He is tired explaining his story to all those people who would ask. He
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Chapter 2
[2. Puffy eyes]Kobsook Duangporn, CEO of Duangporn enterprises, parked his black Mercedes in the big porch of his mansion beside his son’s black Rolls-Royce and walked in through the front door. He was in his business suit that was still crisp and unwrinkled like in the morning and had a small black suitcase in his hands. His face looked pleasant as always and had a cheerful expression which he managed to wear, despite the numerous business affairs and the stress they impacted upon him.
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Chapter 3
[3. Icecubes]Aroon entered Dae's room with a bowl of ice cubes and a hanky, slamming the door behind. He saw Dae still sitting on the bed hugging his teddy bear with teary eyes. He has not changed his clothes yet. Aroon went to him and put the bowl on the night stand."Oh..what a dramatic hoe..! Why haven't you changed your clothes yet? Didn't I tell you to get ready?" Aroon asked in his angry tone. He then dragged Dae harshly towards him and grabbed the bear from his hands and threw it away." How old are you ? 17 or 4 ? Don't you have shame to hug this ugly thing like some 4 year old girl ?"" You bought me that." Dae said, barely audible for Aroon to hear." I will burn that thing soon." Aroon said looking at the stuffed toy, which was now lying on the floor. " sit still. stop crying and look here." He said in an uninterested yet soft tone which was so not familiar to Dae. Dae furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Aroon. He rolled his e
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Chapter 4
[4. Light weight]Dae could clearly understand that Aroon's uncles, aunts and cousins not really liked him coming to the party, just by the looks they were giving him. He himself didn't want to come here but it was his Dad's decision. As soon as they arrived, Aroon went and handed his Grandma, the gift bracelet he had bought for her. He sat near her and talked to her for a while. Then he joined his cousins. Dae was too afraid to even look at them or talk to them. They won't like him joining their group. So he stayed by his Dad's side. Nobody was coming to talk to his Dad also. And Kobsook was hesitant to go and begin a conversation with anyone. He just decided to come to the party because both of his brother in law's urged and forced him to come. He sat down on a couch in the corner and took out his phone. Dae followed him and sat down beside him."Dae...go join Aroon and the boys." Kobsook said turning to Dae." Ahmm...I will better sit here. Maybe
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Chapter 5
[5. C.U]The next day, Kobsook went along with Dae for his high school graduation ceremony. He had asked Aroon also to come along with them but Aroon somehow managed to escape saying he had to go to a friend's party. Aroon can't even imagine a situation in which he has to see Teachers, students and everyone appreciating Dae. That is worse than death for him.All were surprised at Dae's result since he was always just an above average student. No one expected this high grades from Dae. Dae was always not able to score high because of Aroon. He will beat him if he score high. Also Aroon won’t let him study at home. He would make him write his assignments all the time or make him do some other works or if he is in a good mood, he would just ask him to watch a movie or drama on his tab or in their home theatre. Aroon had once made him watch a horror movie alone at night, in the dark theatre room at high volume and locked him from outside. He don’t know what happene
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Chapter 6
[6. Orphan]It was calm and quiet for some days. Dae had to meet Aroon only during breakfast and dinner times. At noon, Kobsook won't be there at home and they both eat at different time. Dae waits for Aroon to finish his lunch and come upstairs. He would come out of his room only after hearing the sound of footsteps coming upstairs and the door of Aroon's room slamming shut. Aroon never really came to his room or spoke to him after the day of his Graduation. Also he didn't order him to do any works. Kobsook didn't go for any business tours during the time and so servants were always at home. So Aroon could possibly do nothing to Dae. Dae also maximum avoided going in front of the older.One day morning, the three of them were having breakfast while suddenly Kobsook's phone rang. It was a call from his assistant. After he ended the call, he looked at Aroon and spoke."Aroon, son..please take Dae to college. I have an urgent business meeting today." He then looke
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Chapter 7
[7. Wound]" If the professors ask you whether you have siblings studying here, just tell No. Understood?" Aroon asked parking his Rolls-Royce in CU's spacious parking lot. Dae nodded unbuckling his seat belt. "Come to the main auditorium after everything. I will be there."" P' card.." Dae asked. His debit card was with Aroon. He is the one who keeps and use the money in Dae's card. He had snatched the card from him, soon after his Dad gave it to him when he entered high school. " Here.." Aroon took his wallet from his back pocket and took the card out of it. "Go now " " P'Aroon..where's admission procedures taking place ?" Dae asked taking the card." Go to the science faculty and ask someone."" Where is science faculty."" Ahh hell ! Get out now. Go find yourself."Dae nodded scared and quickly hopped out of the car. Then he walked to somewhere not knowing where he was going. He didn't know where to find the scie
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Chapter 8
[8. Kiss]Finally the vacation ended and the college reopened. It was Dae's first day at university and Aroon's first day of third year. Aroon was driving both of them to the college and Dae was sitting nervous in the passenger seat thinking about the worse things that can happen in college. He knows that Aroon is popular and has lot of friends. What if he and his friends together bully him ? Dae don't know what is awaiting him. Anyway he knows that he is going to get more hurt.' Welcome to Hell and I am Hell's master.'Aroon had said this to him yesterday night. Last night was a bit dramatic. The older asked him to come to his room after dinner and he followed him to his room without much fear since Dad was downstairs. Aroon pushed him onto his bed like always. He likes to harshly push him to bed, couch, chair, wall etc. It has become one of older's habits now. He then briefly described him the consequences that he may face if he tells anyone that Aroon Duangp
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Chapter 9
[9. Tomato Sauce]"Hey Dae...let's go to canteen" Phet said as soon as the professor left the class."Oh..Phet..I would have come..but I don't have any money with me now." Dae said feeling a bit ashamed. He had spent the little money he had with him, for the bus fare. "'s ok. Just come with me." Phet said smiling and grabbing his hands. Phet seemed to be rich. Dae remembered that he earlier bumped into his Mercedes car."Dae..let's stick together, okay ?" Phet said as they walked to the canteen." What ?" Dae asked confused." I mean let's be friends. I liked you so much.""Oh..!" Dae nodded blushing. 'Phet is so open and also confident.' He thought in mind. " Yeah..let's be friends." He replied back smiling." Hey Dae.., are you Korean ? "" Why you asked that ?"" Because you look Korean. And I noticed Kim on your ID card."" Hmm..My Dad is Korean. So I am half Korean, half Thai"" Oh..
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Chapter 10
[10. Cheque Leaf]Dae opened his eyes to see himself in Phet's arms. Phet was at the verge of tears. The whole crowd was still standing there but Aroon and the four guys were not there."Dae...are you okay ?" Phet asked shaking Dae's head."Y..yes..I am alright. Phet..are you okay ?" Dae asked examining his friend and touching on the dark red spot below his eyes. His face was whole red from the punches he received."I am...okay, Dae..get up, let's go" Phet said helping Dae up. Then they walked out from the circle of students, Phet pushing past people to make way. Most of the students were looking sadly at them while some were murmuring things.Once they reached the restroom they
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