Billionaire's Love

Billionaire's Love

By:  Sanjana  Completed
Language: English
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Alissa Lawrence is a hard-working girl. She has a sister Jade, 16, and they both are extremely supportive of each other. Their parents died in a car accident a few years ago. Alissa has no idea, that her life is going to change, after that night, the most scaring night of her life. As she is thinking that her life has come to an end, there is nothing left to live, she has no idea that she is going to enter in a new life. Eric Williams who is the biggest billionaire of New York City, his father is getting him married to a girl whom he don't even love. Eric wants to live his life in his own way, he likes that logo of 'play boy' he has earned. He is thinking that his life is shattering down, he will not live the life he love. But he don't have any idea that Alissa is going to enter in his life and is going to change him completely. Now, what will happen when two completely different people will meet each other. Will they attract or repel?

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Sonny Madriñan Jr.
Super d ganda nman nyan,, nakakarelate Sana masundan pa ang kuento para makakalibang habang NASA Pag papahinga...
2024-01-08 09:08:23
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Queen Harvey
Beautiful read
2023-04-06 08:53:32
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michell valenzuela
thank you for a wonderful heartfelt novel.
2021-08-12 19:59:23
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Odiauwa Augustina
Interesting storyline
2023-04-26 18:44:58
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Renee Whiteman Snyder
Great Story. I really enjoyed reading it. Great job Author. ...
2022-02-21 01:16:15
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Suchismita Basu
Beautiful. Lovely story.. loved it.
2021-12-01 19:38:55
59 Chapters
Chapter 1
Alissa Lawrence was walking down the street, the sky was jet black and the cold breeze was continuously, making contact with her skin. Her long dark brown hair was flowing and she was holding a worried look, because today she had got an earful from her boss and she is scared that she no longer will have this job.She saw a group of boys standing there, smoking and looking at her with lustful eyes, she started to walk in a different direction and quickly she went inside of a dark alley. The boys started to walk behind her, wolf whistles were coming out of their mouth. Her feet started to tremble. All she could think right now about was, would she make it out alive today? If she couldn't then who will take care of her 16 years old sister.She was 20, her parents died in a tragic car accident. From then, she took all the responsibilities on her shoulders. Suddenly, a boy gripped her hand tightly, she screamed for help but no one listened to h
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Chapter 2
Eric parked his Lamborghini and stepped out of his car. He went inside the club. Girls started to look at him, like they will eat him up right now, right here. He smirked, feeling delighted to get this much attention. He made his way towards the bar and ordered a tequila shot. He drank it up, in a breath as it burnt his throat a little. But for him, he doesn't give a damn. He started to take shots after shots, until he started to feel a little tipsy.Soon a girl in a black dress came drooling towards him. She sat on his lap and started to grind against him. Eric groaned and took her up in a room. It was again that it started. ****Alissa woke up in a room, she tried to regain the memories of what happened. She failed to memorize. Suddenly, the realisation hit her that it's not her room. It's not even familiar. It's a hospital room. She started to panic. She pressed the red button, and a nurse came inside.
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Chapter 3
Alissa woke up with a stinging pain on her wrist. She opened her eyes to see that the nurse was putting a syringe inside of it. She again closed her eyes, scared that she will faint if she will see it. Suddenly, someone held her right hand. She opened her eyes, her sister Jade was sitting there. A tear slipped out of Jade's eye. The nurse quickly did the medical checkups and left."Have you eaten something?" Alissa asked."Why are you so caring? You are in this condition and still, you are worried about me" Jade sobbed."I care for you because you are my only one in this life. You know how much I care for you" Alissa hold Jade's hand and kissed it.The doctor came a few moments later."Hello Alissa, I am Dr Clark. How are you feeling now?" He asked."Better...When can I leave the hospital?" Alissa asked, as she was fed up with staying here. The room was suffocating her.
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Chapter 4
Alissa was released from the hospital and she went back to her house. It was a medium-sized house. Sufficient for two people. Alissa got free home teachings. As her parents died when she was 12, so no one could pay for her education. She lived with her aunt, but she was a huge drinker.She gave her a monthly income for cleaning her house and it was only 3 dollars. She also has to buy for her sister and also have to take care of herself with that money. So she mostly spends that money on her sister. She saved money hard for her sister's education. Her aunt after some time left Alissa and Jade and went to Spain.Yeah, her aunt was rich but was too cruel to spend some money on them. Alissa took care of her sister. She worked in a bakery, in a wine shop even. She also sold popcorn on the streets. As they grew up, they understood very well that life is not easy. Alissa was in the kitchen cooking food for her sister and herself.
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Chapter 5
Alissa woke up, looking at the alarm clock at 7:15. She quickly got up from her bed and took a shower. She wrapped the towel around her body and opened her closet. She was fiddling with her clothes, still thinking about what to wear. She finally decided to wear a black v-neck top and a white pencil skirt. Her hair are naturally curly, so she just did a little bit of touch up in that and made them look presentable.She wore a smoking eyeshadow and light pink lipgloss. She looked at the time 8:10. She quickly planted a kiss on her sister's cheek."All the best" Jade said."Thanks" Alissa smiled and went downstairs, and quickly locked the door with the spare key. She sat in a cab and told that driver the place. After 20 minutes, she reached there. She paid the amount and went inside the company. There was a receptionist, who was chewing gum. She was not looking much bothered about what was happening around her.
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Chapter 6
After the interview, Alissa headed to her favourite cafe. She always comes here when she wants to clear her mind. She was standing in the waiting line. Suddenly, she saw a man entering the cafe. It was her ex-boss. Yeah, the one in the restaurant.She suddenly felt scared, as he never leaves any chance of humiliating her in front of the whole world. Though, there were only a few people. He was coming towards her and she started to panic. She rapidly turned around to get out of line and bumped into someone, and the person's coffee fell on the ground.She swapped her head up and her eyes widened.Eric WilliamsToday, maybe was not her day. He looked at her with deathly glares."Are you bloody blind or what?" He asked through gritted teeth."I-I am so sorry" Alissa stuttered. She knew she has made a mess.Most of the people were looking at her. Her e
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Chapter 7
Alissa woke up with the sound of her cell phone ringing. She looked at her wall clock and saw the time, it was 8:30 am.Who can call me at this time?She thought to herself. She picked up her cell phone and answered it.Alissa: Hello?Unknown Person: Is this Alissa Lawrence?Alissa: Umm...Yes..Unknown Person: I am speaking from William Enterprises. I wanted to inform you that you got the job and you can start tomorrow. You have to be here at 10:00 am sharp. I hope I made myself clear"Alissa: Oh my god. Thank you. And yes I will reach at 10:00 am sharp. Thank you.Unknown Person: Have a nice day ma'am.And with that, th
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Chapter 8
Alissa woke up at 7:30. She stretched her arms in the air and let out a loud yawn. She clumsily got up from her bed and went to her bathroom. She brushed her teeth and took a shower. She wrapped the towel around her and came out of her bathroom. She opened her closet and started to decide what she wants to wear.Finally, she chose a black pencil skirt and a red top. She applied a little bit of make-up and slightly curled her hair. She wore black heels, so she was looking quite taller. She saw Jade sleeping. She woke her up as she is getting taught at home. Cause, children bullied her in school so she is not much confident. Alissa told her so many times to ignore them but she is scared.Jade got up and said "Good morning"Alissa smiled and kissed her forehead.She cooked breakfast and then she looked at the time. 9:00"I better leave now" Alissa said.Jade smiled and s
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Chapter 9
Eric was sitting on his chair doing work on his laptop. But, it was getting impossible to concentrate on his work cause his mind was in some other place and that was Alissa. He was still thinking about what happened yesterday.'She really thought I did not hear the sound of her skirt ripping' he thought to himself. A chuckle left his mouth. He stood up from his chair and went into his room, the one which is in his cabin.He entered his room. There was a vase on the table and Eric bumped on that table and that vase fell on the floor, shattering on the floor."Dammit" He cursed.Suddenly the door of his room flies open.Who called her here???****It was the second day of Alissa working here. She needed Eric's signature on one of the files so she got up from her chair and took that file to his cabin. She knocke
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Chapter 10
He woke up as the bright sunlight hit his face. He groaned and got up from the bed. He scratched his head, and rubbed his hands on his face."Another busy day" He said to himself.He went to the bathroom and took a shower. He came out of the bathroom and quickly wear his outfit.He picked up his mobile and started to scrawl down through contacts."Alissa, Shit I forget to get her number" He cursed.He went downstairs. His mother was in the kitchen, cooking. "Good morning Hun" She said."Good morning mom" He replied. He sat at the dining table and started to eat his breakfast."Maybe Mr Patricks won't be able to make it in this month. He is going to Spain, so it will take time to come here. He is going for important business work" Josephine said.He sighed in relief. "Thank god" He mumbled.Josephine looked at him with an a
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