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“You know I could end you. Right here, right now.” “No you won’t. You would have done that in the last three seconds if you wanted to, Angel…, but you’ve chosen to let me go.” His deep blue eyes darkened as his gaze threatened to burn me for eternity for my web of lies. “What makes you so confident, Jade?.” ~ Angel Axton is anything but your regular neighborhood artist. He loves his art, his beloved niece and his family, but his inner instincts kick up a notch when a new addition to the family arrives in a business suit, with a fix it attitude and a very mysterious aura. Knowing only luxury her whole life, Elena Chantel is traumatized when a single dark night takes her parents away in cold blood and turns her entire existence into a joke. From the pampered and loved daughter, she drops her flowers for a sword and signs a pact with a Ruthless Mafia lord. A final assignment as a nanny brings her closer to tasting revenge and delivers her into the Axton family a family with enough secrets to keep the city on their toes. Dedicated to her purpose, Elena is determined to turn a blind eye to raw male gorgeousness that drips from Angel Axton, the hot second son of the Axton family which threatens to deliver her to his bed. But when things take a hideous turn and her mission starts to reveal secrets of not only the family she had invaded but also secrets that questions her very existence, Elena wonders if she’d traveled too far, if there was still a way home.”

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one of the best Book I've come across so far on this platform.Its a nice read and highly Recommendable
2024-02-14 23:32:39
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very interesting. I just can't wait for more.
2023-11-17 06:36:13
11 Chapters
SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO.A bubbly house. Last-minute preparations and the familiar yearly rush. A young girl giggled as she hurried past a pair of busy maids and made her way into her bedroom. Shutting the door securely behind her, she packed up her curly black waves into a ponytail and headed straight for her wardrobe.It was the sixth of June and every sixth of June marked the wedding anniversary of the Chantel Couple. Her parents.For this year’s anniversary, the six-year-old had prepared the most thoughtful present. She knelt on the floor to pull out a box that she had hidden away from the watchful eyes of her elder brother, Lucas, and the Chantel household maids.Bang! An unusual sound from someplace in the house made her hurry. Were they starting the fun already without her?She carried the brightly wrapped up box from the floor and gave a last-minute check to her appearance in the mirror. For the occasion, she had worn a matching dress with Sofia Chantel, her mother. It was a gr
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~JADE~You know if I ever got a second chance at life, I probably wouldn’t do this.I wouldn’t be in one of the finest clubs in Rotana with my feet in dumbass six aching inches stilettos and rib-cracking corsets. I wouldn’t risk my twenty-three-year-old life by planting a recording chip underneath the table of one of the wealthiest men in the city while I danced to the slow beat of the music in the room.Most of all, I wouldn’t make the mistake of letting him catch a flirty glimpse at my exposed cleavage as I delivered a closing bow to my three-men audience and retrieved the chip.Unless this wasn't a second chance at life. This is real, and I’ve just succeeded in attracting the most unwanted attention from my target, a spoilt third-generation heir.“Hey Jade, It’s clear over here! Tell me you’ve gotten that son of a bitch?!.” Ruby, my best friend and aide for the night screamed through the tiny intercom secured behind my ear.In a bad way Ruby, I wished to respond. Instead, I straigh
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~JADE~I was not fond of Crystal. At least not like I was with the rest of the girls. Crystal was new and she had joined us much later so I never really bonded with her.But she was one of my girls…My hold on the helm of my gun tightened as I stared from Lazarus to the unwelcome visitor. From the relaxed look on Lazarus’s face, it dawned on me that he knew who this visitor was. This visitor killed Crystal before our eyes…, and Lazarus had allowed it.For whatever gain?“If you needed to punish anyone for failing this mission, it should have been me. Not her!.” I gritted the words out to Lazarus as I stared daggers at the two men by the door. “You put me in charge of securing the chip and I failed, that was totally unnecessary!.”Silence.Lazarus’s face remained calm and indifferent. All the words I uttered had fallen on deaf ears. Rather, he stared at the men by the door and tapped his cane impatiently on the floor.“You mean… this chip?.” A smooth voice expressed and I frowned to se
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~JADE~We were quiet on the drive back home, probably because Marcel, Vincenzo’s right-hand man, was behind the wheel and had insisted on delivering us to our dorm. But I knew he didn’t give a fuck about us and was only keeping an eye on us for Vincenzo.Pearl retched the instant we got in and Ruby followed after her to calm her down. When they returned, Pearl was hysterical and sweating heavily.“I can’t do this anymore.” She announced and kept pacing about the room. “I can’t keep pretending that everything and everyone around here is sane!.”“Did you see what they did to Crystal tonight? For fuck sake that could have been any of us!.”I shut my eyes tightly as Pearl’s voice rose, and then I waited until her words melted into the background.“I’m going to bed first,” I said and stood up. Ruby nodded, but Pearl scoffed.“Yeah.. run away, Jade. Run away and pretend that everything is fucking fine like you always do!.”I ignored Pearl and walked away. As I got to my room, I rushed to t
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~JADE~“Strip.”“Come closer to me.”That commanding voice……Like a strong magnet, It pulled me in and I found myself seeking its source. I knew I was intruding. My instincts screamed for me to retreat and step back to a safer zone, but I was too far gone. I walked further into the room and met a stunning sight.On a king-sized bed at the center of the dark room lay a stark naked woman. She remained stuck in a sensual pose, like a model in a Playboy magazine. In front of her was a man who I figured had spoken earlier. His sturdy back was turned to me, but his fluid hand worked elegantly on a canvas in front. Retreating should have been extremely easy, but the model was staring straight in my direction. Her eyes widened the instant she sighted me. She lost composure and hurried off the bed, then scrambled hastily for the pieces of her dress. From the white and black cotton uniform in her hands, I realized that she was a maid in the house. The artist’s fingers immediately paused. “I’
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The large clock in the room ticked proudly from second to second, laying the weight of the thick silence on our shoulders as we waited awkwardly for the staring contest to come to an end.I couldn’t take my eyes off Eva Axton. Sweetheart-shaped face covered with pronounced makeup, golden blonde hair, and tight-fitting clothes. She was at most fifteen and was already at the peak of teenage rebellion. Angel’s deep eyes were squinted and I wondered what was going on in his mind as he stared at his niece. It was obvious that Eva had angered him greatly and I was curious to know how he planned to punish her.The offender in question was staring back at her guardian with equal intensity and no ounce of guilt in her stance for her misbehavior. Disappointingly, the expected scolding didn’t come. Instead, Angel took a deep breath and broke the silence. “I already have enough on my plate without your foolishness, Eva. Cross me one last time and we will have a rethink about schooling altogethe
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~ANGEL~The unfinished work on my canvas was far from perfection but I had thought of a last-minute remedy. The back door creaked, but I kept my eyes on the art. Drawing provided me with an escape that nothing else could offer. It soothed my troubles and gave me peace, it was all I needed at the moment.“Mr. Axton.” A timid voice called and I knew it was the maid. She had let herself in and approached me. “Strip. Come closer to me.” I instructed, my eyes still glued on the canvas. I had to get exactly what was missing and the addition of a real-life figure to the hue of colors may just account for a thrilling finishing touch.The maid obeyed without another word; she stepped out of her uniform, remained naked, and got on the bed. Then she inched closer to me and struck a position that made me frown. Her presence was perfect, but her stance… not exactly. I needed something closer to wild, yet subtle; a commanding position not a seductive prey.I was just about to make my point pract
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~JADE~I was awake long before the knock came. Eva Axton was not only a nuisance to my mission but also a pest to my sleep. “Kim?.” My brows lifted to see the Asian maid outside my room so early in the morning. “I’m sorry. It's Mrs. Lopez. She asked that you get ready and come downstairs as soon as you can.”Eva’s escaping figure the night before flashed before my eyes and I swallowed and tried to fix the maid a smile.“Is everything alright?.”“I think you have nothing to worry about,” Kim reassured and turned away just as swiftly as she had come.I freshened up and made myself presentable in jeans and a lilac V-neck fitted top, then made my way to the common room where Mrs. Lopez was already waiting. “Good day, Mrs. Lopez. You called for me?.”The housekeeper’s eyes narrowed as they took in my outfit, then she gave a tight smile and handed over a package.My brows lifted to realize it was a new phone.“I have a phone, Mrs. Lopez.”“It’s a work phone.” She explained. “You have a
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~JADE~My lungs begged to stop and take a break, breathe in some air, but my feet had a will of their own.I ran after the security guard, into the school’s control room and shifted on my feet repeatedly as the guard fetched for the footage that had captured Eva getting hauled into a black van just in front of the school’s entrance by men in full black outfits, approximately forty-five minutes ago.I wondered how they had managed to get through the checkpoint at the gate without suspicion but another guard hurried in with the report that the security men at the gate were knocked out and still unconscious.“How could you all let this happen?!.” Principal Dwyer scolded the men, but their sluggishness was starting to get on my nerves.“We don't have the time for this.” I pointed out and did a rewind of the CCTV footage to have a better look at the van. The vehicle had moved fast, but I was able to pause the video at an almost blurry angle where the plate number was readable.“Call the po
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~JADE~I looked at the corner where Eva was sitting, glaring after a police vehicle that had carted the boys away. After her statement had been taken down, she’d insisted it was a prank, in their defense. I knew she had done it for Nate, but It was a stupid call to make. It might have been a prank, but it could also have been a real kidnap. I shuddered to think that anything could have happened to her within those moments. “I would appreciate it if this matter is properly looked into, Officer. My ward was taken away without her consent. It’d be a hassle if such a nuisance is to be repeated ever again. Remember it could be anyone next time.” I urged the officer, against Eva’s plea. She stiffened beside me. I pretended not to notice. It was for the best.The chauffeur arrived to pick us up and Eva’s mood soured even further. She rushed into the vehicle, eager to get away from the scene and I thanked the officers for their help and settled in after her.“Did you have fun watching?.” Ev
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