// Flashback //

′What are you planning again, Helix? Don't you dare fool us again! You are very obvious! You act differently!" Luke says having a mix of annoying voice.

′′What are you talking about? I could feel a love left in here!" Helix answers and it pointed his chest.

′′But it's too late! I already gave up the woman I love, on you both selfish! It hurts and at the same time it's hard, because the one you promised that you will never leave and will never give up and protect is here, no matter how many excuses I will tell on her, I don't have anything to face Luke! I'm ashamed of what I did, if you were both in my situation how would you feel?" It stood up where it was and went out straight to Regan's house because he was pissed off with Luke, his treatment for Kyla was also done but before that he secretly stole a sweet kiss from Kyla's ears and said,

"I'll be back at the right time Kyla and I'm not going
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