I got dizzy when a man punch my stomach so I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I couldn't understand the place I've been to. This is an old house. I felt my hands and feet tied again and there was a tape on my mouth.

I was beside the beast who said hi to me earlier today where Helix and I went. I can't make noise. He slowly smells me and kisses my back and near the armpit and slowly coming down to the edge of my chest.

I'm trying hard to unravel because of the bonding but he still continues to do what he's doing to my body. My tears slowly went down, one of the hopes from escaping this guy, without a moment I heard a car come. It's raining outside I feel the cold air entering every corner of the house.

′′Open this Travis!" The guy at the door shouted. Helix! He's here.

"Hahaha, I think your husband followed us!" He left me and opened the door. Helix has no doubt beaten up the person who attempted to rape me. Blood filled his whole face and I think he put the man asleep with punching it harshly.

"Kyla? I'm sorry. I didn't make it right away." As he hugged me and untied again the tape that was tied to my mouth."

′′Let's go, Let's get out of here it's raining so hard. Did you get hurt?" He asked me. I couldn't stand, because that bastard tied my feet so tight and it hurts a lot. But I still manage.

Helix saw me struggling however he carry me like a kid. I was getting weak then so I let him carry me.

Our position changed when we got into his car. I was facing him with my two legs open and I sat on his legs. I can't say anything anymore my eyes are full of anger and sadness while I was lying on Helix's chest and put his coat behind me for it was my blanket temporarily.


The next day I didn't notice that we were home. I'm in the room and dressed in the house. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress with padding and shorts. What happened? Just last night I was still wearing a long gown going home why am I like this now? Wasn't Helix the one who dressed me up?

′′Hi Mrs. Fidalgo, good morning." A lady greets me. I'm still confused as to why she calls me Mrs. Fidalgo.

′′Good morning too." My answer.

′′I am Helen ma'am. Secretary of your husband." Introducing herself.

′′Oh! What happened?" I ask.

′′Sir called me at two in the morning so I immediately came here and dressed you ma'am. You were so wet last night, sir panicked so he asked me to dressed you." This is the answer.

′′Oh! It's embarrassing that you dressed me up?" I'm a little grinning. I'm not saying I want Helix to dress me up. Oh, that was so annoying.

′′Haha, that's nothing, ma'am. Eat now and I'm leaving I'm going to report to work." She said.

′′Just call me Kyla." I said shyly.

′′Haha, that is respecting ma'am to the superior. Okay, ma'am, I'm leaving now. Take care maam." She says.

′′Ok thank you and take care too." My grinning response.

I ate what she prepared for me and tried forgetting what happened to me last night. After I ate I hurriedly entered the bathroom to bath myself. When I got out, Helix was sitting on the sofa.

′′Are you okay?" He asked me.

Good thing I dressed up inside the bathroom.

He approached me and said,

"Im sorry." Eh why? He was not at fault, he even saved me.

"It's not your fault." And I tapped him on the right shoulder. He was very sorry to me until we both answered.

′′Why are you saying sorry, I told you that you are not guilty?" I told him annoyingly

′′I have sin."

′′Okay, what's that?" To stop arguing with each other.

′′If your clothes weren't fit and open too much, those mafia wouldn't have interest in you. And if you're not wearing 6 inch high heels you might have run. So I'm really sorry."

′′That's fine. If it wasn't because of you I wouldn't be able to get out there." I said and our arguments stopped. What did he drink? Why did he suddenly become so sweet? He's annoying, I might wake up one day, he is like dragon if he gets angry.

Helix and I hugged each other after arguing and I opened the topic.

′′Why did you do that? Why did you tell everyone that I am your wife even though I am not? Don't you have any plans to throw me where I came from?" My question is in a row.

′′I did that because you are my wife."

′′I am not your wife, sir! I am just your slave, hahaha." He was forced to say. What goes into this man's mind? Why make such a decision so quickly? I was not even asked for my permission.

′′Secondly because I have to pretend to be married otherwise I will get married to someone I don't love." This is the answer. Is that what the person he talked to on his cellphone means?

′′Third I don't have plans to throw you away. Do you think I will save you from that jerk if I will just throw you away?" This will be the answer again.

I just let it go and believed what he said. What! Will he use me a covering hole? I can't complain about what he did so I just let it be. And gave thanks for what he did for saving me last night.


As the days went by, he treated me very kindly.

The reason for me to fall in love with him. ′′Wait? Fall in love? Me? No way!" I told myself.

I don't understand how I feel but I only know one thing. I can't fall for Helix because if that happens I will still be the loser. He is just using me. That's what I will remember.

Days passed Helix was getting clingy on me. I don't know why I ship but I can't avoid the thrill when he does the things I'm tingling with. I was so wrong with what I said when I first met him. His different from other mafia and his really smiling.

One day while I was cooking our food it suddenly appeared on my back and touched my waist and put his head on my shoulder. I can feel his breath and his smell smells so good and feels good in the nose to sniff.

I was shocked when she bites me in the neck and I burn and relax from what he did.

′′Sorry Kyla. I didn't mean it." And he easily put a band aid on me.

′′Haha." I laughed at response and went back frying the dish. I don't know but I still enjoyed my reaction. Isn't it that I love Helix for real? And that I slap my cheek. No! It can't be.

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