By:  ALICE WRIGHT  Ongoing
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After being abandoned by her fiancé the day before the wedding, Christie Swan develops aversion toward men, qualifying them all as louts and liars. But all that hatred will last until a European businessman named Stefano Graziani comes into her life, manages to get into her bed, and makes her change her mind. He is a forbidden man for her, but they say what is forbidden is delicious.

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Delinda Schumacher
27 chapters 4-10-23
2023-04-10 17:23:28
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how often are the updates?
2021-07-21 19:46:07
27 Chapters
“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for coming tonight to share this delicious dinner in honor of Christie and Jonathan. We know that from tomorrow their happiness will increase, to the bride and groom!” Says my father rising his champagne glass and toasting for my happiness “For the bride and groom” they all reply.After a brief farewell, I go up to my suite. The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, my hometown, was the venue chosen for the wedding. I always wanted to get married at the beach, luckily Jonathan didn't have a problem with that. After finishing my night routine, I have one last glance at my beautiful wedding dress, I can't wait to wear it tomorrow and walk on the sand by my father's arm to the altar where the love of my life will be waiting for me. Finally, I fall asleep.  I wake up confused, I hear a banging even though I don't know where it comes from. I look at the time on my cell phone and realize i
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                                                        AN UNWANTED TRIP  Four years later…I open my eyes reluctantly and look towards the night table where the alarm clock lies, the glowing numbers mark 5:30 am. I turn off the noisy device and let out a grunt of annoyance. I want to sleep a little bit more, but I know that if I don't get up in the next few seconds, Gloria will come and force me out of bed. Just at that moment, the door to my room opens wide, and light comes on.“Noooo! I'm melting! I’m melting!” I cry out as I cover my head with the blanket.“I've always known you're a vampire” she replies playfully. “Come on! Get up! You must be at the airport at 7:00 am, your flight leaves at 9:00 am, you will have plenty of tim
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                                                      HATE AT FIRST SIGHT  “Likewise, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Stefano Graziani” says the idiot in perfect English with a sexy accent.“Ah! you can speak English!” Sarcastic words come out of my mouth before I can stop them.“Of course, we all speak English” my brother-in-law intervenes, a little bit confused by my comment.“I say it is because... umm... as in the beginning you spoke to them in Italian, well...”“Oh yes, it's a family tradition, we speak Italian among us” I can see an old man looking at the idiot of the airport and laughing mischievously. Now I recognize him, he was the person to whom the prick was very distracted talking to.&
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                                                       "LIFE IS SO CRUEL"   It's been about two hours since I arrived in New York after a dreary weekend. I pace impatiently like a caged lion, look at my watch once more and it has only been three minutes since the last time I checked. “Miss Christie, Mr. Campbell is coming up the elevator” James informs me. “Finally,” I say, letting out the frustration I was holding in “thanks, Andrew.” A few seconds later the elevator bell rings announcing his arrival, and without even waiting for him to exit I run towards him and jump onto him, he holds me up and allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. I start kissing him desperately, he responds in the same way. “Someone is happy to see me,” he says, interrupting the kiss. “Shut up! Le
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                                                    “DECLARATION OF WAR” “You're ready, Chris. You look absolutely beautiful,” says Rashid, my hairstylist, and slowly I turn around to look up at myself in the mirror to admire his artwork. Whenever he does my hair and makeup I feel like a supermodel.“Good job, as always.”“Say it, honey, say it.”“You're the best,” I say, rolling my eyes.“I know!”“You're being vain” he shrugs walking to the other side of my closet to get my dress, unzips the holster where it is, and puts on a very disappointed expression.“What”“Are you going to wear this?” she asks, pointing to the beautiful pink dress with crystals embroidere
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                                                               PREJUDICE  It's been a week since I disagreement with Graziani, I must say we haven't talked to each other except when strictly necessary, yesterday he moved into his new office, unfortunately, it is the closest to mine, we have yet to find an assistant for him because I can't continue sharing Alena, I expect that to be ready today. I'm really annoyed by the familiarity they have with each other and her giggle every time he tells one of his lame jokes.I reach the office to find a completely deserted floor, I look at my wristwatch and it reads 8:10 in the morning, perhaps there was some apocalyptic event that I didn't even know about? I walk to the kitchen area and I find Maggie, who is very distracted prep
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A MAJOR MISTAKE  My office door slams shut, I suddenly look up to see Alena laughing so hard and grabbing her sides, curiosity takes over me, what has happened now? last week Graziani hired his new assistant, sin then my beloved company has turned into a circus.“Could you tell me what's going on?”“Stefano is about to hang himself from the lamp” he pauses “Reni” she says her name in a squeaky pitch “she's not getting anything right, but something about her doesn't seem to fit, it's like she's doing it on purpose. As if she's trying to be a failure.”“How can you be sure?”“For God's sake, Chris! No one can be such an idiot in life. Stefano requested her to order him a salad with no onions and a vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise, and she did the opposite.”“So, Graziani is having problems,” I laugh, “well, I'm
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                                                        NOTHING HAPPENED  “Christie, what are you doing there?”“Oh, my God Gloria, you nearly gave me a heart attack!”“I'm sorry my darling” she looks at me suspiciously “I was just curious about seeing you in front of the elevator so early this morning and in a bathrobe.”“It's... it's... I couldn't sleep anymore, yes, and... and... and... and I had a walk to clear my mind, but Aww! I guess I'll go back to bed” I say, exaggerating a yawn.“To bed? But it's after six in the morning, aren't you going to the office?”“No! Um... I mean... I'll go later, I have a terrible headache, I'd rather go to bed.”“Do you want me
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GET OUT OF MY HEAD  Once again, I turn over and pick up my cell phone to see the time 2:05 am, apparently, I won't be able to sleep. Maybe if I could relax I could sleep a few hours, I search in the app store for one of those famous relaxing apps, I download it quickly and put it to work, fluff the pillow and adjust the blanket. As the music plays, I make an effort to loosen my tense muscles, I try not to think about anything but instead let the soft melody take over my senses and lead me to a peaceful state of sleep.I have the feeling of walking down a very long and dimly lit hallway “hello, is there anyone here?” I ask, but I don't hear an answer. In the end, there is a very nice white door, I remain static for a moment, but my curiosity wins and I advance towards it. Once I'm in front it opens by itself, I can see a silhouette extending his hand and inviting me to enter, with no hesitation I take it, the door
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LET’S TRY I finish getting ready to go to the office, no matter how hard I tried to figure out an excuse to stay at home, I couldn't find it. I must not be a coward, I have to go and face Stefano, I can't be avoiding him, I just have to stick to my decision and try not to fall into his nets again. I have one last glance at myself, briefly, I am tempted to recoil, but quickly I dismiss the thought and leave the room.“Good morning darling, do you want me to prepare the usual,” asked a cheerful Gloria.“Good morning Glorita, no. Actually, I am not really hungry, a toast with jam and a glass of juice is enough.” She quickly fixes everything I requested and places it in front of me.“So, why are you so crestfallen and pale?” I let out a big sigh “judging from that sigh, this situation has a name.”“I don't know exactly how, but I slept with my business associate”-she looks
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