12 - Run, Princess


Pacing the floor of the bedroom I’m confined in has become my new normal. The restlessness within me grows with each passing day, a caged animal itching for release. It’s been weeks since I last shifted, my wolf spirit clawing at the confines of my consciousness, desperate for freedom.

One evening, after I’ve eaten the meal brought to me by those silent women, I watch from my window as the three dragons soar off into the fading light. Crimson, Green, and Black; Soren, Ivar, and Gavriel. Their majestic forms cut through the sky with ease, a sight that would have been awe-inspiring if it weren’t for my circumstances.

Boredom and a surge of boldness grip me as I eye the door, a plan forming in my mind. To my surprise, the door is unlocked, no guard in sight. My heart races, adrenaline coursing through my veins as I strain my ears for any sign of life. Hearing nothing, I decide to take my chances.

Stepping out into the hallway, every sense is heightened. I’m acutely aware of the
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