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After returning Rhiannon to her quarters, the complexity of my emotions leaves me restless, a turmoil that I can neither name nor want to acknowledge. She’s making me feel things, things I’d rather not examine too closely.

The game between us, the banter and the challenge, it’s more than just a distraction—it’s becoming something that threatens the walls I’ve carefully built around myself.

The primal chase through the forest, the heat of the moment when I pinned her beneath me—these are distractions I can’t afford. Yet, try as I might, pushing her from my thoughts is proving more difficult than anticipated.

There’s a fire in her, a resilience that challenges me, makes me feel things I’ve sworn off long ago.

Reaching my room, I try to shake off the remnants of the night, the electricity that seemed to crackle in the air between us. I decide that a shower is what I need—a chance to cleanse my thoughts and refocus on the tasks at hand.

The hot water is a welcome relief against m
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