9 - Message Sent And Delivered


The notification comes as a ripple through the dark web, a shadowy realm where whispers and threats are currency. It’s from the Alpha kings, their response to our message. Ivar and I gather around the secured terminal, the air between us charged with anticipation and a hint of something darker.

The video flickers to life, the image sharp despite the layers of encryption. There they stand, the Alpha kings, united in their fury. Their faces are etched with rage, the kind that speaks of unleashed storms and ravaged lands.

“We’ve received your message,” one of them begins, his voice like thunder, “and we want you to know, you’ve made a grave mistake.”

Another steps forward, his eyes a blaze of anger. “Whoever you are, know this: there’s no hole deep enough to hide from us. We will find you, and when we do, the mercy you beg for will be a distant dream.”

Their threats weave through the digital space, a promised violence and retribution. But it’s their final statement that chills even
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can't wait to read what happens next, they never thought about how Rhiannon would make them feel

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