Are We Okay?


I sat behind my desk wearing a new suit and staring blankly at my open laptop, trying to convince myself to think about work instead of Paige. When she woke up, she’d seemed so upset. She made me leave without even so much as a kiss. How badly had I fucked up?

No. Work. I needed to flesh out the whole looks-like-cops idea I’d had last night. I grabbed my phone and opened to my contacts to dial Killian. He had a way with schemes like this.

But as my finger hovered over his number, I froze. I’d always planned shit like this with Killian because he was my boss. My best friend, of course, but my boss. I couldn’t do much without his say-so. But now, I was the boss. I should be planning this shit with my people, the ones who needed my say-so, not with him. After a long moment, I tapped Stan’s number instead and sent him a quick text to come to my office. We didn’t have long before I had to take Paige to therapy, but we could start nailing a few things down.

Stan arrived in minutes.
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